The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems

The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems

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The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems Exposed — The Secret to Playing?

The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems Exposed

The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems Review

I’m sitting here having a good chuckle at this latest lottery guide to winning – “The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems”. According to Dr. Iliya Bluskov, he has developed systems to get the best odds of winning with a minimum purchase of tickets. The only information on how it works is a reference to wheeling. Sorry folks – this is not a software, but a hard copy book that comes to you snail mail. In this day and age, that just got me laughing harder.

The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems – What Does It Do?

The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems is supposed to provide different systems for different lotteries, though it all looks like a rehash of wheeling. I don’t get the comment regarding “choose from single, double and multiple wins”. I thought we were all playing lotteries to win as much as possible. This latest guide to winning lotteries (he’s written a few books) is structured for 6 number ticket line lotteries. There is no information whether this also can include a bonus number. has two of his other books “Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins” and “Combinatorial systems (wheels) with guaranteed wins for pick-5 lotteries including Euromillions and Mega lotteries”.

What Is the Cost?

Click on “buy now” and you choose where they will be shipping your $12.99 book snail mail. Purchasers have a choice to receive the book sent from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It is not available for people residing in Canada, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Okay, that’s weird.

How Does The Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems Work?

There is no information on how the book actually helps except a reference to ‘wheeling’ in the main page. According to, Dr. Iliya is an expert in the field of “Combinatorics”. Okay, I had to go look that word up as I’ve never heard it before. It is a branch of mathematics that even after reading a multitude of sites, I do not understand. It does seem to have to do with probabilities and testing patterns. One thing that does seem consistent is it might help your odds on winning, but there are definitely no guarantees.

Terms and Conditions

Not that I’m saying makes any guarantees. Oh, there is one. There is a 30 day money back guarantee of a full refund on your purchase of his book. This is carefully outlined in the terms and conditions. The rest of the T&C covers, how long it takes to get your book, ranging from six to thirty days depending on where it is coming from. Oh – the last little bit that caught my eye was that the “final book price” includes shipping and handling. I wonder if this is included in the $12.99 or over and above?

Who Is

Though the book, Ultimate Guide to Lottery Systems is written by Dr. Iliya Bluskov, it is actually published and sent by Financial Freedom Awards Establishment out of the Netherlands. They do have a snail mail address and phone number. The only problem with the snail mail address is it looks like a mail drop and not a real office. The only problem with the phone number is it doesn’t exist.

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You Can’t Click Download at!

Seriously! Firstly, you’re looking at a snail mail delivery versus email/download. In this day and age, this seems really strange. I’m also not sure how this all computes with the guarantee and/or whether the 30 days money back starts upon the order or upon delivery. Try to call them and forget it – the phone number doesn’t exist.

Final verdict: 0 out of 10 stars.