Great Luck and a Lot of Fun: The Most Popular Lotteries to Bookmark for 2018

The Most Popular Lotteries to Bookmark for 2018

Did you get lucky in 2017? Did you make your lottery dream come true? It’s ok if you haven’t. New chances will be ahead of you in 2018 and we can’t wait to tell you about some of the best opportunities. The most popular lotteries for 2018 will be the ones that will grant the best potential jackpots and the ones that will feature the best odds.

If you haven’t tried these lotteries already, the time may be right to give them a try in the coming year. The good news is that they’re accessible online, which simplifies the process of buying a ticket. Without further ado, here are the most popular lotteries for 2018.

Poweball for the Fans of Mega Jackpots

US Powerball - the mightest

When examining the most popular lotteries for 2018, the US Powerball is an obvious choice. If you don’t want to be just a millionaire, you want to be a mega millionaire, this lottery is the right one for you.

There’s one main reason why you should give Powerball a try in the coming year – the history is the one that has produced the most humongous jackpot in the history of humankind. On January 13, 2016, Powerball produced a jackpot of 1.586 billion dollars. That’s right, billion dollars – it’s not a typo! Three lucky ticket owners from Tennessee, Florida and California split the amount among themselves. That was 533 million dollars before taxes per winner.

Powerball has also produced a couple of other spectacular jackpots in its history. In August 2017, a woman won 758.7 million dollars from Powerball – the biggest amount to be claimed by a single player in the US. In May 2013, a prize of 590.5 million dollars was claimed.

While the odds of becoming the next big millionaire are obviously ridiculous, Powerball draws millions of players from across the world with promises of a lavish lifestyle and worry-free existence. This is the main reason why it will continue to be hot in 2018, topping our list.

EuroMillions is Another Gluttonous Opportunity

EuroMillions lottery

If the US Powerball isn’t really your thing, you should give the pan-European EuroMillions a try. In 2018, EuroMillions will be incredibly hot because of the promises of a spectacular prize. Lotteries that are organized across several countries are popular for the large prize pool. On top of that, EuroMillions can be played online from all parts of the world, which increases the funds that can be dedicated to prizes even further.

Just like Powerball, EuroMillions has an excellent track record of success.

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot in the history of the game has been 190 million euro (225 million dollars). The sum was claimed for the first time in 2012 by a British couple. The same happened in October 2014 in Portugal. October seems to be a lucky month for EuroMillions players because during the month in 2017, a player from Spain claimed the maximum jackpot.

If you need additional reasons to give EuroMillions a try in 2018, remember the following – when there’s no jackpot winner and the cap has been reached, the amount will roll down to the next prize tier, some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support good causes and there’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 15 million euro.

SuperEnaLotto: A Rich Taste of Italy

SuperEnaLotto lottery

While SuperEnaLotto can’t brag with jackpots reminiscent of the EuroMillions and the Powerball ones, it should also be included among the most popular lotteries for 2018.

In October 2010, SuperEnaLotto reached a record jackpot of 177.7 million euro, nearing the EuroMillions maximum. The lottery craze was so strong that people from all parts of Europe headed to Italy for some pizza and a chance to become millionaires. According to reports, there were Austrians, Croatians, Slovenians, Czechs and people from many other nationalities heading to Italy for the so-called lottery tourism.

A single ticket costs just one euro and 6 numbers from 90 have to be matched for the jackpot to be won. Even if this doesn’t happen, there’s a second prize of over 300,000 euro and a third prize of 32,000 euro on the average. The game also has an instant win feature, which is super fun and which increases the excitement. Thus, a single ticket gives you a lot of fun and satisfaction. Make it happen in 2018.

Play it Safe: Try Sweden Lotto

Sweden Lotto

Let’s say you are a person of math and science. You understand odds and you know that the chances of winning the PowerBall jackpot aren’t… well… that good. If you are this person, Sweden Lotto is the one to add to your list of excellent opportunities in 2018.

There’s one reason why Sweden Lotto is seen as so attractive by many people – it’s one of the bit national lotteries that has the best odds of winning the jackpot. In fact, your chance is 1 in 6,724,520. In comparison, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. There’s a “tiny” difference in the numbers, isn’t there?

It only costs 0.50 euro to give the lottery a try. The biggest jackpot in the history of Sweden Lotto was approximately 19 million euro, which is more than impressive considering the odds. Just like the other entries in the list, this one has a progressive jackpot that will roll over if there’s no winner for the respective drawing.

On top of that, Sweden Lotto has a bonus game that can produce additional prizes. The top prize in the extra game is a fixed amount of 804,000 euro. That’s definitely not a bad opportunity to test out in the year(s) to come.

If You Want to Win Any Prize, Try France Loto

France Loto

Doing it like the French certainly makes sense in the world of lotteries. People who don’t really care about the amount they win, but they certainly want to claim something should opt for France Loto.

The lottery has amazing overall odds of winning a prize. Every 1 in 6 players will win something. The prize may not be the biggest one out there, but the thrill of winning will be present.

France’s national lottery has come with a record jackpot of 24 million euro that fell in the summer of 2011. There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million euro, which is also nice to know. There are 6 prize tiers and in order to claim the lowest prize, players will only need to match 1 number for the respective drawing.

Wait, that’s not all. France’s Loto has an additional raffle. As of March 2017, 10 players get a bonus of 20,000 euro if their ticket number is drawn. It doesn’t really matter what numbers the players have chosen. We call that a great opportunity. Cheers to 2018 and all of the great lotteries we will all get to try (and eventually win)!

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