The Lottery Winner Who Beat the Odds 5 Times. Yeah, 5!

The Lottery Winner Who Beat the Odds 5 Times

Meet Seguro Ndabene – A 5-Time Lottery Winner!

Some lottery players dream of winning the lottery once. That’s all they want. To fill the thrill of becoming the lottery winner that everybody is going to talk about for the next few days. Furthermore, everybody wants to win a big chunk of money. Regardless of the amount is with 5, 6, or even 7 digits. I don’t want to go into billions since most lottery players never even dream of winning that big amount. I can’t even dare to think that I will become the Powerball winner. Maybe that’s why I haven’t won it yet. Nevertheless, there is a player coming from Calgary who managed to win different lotteries 5 times in total. Do you have any idea how unlikely that is to happen? It’s as if he has this lucky charm that just keeps bringing him big lottery prizes. Let’s take a look at his story. I’ll show you both the bright and the dark side of being a 5-time lottery winner.

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Who Is This Truly Outstanding and Fortunate Lottery Player?

Meet one of the luckiest players in the whole world and probably the best lottery player in recent years. His name is Seguro Ndabene. He’s been playing the lottery for quite some time now and we must say he’s been very successful. He’s won more than $18m. However, this is not that special per se, but the fact that he won this amount of money in five different lotteries. Yes, he does play a lot and he does buy a lot of lottery tickets. On top of this, he doesn’t buy them in one place and he doesn’t play only one lottery. Instead, he likes to play them all. We all know that there are players who have won much more than $18m, but winning them in different draws, in different lotteries, not quite. However, being such as passionate and successful lottery player comes with its own burdens. If you ever get into his position you should carefully read his story. You’ll learn a thing or two and how you can watch your own back. His story is truly remarkable since nobody expects a lottery winner can have problems of any kind. He has million in his bank account for crying out loud.  It turns out he kind of had some serious problems.

With Great Jackpot Prizes Comes the Danger of Lawsuits

He did play a lot and he did put in a lot of effort to be where he is today. People would assume that that’s how it is. You play, you win and it’s all ok. Well, it turns out, our friend Seguro over here slept will the wrong people. I’m on Seguro’s side on this one. He was pooling his resources with something that resembles much to a syndicate, but it was unofficial. Our friend Ndabene was also buying tickets individually. He kept these tickets separately. He was buying tickets individually only when he had this weird gut feeling. And it happened. His 5th prize will leave the biggest mark. This prize was also the biggest one of them all. What’s interesting is that he was challenged in court by his brother-in-law about being the sole jackpot winner.

After months-long turmoil, the court came up with a decision. Our King of Lottery was a winner once again. The decision was in his favor and he got the full amount. But, it gets even more interesting.

Seguro Ndabene Wanted More – And He Went the Distance

As if the first 4 prizes were not already enough. Seguro obviously was insatiable and he continued to play as if he was waiting for his first prize. When asked what was his secret to beating the odds, he said

“I play a lot and I don’t stick to one lottery only”.

His success boggles mathematicians. It’s close to impossible to win the lottery twice, yet Seguro won it 5 times. If you want to become a successful lottery winner like Mr. Ndabene follow his advice. 2009 is the year he will certainly not forget. The $17m he won in the Super 7 draw in Alberta guarantees him a comfortable life.

Most of the lottery players would’ve quit or in other words, they’d stop playing. Well, I would stop. Heck, I’m a millionaire why should I play the lottery? I already have what I want and what I need. Not quite. Seguro already had everything he wanted, but the thrill was gone. So he got back to the lottery.

What’s Ndabene’s Secret to Winning the Lottery 5 Times

According to Seguro, there’s no system. It’s not luck also. From what he said it turns out you just need to play. That’s it. There are no guarantees. You’re only fail-safe is to play different lotteries at once. You never know what lottery was meant for you until you tried them all. Like that old saying, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

As you can see from Seguro’s story even millionaires have their own issues, but they tend to resolve them easily. His passion for the lottery is truly immense. From now on he is my role model. The fun part is, Seguro is not the only lottery winner that has won the lottery several times. How do these people do this? Why am I not part of their company?

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