The Jury Is Still Out on These Lottery Strategies

Lottery strategies

Do Lottery Strategies Really Work?

People who play the lottery believe it can change their lives—and for a few, it truly can, whether good or bad. Most of these players depend on sheer luck when they are choosing their lottery numbers, but others look at the lottery that requires planning, strategy, and even skill. Oh yes, some people really go all out. After all, their futures rest in the balance! So what are some of the strategies that people tend to use and do they really work? We have a breakdown of some of the most used strategies that players use to increase their chances of winning.

Can Strategies help you win big on 24Lottos?

Tracking Lottery Strategy

Whether you call it tracking or frequency analysis, you are doing the same thing—keeping track of each number as it is drawn during a certain time period. Some compare this strategy to figuring out a horse’s handicap, which is gauging his past performance in order to predict how he will do in the future.
When you are keeping a record of the numbers that are drawn, the most frequently drawn numbers are called “hot numbers.” Some players will only play these lotto numbers because the record shows that they are usually drawn the most, and therefore give them a good chance at winning. Of course, there are those that prefer cold numbers because they believe that those numbers will be chosen any day.

You can easily keep track of numbers by using a Hot/Cold Number tool. This tool will show you hot and cold numbers for many of the most popular lotteries.

Wheeling Lottery Strategy

It is an infuriating experience when you purchase several tickets and find out they picked the winning numbers, only to realize they are not in the same play. Lottery experts say that when you practice wheeling, you can lock in your favorite numbers and increase your odds exponentially.

Unlike tracking, this strategy allows you to use all the numbers. You will then make a master list of your best picks and then use a coding system, playing them in different combinations in a rotation. Of course, this only works if your master list includes all of the winning numbers (or even some, like if you were to match 4 out of 6). By playing this way, you will be guaranteed some kind of prize, but they cannot guarantee the jackpot.

Wheeling is not a cheap strategy, though. Before you even try this strategy, you have to set a budget and stick to it. When you have set your budget, you’ll have to figure out how many numbers will go on your master list, plus you will have to get a wheeling set-up that includes graphs, grids, circles, triangles, and more.

Pooling Lottery Strategy (Lottery Clubs)

When you join a lottery club, you are putting your money into a large pot so that you can get more bang for your buck. As a whole, everyone puts their money together so you can increase the number of tickets that can be purchased, thus increasing your odds. So, let’s say 10 people put their money together for the pool. You purchase 10 different tickets. Should any one of those tickets win, the winnings are split between the members of the pool.

By playing the lottery this way, you have a greater chance of winning, yes… But you also will not receive as much money if you win, because you have to share the winnings with the rest of the group. Even still, many people prefer to participate in pools because of the increased odds.

When you do decide to join a pool, there is important information you should consider:

• Only join with people you trust (family or close friends)
• If joining an open pool, make sure it is run by a trustworthy professional.
• Private pools should have less than 15 members.
• Public pools should have no more than 100 members.
• Ask for the rules of the pool in writing.

Playing the lottery is a game of chance, there is no doubt about that. But with a little bit of research, strategy, and planning… You can increase your odds of winning. Just remember that all the effort you put into it now could pay off in the future.

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