The Inspiring Lottery Wins that Benefit Sick Children: This Is So Touching

The Inspiring Lottery Wins that Benefit Sick Children

As we celebrate Christmas, our thoughts turn to children who are unwell, or who might not have everything they wish for. There are a lot of lottery winners who have taken this to heart and done great things with their winnings, so read on to find out about the inspiring lottery wins that benefit sick children.

Little Bridge House

Little Bridge House and National Lottery winners

Big hearted National Lottery winners have helped make the dreams of a South West England based Children’s Hospice come true, with a generous gift of money and time as they pulled together to create a spectacular ‘Gingerbread Playhouse’ for the children who reside there and their families to enjoy as the festive season approaches.

The winners, who between them have a lottery windfall of some £23 million came to the Little Bridge House Hospice armed with all the DIY tools of the trade to turn a simple wooden outbuilding that wasn’t being used, into a beautiful work of art that can now be filled with useful resources and toys for the children and families who visit and stay.

Director of Care at the facility, Allison Ryder commented: “This has been such an exciting project to be a part of and we’re thrilled with the new gingerbread house that the winners created for us. As well as bringing plenty of festive cheer to the children and our staff, this will be a fun, safe place for our children and families to enjoy all year round”

She went on to add that as a charity the team relied heavily on donations to continue to make a difference to the lives of the children they support, saying “The gingerbread house will add color to our gardens and I’m sure it will bring joy for many years to come. We want to thank everyone for giving up their time to create this magical place for us.”

Mum of two Sarah Ham is a regular visitor to the House and she noted that it was a brilliant place and that the Gingerbread Playhouse is a very welcome addition. She commented that it would provide a new and exciting place for her eight year old daughter Abigail to go to.
“It’s going to be brilliant to be able to get Abigail doing things and to have somewhere completely accessible.” she added. “It’s amazing. You don’t meet people as kind as this every day, and to see them all here volunteering is just brilliant.”

One of the lucky lottery winners who took part in the renovation scheme at Little Bridge House was Barry Maddox, whose partner Susan Richards was lucky enough to scoop £3 million on a lottery scratch card last year. “It’s been a lot of fun and a real pleasure to be able to be involved and put something back into this community,” he commented, adding that “Everyone’s worked really hard and if it puts a smile on kids’ faces in here it means the world.”

Glengormley Children’s Hospice, Northern Ireland

Glengormley Children’s Hospice and National Lottery winners

A team of National Lottery winners dropped by delivering toys for the sick children who reside at the Glengormley Children’s Hospice in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Five winners from the country Mary Hamilton, Anne Canavan, Stephen Inglis and Clare and Clifford Marks – arrived at the facility with Santa Claus in a sleigh, pulled by two real-life reindeer to the delight and surprise of staff and children there.

The lucky winners who have £14.2 million between them in the past three years, then spent the entire afternoon sharing out gifts and toys with the children who otherwise might not have had a great deal.

Mary Hamilton, one of the lottery winners who scooped a massive £12.9 million back in 2014 said it was a “very rewarding day”, adding that “The Children’s Hospice is an organization that is very close to my heart so to be able to be here today to give gifts to the children and see how happy the Christmas festivities have made them really does mean the world. I think I speak for myself and all the lottery winners here today when I say it’s been very fulfilling.”

Hailing from Derry, Anne Canavan, who is an inventor who won £1m and a luxury holiday on the EuroMillions raffle in 2015 also helped give out his toys to the thrill and delight of the children. She commented “The work that all the nurses, doctors and volunteers do here at the Children’s Hospice is incredible. The whole day was about the children and bringing excitement and joy to their faces at such a wonderful time of the year!”

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, Middlesbrough

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice and lottery winners

A kind hearted team of lottery winners gave up their luxurious lives for a few days to help support a baby hospice by transforming a lowly shed into a festive playhouse, which will be used by parents and poorly babies who come to stay at the facility. The lucky lottery winners spent two days transforming a simple log cabin into a magical super-sized gingerbread playhouse for the charity.

This generous project happened on #GivingTuesday, which is a national day that is now set aside for individuals and organizations to give back to their community, whether they have won money on the lottery or not.

Two of the participants, Mark and Cheryl Brudenell, from the Teesside area, scooped £1m on The National Lottery. After their win, they were invited to become patrons of the charity and it’s something they feel very deeply about. They both said: “Zoe’s Place has a magical feel about it and the staff are incredible. We decided to help and support the hospice following our win – we were lucky enough to win the lottery and therefore we feel it is only right to help and support others.”

Naomi House and Jack’s Place, Basingstoke

Tammie Pickett

Tammie Pickett, a lucky lottery winner from Basingstoke, organized a delivery of Christmas lights for her four-year-old godson and all the other children who live at Naomi House & Jack’s Place. It turned the grounds of the hospice into a Winter Fairytale Wonderland to the delight of the staff and patients.

Tammie had won a £1,000,000 top prize on a scratch card just before Christmas 2016, when she randomly decided to buy one after she’d taken her daughter to the local shop to buy sweets. She said: “Being able to bring the Christmas lights to Naomi House & Jack’s Place and see the children’s faces light up just as brightly as the garden has been absolutely wonderful. I’ll remember this moment and will once again count my lucky stars for that lottery win.”

Of her own win, Tammie said: “When I revealed that £1million symbol I just couldn’t have predicted how our lives would change.” She and her husband Ian, moved with their children to their own four bedroomed home in Basingstoke and have finally been able to enjoy a much longed for family holiday in the sun. But she added: “Winning the lottery hasn’t been about flash cars and glamour, it’s about helping those who mean the most to us.”

Play and Activities Team Leader at the Hospice, Huw Bromage spoke of his delight and said: “Christmas is such an exciting time of year and as a home away from home, it’s essential that we give every child and young person a chance to enjoy everything that it entails. Tammie’s delivery of lights is truly fantastic and has enabled us to create the winter wonderland of our dreams.”

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