The World’s First Lottery App for the Famous Apple Watch! Can’t Wait to See How This Fares!

The First Lottery App for Apple Watch

Buy Lottery Tickets with Apple Watch

Listed in Australia, German Frankfurt, Berlin, and Stuttgart exchanges, Jumbo Interactive Limited sold its first lottery ticket online in the year 2000. It was then that it witnessed a dramatic rise in popularity for the game of lottery thanks to the ability it gave lottery players to buy lottery tickets online at their convenience. It attracted customers based on the convenience of purchasing a lottery ticket online; automatic ticket draws checking, online prize payments, and auto-play.

Jumbo Interactive Limited has forever seized trends in technology and has proven the ability to use its innovative technology and internet marketing strategies to open up and expand lottery markets throughout the world, via the internet, most effectively and efficiently. It has been reported that the company has succeeded in attracting younger players who’re regularly playing online and this benefits them for 39% of all online sales.

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On the 31st of March 2015, at the SMART-Tech 2015 Lottery Conference hosted by the Public Gaming Research Institute for the U.S. and international lottery executives in New York City, Jumbo Interactive Limited announced that it had unveiled the world’s first lottery app for the upcoming Apple watch. This lottery app aims to bring all the lottery action right to the Apple watch user’s wrists! According to the company, the new lottery app is designed to send immediate alerts regarding prizes, winning numbers, and upcoming draws and gives users the ability to manage ticket purchases all from the Apple watch.

Check out the Lottery Results with Apple Watch

Here’s what the Founder and CEO of Jumbo Interactive Limited, Mike Veverka was quoted saying,

“There are things you want to be told about immediately and winning the lottery is certainly one of them. The Apple watch paves the way to a new era in wearable technology and we are excited to leverage this personalized platform to bring Jumbo’s lottery experience to new heights. Jumbo is using technology innovation to make the lottery a cutting edge experience accessible to all.”

Veverka continued to state that,

“Our success over the past decade has shown that technology improves the experience of playing the lottery and opens up new demographics that might not otherwise engage in lottery play. We have used this strategy to expand online gaming and significantly increase online market share. In 2012, we released a lottery app for the iPhone and a new trend driven by the convenience of mobile lotteries began. This new app for the Apple Watch is designed to keep the lottery experience exciting and entertaining for today’s technology savvy consumers.”

As for the talk of the town, the app launched by Jumbo Interactive Limited, it has been reported that the lottery app will be available through the Apple app store as soon as the watch begins shipping, i.e., starting the 24th of April 2015. Those willing to see live demonstrations, please view them at Can’t wait to see how this fares!

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