Tennessee Cash 3

Tennessee Cash 3

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Numbers to Pick: 3/9
Days of Draw: Daily
Average Price: $0.5
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,000

Tennessee Cash 3 Exposed — A Modest Game with Impressive Odds

Tennessee Cash 3 Exposed

Tennessee Cash 3 Review

Imagine a lottery game that allows 1 in 1,000 bets to win. If you live in the lovely state of Tennessee, you don’t have to imagine such a game because it is already here. The name of the opportunity is Tennessee Cash 3, and while the format is nothing new, the game’s definitely worth giving a try.

Cash 3 Tn is similar to other state lotteries. Characterized by favorable odds, it doesn’t have the biggest payouts out there. Still, Tennessee Lottery Cash 3 allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of bet placement. Hence, some players can enjoy pretty good monetization opportunities if they trust their instinct and bet the right amount.

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Tennessee Cash 3 Lottery: Introduction

Tennessee Cash 3 was set up in 2004. It’s a standard three-digit game, and such opportunities are available in other parts of the US, as well as across the world.

Initially, there were two drawings per day. Due to popular demand, however, the drawings were increased to three per day, seven days per week.

One of the coolest and most fun elements of the game is the possibility to place a medley of bets. You have a lot of flexibility, a lot of freedom, and a lot of control over the winning odds and the potential amount you could win.

Tennessee Cash 3 is one of the lotteries in the portfolio of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation – the entity that runs the Tennessee Lottery. A few of the other games in the portfolio include Tennessee Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Cash4Life, Tennessee Cash, Keno, Cash 4, and various instant games.

How to Play Cash 3 Tn?

Cash 3 is a relatively simple game to play – there are just a few specifics to keep in mind in relation to the various betting options available.

Let’s start with the basics – you have to choose your winning Tennessee Cash 3 numbers for the respective drawing. There’s a Tennessee Cash 3 morning, a Tennessee Cash 3 midday, and an evening draw. You choose three numbers in the range from zero to nine. Thus, your bet has to look something like this – 713.

Each ticket will cost either 0.5 or one dollars, depending on the betting option you choose.

If you opt for a 0.5-dollar bet, you will also have to pinpoint your gameplay choice – exact order or any order. These are self-explanatory options. Exact order means that your bet is placed on both the numbers and the order in which they’re drawn. Any order bet does not focus on the order of drawing, which improves the odds but reduces the size of the eventual prize.

If you opt for a one-dollar bet, there will be a few additional choices you’ll have to make.

First, you’ll decide whether you are placing an exact order or any order bet. There is also an exact or any-order bet that brings the two previous opportunities together. Finally, you can choose a combo bet. The combo bet covers all possible three-digit number combinations that can be created from your numerical selection.

As a player, you will also have to choose whether to enable an add-on.

The Lucky Sum add-on is a popular choice. You decide whether to spend an additional 0.5 or one dollar per play. This decision enables the Lucky Sum add-on, giving you the chance to win additional prizes on top of the main tiers.

In Tennessee, you have to be 18 or older to acquire a lottery ticket. There are no limitations as to the nationality of the people who can give such opportunities a try.

Tennessee Cash 3 Prizes and Odds

If you match the Tennessee Cash 3 winning numbers, you’ll enjoy a wide range of prizes.

The maximum prize is 500 dollars. You can win this sum by matching the three digits in exact order and having a one-dollar bet. A three-way combo (three straight plays with three digits, two of which are identical) will also result in a 500-dollar prize. A six-way combo will also produce a prize of 500 dollars.

Matching the numbers in exact order and placing a 0.5-dollar bet will result in a prize of 250 dollars.

There are six additional ways to win prizes in Tennessee Cash 3.

If you choose any order submission and you match the three numbers, you will win 160 dollars for a one-dollar bet and 80 dollars for a 0.5-dollar bet. For those who have chosen the exact or any order combined one-dollar ticket, the prize will be 330 dollars for the exact order match and 80 dollars for any order match.

Lucky Sum will add more money on top of the main prizes whenever it is activated.

The Lucky Sum is determined by the sum of the numbers selected during the main drawing. If the lucky sum matches the sum of the Tennessee Cash 3 numbers you played, you will win. If the winning numbers selected for the respective drawing are 4-1-2, the lucky sum would be seven. If your Cash 3 numbers are 3-2-2, you will win the Lucky Sum prize.

There are 27 lucky sum prize tiers. The biggest prize is paid out when the sum of the numbers chosen is zero. The payout will be 250 dollars for a 0.5-dollar bet and 500 dollars for a one-dollar bet.

Thus, if you make a one-dollar bet, you match the main numbers in the exact order, and you match the top lucky sum number, your entire prize will be 1,000 dollars.

Can You Play Tennessee Cash 3 Online?

At the time being, the Tennessee Lottery does not have an online ticket-buying option.

You cannot play Tennessee Cash 3 online if you’re in the territory of the state – you will have to visit one of the numerous authorized retail venues to place a bet and get your ticket.

At the time being, Tennessee Cash 3 is also not supported by international lottery agencies online. These portals allow players from all parts of the world to test some of the most attractive games out there. However, online lottery agents don’t support Tennessee’s state-based lotteries.

Some Information for Tennessee Cash 3 Winners

Players have 180 days from the date of the Cash 3 drawing to make a prize claim.

Keep in mind that Tennessee does not allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. By purchasing a lottery ticket, you agree your name will be released to the public in the event of winning a larger sum.

Any prize that does not exceed 600 dollars can be claimed at any Tennessee Lottery retail venue. The payout will be immediate, as soon as the player brings the signed winning ticket and a valid form of ID. Sums in the range of 600 to 199,999 dollars can be cashed out at the multiple Tennessee Lottery offices in the state.

Lottery prizes in the state of Tennessee are not taxed locally, but a federal income tax will still apply. You can find more information from the IRS at its hotline – 1-800-829-1040. Keep in mind that the federal tax is different for US citizens and non-citizens residing legally on the territory of the country.

Should you give Cash 3 a try? Absolutely! Here are the main reasons why:

Why You Should Play Tennessee Cash 3


This is an official state lottery organized by a registered entity and governed by local laws

There are three drawings per day, seven days per week

Excellent odds of winning a prize

Players can choose between two ticket prices – 0.5 and one dollar

Players can choose between several gameplay options

Some add-ons can increase the amount you win

Tennessee does not impose a local-state tax on lottery prizes

There aren’t that many shortcomings related to playing Tennessee Cash 3. A few of the main ways in which the lottery misses the mark include:

Would you mind rating Tennessee Cash 3?

Why You Shouldn’t Play Tennessee Cash 3


The very small top prize, even when the add-on is activated

You will still have to pay a federal tax on the amount you have won

There is no online ticket-buying option (local or international)

Is Tennessee Cash 3 a Scam?

Tennessee Cash 3 is the furthest thing from a scam you could ever imagine. This is a legitimate opportunity to win some cash, and a registered and reputable local entity operates it.

Tennessee Lottery was created in the summer of 2003. The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TELC) derives legal authority from the Tennessee Education Lottery Implementation Law – a legal framework passed in 2002 based on popular vote.

The very first lottery ticket in the history of Tennessee was sold on January 20, 2004. Over the years, the TELC portfolio was expanded to feature new opportunities like the multi-state lotto Hot Lotto that was inaugurated in the spring of 2013.

You have no reason to worry about giving Cash 3 a try – it’s a legitimate and safe opportunity. The favorable odds come as a bonus.

If you want multi-million jackpots, Tennessee Cash 3 is not the lottery for you. This local game has relatively modest top prizes but several other characteristics outperform the modesty of the financial rewards.

That’s it, folks! Cash 3 from Tennessee is a lot of fun. While not massive, it can produce some neat cash. If you come up with a system for improving your odds of winning, that opportunity will become even more worth a try than it already is.

  1. Cut off time is 20 min before drawing so I think the system picks numbers based on the amount of number combinations sold. If the payout is going to substantial on certain number combinations then the system will choose a combination that doesn’t have a higher payout. If you look back the first 10 years the daily payout was double and even triple to what it is now. The system has got smarter so you will lose way more than you win!!!!

  2. If the computer generates random numbers then would it generate the same number twice within the drawing time I think not so people that win are more likely going to be the ones entering their own numbers. Even then if the computer recognizes that number then it will most likely generate a different number than that which is already entered. I trust the ball drop more than that though even that could be designed to drop the different numbers than those already entered. Could be a scam but it does raise alot of money for someone I guess.

  3. it’s very hard to win because it’s computer drawn, so sad.


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