Systematic Form and Extra Numbers: A Clever Way to Win More?

Systematic Form

Systematic Form Is Available to All Players on TheLotter!

As lottery fans, we’re ready to do just about anything in hopes of increasing the chance of winning. Syndicates are quite common. Keeping track of winning numbers is another common approach. Some may even rely on psychics and hey, this could be an effective strategy. In this guide, however, we’re going to look at another fun possibility. This possibility is called systematic form.

Systematic Form? Huh, What Is It?

With this opportunity, you can fill out more than one combination in a single form. Through a systematic form, players can fill out anywhere between 7 and 11 numbers.

Think of it this way – by playing a systematic form, the person gets tickets for all of the possible numerical combinations. It’s easy to see how a systematic form increases the chance of winning a lottery prize significantly.

A systematic form can be played for a lottery you’re buying in your own country – just choose the option at a point of sale. If you’re using an online lottery agent to play international games, you will usually get access to such an option through the website. The price of playing a systematic form is higher than buying a single ticket. The odds of success are much higher, as well, which justifies the additional expenditure.

How Does a Systematic Form Work?

Going through all of the systematic forms of mathematics and statistics isn’t an easy task, but here’s an example that will illustrate the principle.

Let’s say that you want to have a systematic entry of 8 numbers for Australia’s Saturday Lotto. To win the jackpot, you must have 6 correct numbers and a standard Saturday Lotto ticket.

The 8 numbers will translate to 28 tickets, each one featuring a 6-number combination. The 28 tickets represent all of the possible numerical combinations created from the 8 digits in the system. Each individual ticket will display only 6 numbers; however, because of the system, you would have purchased the equivalent of 28 individual tickets.

Keep in mind that with a system, it’s possible to have a couple of winning tickets. If you’ve got 4 numbers correct, for example, that will translate to six tickets that will enable you to win a certain prize. The multiple winning entries are one of the biggest additional advantages of choosing a systematic form.

How to find the systematic form on TheLotter

Systematic Form on TheLotter

Doing the Calculations

The number of possible combinations will depend on the systematic form chosen, as well as the lottery you’re going to play. Here’s a simple (well, not so simple because… math!) example of how a systematic form works.

Systematic forms make use of a statistical principle known as systematic sampling. The equation to get the number of possibilities stemming from the extra numbers drawn is:

nCr = n! / r!(n-r)!

Yep, this sounds way too complex, but bear with us – by using a real-life example, we’ll make things a bit easier.

In this equation, n stands for the number in the series and r stands for the number in the set. Still confused? We thought so! Here’s a lottery example.

Let’s say you’re playing a lottery that involves six numbers (to win the jackpot) and you’re using a systematic form of 11 numbers. In this case, the formula is going to look like this:

11C6 = 11! / 6!(11-6)!

11C6 = 39,916,800 / (720*120)

          = 462

If you don’t know how to do the number of combinations calculation on your own, you can use an online calculator. By doing all of the hard stuff for you, the calculator will give you the number of all possible numeric combinations for the respective lottery variety and the systemic form that you’ve chosen.

The Pros and Cons of Systematic Forms

The benefits of playing a lottery in a systematic form are easy to understand. It’s a simple possibility of getting more entries and getting access to all of the statistically-possible numeric combinations.

As already mentioned, a winning systematic form will also give you access to several winning tickets. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you’ll still end up winning more money than in the case of buying a single ticket.

On the downside, a systematic form can be expensive. The cost is usually determined on the basis of how many tickets the respective system of numbers is going to produce. The biggest the set of chosen numbers, the more expensive the ticket is going to be.

So in essence, you’re spending more, but you’re increasing the statistical odds of winning. Choosing the right lottery to enter a systematic form can increase the chances of success even further. Thus, you need a bit of strategic thinking and you have to determine what expenditure is justified. If you’re playing responsibly and you’re strategic about the system selection, chances are that you’re going to enjoy the outcome.

Systematic Forms and Extra Numbers Features

Some lottery agents have systematic forms available for their clients to choose from. Others like have come up with lottery wheeling systems and the use of extra numbers. Needless to say, lottery wheeling is yet another opportunity that you can rely on to increase the odds of winning.

PlayHugeLottos Extra Numbers

Lottery wheeling is also known as a lottery system. It allows players to buy more than one ticket and to use a bigger set of numbers than the ones that are drawn for the respective lottery. A pick 6 lottery, for example, will allow the players to pick 7, 8, or more numbers through wheeling.

There are even systems aimed at helping lottery enthusiasts choose the best extra numbers for wheeling that will ensure the best possible coverage. Some follow draws and come up with statistical charts about the numbers that are drawn more frequently. Based on this information, they choose more numbers than the ones needed to win the jackpot in an attempt to optimize their chances.

Usually, in the case of wheeling, players can add up to 3 extra numbers to their standard pick. The permutations and combinations are worked out automatically and the player is free from having to do complex math calculations.

All of this may sound a bit too complex in the very beginning. Online lottery agents have both extra numbers and systematic forms – you simply need to choose the option and pick your numbers (or allow the system to choose those randomly). Remember that the options are more expensive to play than a standard ticket because they give you a bigger number of combinations. By playing each one and testing it for yourself, you’ll gain a better understanding and figure out if the additional expenditure is worth it.

  1. The site in question uses the term “Systematic Form” in place of “Wheel”. Wheeling is the systematic mechanical arrangement of a set of numbers into all the possible 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, or 7-number combinations that can be derived from that set of numbers. Let’s keep this simple, shall we?

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