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Winning Numbers for 2024-07-16
Numbers to Pick: 6/90 + SuperStar
Days of Draw: Tues., Thurs., Sat.
Average Price: €1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 56,035,316,700

Italian SuperStar Lotto Exposed — One Ticket, Two Lotteries to Try?

Italian SuperStar Lotto Exposed

SuperStar Lotto Review

Just when you think that Italy has its SuperEnaLotto solely to offer, the SuperStar lottery comes to center stage. This is another favorite in the boot-shaped peninsula country. Several characteristics make SuperStar different from SuperEnaLotto and probably a bit more exciting to play.

Some classify SuperStar as a SuperEnaLotto variation, and it’s seen as a much better opportunity. The multipliers available with this lottery increase the prizes, enabling them to reach some pretty impressive numbers.

Before we get to the most exciting aspects of the game, however, let’s take a look at some mundane but important questions.

is TheLotter legit in Italy?

Playing SuperStar: The Basics

Just like other lotteries, SuperStar follows a basic principle. You have to choose several numbers, as well as an additional SuperStar number. The SuperStar number multiplies the main prizes, and the multiplication can be from 25 to 100 times.

So here’s exactly how to play – choose 6 main numbers from a pool of 1 to 90. The additional SuperStar number is chosen from the very same pool.

SuperStar players can choose their own numbers or opt for automatic random selections. Because of the SuperStar number added to the main 6, there are additional eight prize categories that SuperEna players don’t benefit from. The charge for playing SuperStar is slightly higher than the standard price of the SuperEna tickets, but the possible multiplier justifies the additional spending.

Prize Tiers, Winning Distributions, and Odds

Having the 6 main numbers correct and getting the SuperStar number will result in winning the SuperEna jackpot and an additional bonus of two million euros. However, the odds aren’t that great (1 in 56,035,316,700); the extra number will also be used to multiply lower-tier prizes.

The odds of winning any prize in SuperStar are 1 in 327, which is much better than attempting to hit the jackpot.


DivisionsMatchWinning Odds
1 Prize6+PB1:56,035,316,700
2 Prize61:622,614,630
3 Prize5+PB1:9,339,219,450
4 Prize5+11:103,769,105
5 Prize5+PB1:111,181,184
6 Prize51:1,249,227
7 Prize4+PB1:1,071,626
8 Prize41:12,041
9 Prize3+PB1:29,404
10 Prize31:330
11 Prize2+PB1:1,936
12 Prize1+PB1:303
13 Prize0+PB1:138


Here’s how SuperStar works to multiply the SuperEna prizes. Getting 5 correct numbers and the SuperStar number will win the respective SuperEna prize plus an additional one million euros. Having 4 correct numbers and the additional one will result in the respective SuperEna prize multiplied by 100. The same applies to having three correct numbers and the additional one.

One single entry is needed to participate both in SuperEna lotto and in SuperStar. The ticket will feature the additional number and cost slightly more. Getting a two-in-one opportunity is great, and we think that Italy’s being quite generous with its lottery fans.

Well, speaking of generosity – there is one shortcoming to keep in mind. The shortcoming is called taxation.

Italy has several tiers of profit taxes. Prizes up to 100 euros are exempt from taxes. Prizes from 100 to 300 euros go in the second tier, and the tax is 1.03 euros. The tax for prizes from 300 to 500 euros is 3.10 euros, and the tax for prizes from 500 to 1,000 euros is six percent of the sum plus 3.10 euros. Prizes that go beyond 1,000 euros are subjected to a six percent tax and a flat fee of 6.2 euros.

All of the prizes are paid out in the form of a lump sum.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

International players have access to SuperStar through online lottery agents. These websites have local reps responsible for purchasing tickets on behalf of the clients. Smaller prizes are credited directly to the member’s account. For larger prizes, players will need to acquaint themselves with the specific rules that each platform has put in place.

As an international player, however, there’s one thing to keep in mind. We’ve already clarified the fact that Italy imposes taxes on lottery prizes. You may want to check the local regulations in your country. That’s essential for figuring out whether you’ll be subjected to double taxation.

The Bottom Line at SuperStar

If SuperStar seems to be an excellent opportunity to try, that’s because it actually is. The lottery brings a huge number of benefits to the table:

Why You Should Play SuperStar Lotto


Tickets aren’t that much more expensive than the SuperEnaLotto ones

There are three drawings held each week

The additional number multiplies prizes significantly

SuperStar adds 8 prize tiers to the original SuperEna prizes

The game is open to international players

One ticket classifies for participation in the respective SuperEna and SuperStar drawings

A two million euro guaranteed bonus is available for the jackpot winner

The highest historical jackpots can go beyond 170 million euro

The previous statement implies that the jackpot rolls over in the case of no winner

Some of the profit generated through ticket sales will be dedicated to good causes

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to SuperStar. Before deciding it’s your next favorite lottery, you may want to examine the following shortcomings:

Would you mind rating SuperStar?

Why You Shouldn’t Play SuperStar Lotto


The odds of getting 6+1 correct numbers from a pool of 90 aren’t that great

Some of the lower-tier prizes aren’t that impressive

Italy has a profit taxation policy

Is SuperStar Legit?

SuperStar is a legitimate opportunity to earn (a lot of) money. The game is run and operated by Sisal – Italy’s official lotto entity. The same company is responsible for various other lotteries like SuperEnaLotto, Vinci Casa, EuroJackpot, SiVinceTutto, Play Six, and Win for Life.

There’s no reason to worry about the legitimacy of the opportunity. Ticket sales are moderated and organized by an official national entity. It may also make you feel good to know that some of the funds generated through ticket sales go toward charitable causes and activities.

SuperStar is a fun bonus that you can try on top of SuperEnaLotto. Needless to say, giving it a try when the jackpot reaches a more impressive number is certainly a good idea. The multipliers add a fun twist and have already made many people from all parts of the world devoted SuperStar fans.

  1. I played Super Star lotto twice and it was super exciting. You reminded me of that. I’ll play it again. Anyway, SuperStar doesn’t have so big odds to win but it is super fun and really easy to understand how to play. Ticket is not expensive and small wins are likely to get your way.


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