Are You A Store Owner? Maybe it’s Time to Encourage Yourself Because Even You Can Win the Lottery!

Store Owners Winning the Lottery

Even Store Owners Are Humans

A lot of people think that if you own a store you already have enough fortune to keep you going, and possibly more to keep your generation going for years. People who think like that also think that since you have so much already, chances are you might not win the lottery, because why would Lady Luck shower her blessings on a person who’s already been blessed?! That’s however, not true. Even shop owners are humans, and some of them are avid lottery players, and they don’t need the blessings, all they need is a chance and they get it! Yep, it’s true. Here are some very lucky store owners who proved that Lady Luck knows no discrimination!

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#1 – Auto Body Shop Owner Jerry Ritieni

Auto Body Shop Owner Jerry Ritieni

In September 2014, a Long Island auto body shop owner called Jerry Ritieni found out that he was driving around with nearly $3 million in his truck. On the 19th of July that year, he bought lottery tickets worth $20, but instead of putting them in his pocket, he shoved them in his car console and forgot all about them! A month later when he found keys to his Vermont house in his car he saw the lotto tickets he had bought collecting dust. He took those tickets into his office and checked the numbers online and as soon as he found out that he had won $3 million he rushed to find his 17-year-old son, who thought his father was joking! They both drove to a lottery office in Plainview and returned home with a big fat check! Unbelievable, right?

#2 – Liquor Shop Owner Cliff Yaldo

Liquor Shop Owner Cliff Yaldo

Now, this is going to drop your jaw! This man won the lottery after purchasing a lottery ticket from his own store! Yep, that’s right! Now starting in March 2015, he will receive $25,000 every year for the rest of his life. This 26-year-old bought his Lucky for Life ticket from the Livonia Liquor Shop in Livonia, a store that his family has owned and operated for the past 11 years! Cliff plans to save money for a wedding, take a trip and possibly buy a new home. That’s awesome, isn’t it?!

#3 – Grocery Shop Owner Suzanne Birt

Grocery Shop Owner Suzanne Birt

In March 2015 Atlantic Lottery welcomes yet another shop owner who bought a lottery ticket from her own store! Introducing Suzanne Birt, who won $500,000 on a scratch-and-win ticket while working at her family-owned convenience early this year! Although they just recently sold the S&E Grocery in Summerside, which they owned for 25 years, they will receive 1% of the winnings – $5,000! That’s double good news for the Birts!

Still, Think That Store Owners Can’t Be Lottery Winners?

If you’re still thinking that store owners can’t be lottery players, think again. It doesn’t matter what you have, what you do, or where you work, so long as you buy a lottery ticket, it’s enough to boost your chances to win the lottery. If you don’t buy a lottery ticket, there’s no way you can win a jackpot, so you need to buy one to win one. After all, nothing ever comes for free, but when it comes to the lottery, you’re investing a little to receive a lot more, a lot, a lot more in return! How cool can that be?!

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