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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Love the whole travel expenses thing. I did sit down and try to figure out the discounts thing and how it works and the only thing I figured out is the more I spend, the harder it is to go up in levels. I certainly wouldn’t refer a friend here especially as all I’d get is a free line and only win if it’s the big one. Probably have to share it with zillions of people.


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StarLottos Exposed — Is It Your Lottery Place?

StarLottos Review

Looking at, it might seem a little familiar. Yes, folks, this is yet another LottoTech site by Dreams Pay Ltd. They have the usual list of international lotteries, discounts for multiple draw purchases, VIP levels, Welcome Bonus and other lottery tools that are supposed to help you chose your numbers to win. So, is there anything different about this site?

Games at

StarLottos offers players twenty international lotteries. Players can choose from 1 ticket for 1 draw upwards. Discounts apply on multiple draws from 10% on 8 draws, 15% on 16 draws, 22% on 26 draws and 20% on “Never Miss a Draw”. They say “you will be debited the order price for each lottery draw that you play”. Later in their T&C, they say that “there is no option of timely cancellation and you agree that submission of an Order and payment of the related Order Price is final, non-cancelable and non-refundable”. This all got us a bit nervous as it looks like any subscription is a done deal with no way to opt-out. There are no syndicates here.

Getting Your Winnings from Star Lottos

Winnings under USD 600 are credited directly to your account. Prizes over USD 600, you are responsible for collecting yourself though they might help you do it. Funny, if you do choose to collect your prize, Starlottos do say they will actually contribute to your travel expenses when you don’t live in the “territory” where the win takes place, the prize is for more than USD 2,500 and you simply have to legally be there to collect that win. They do qualify “responsible & justified” travel expenses and you agree to “marketing related activities” re your win.

Now For Something Different

The team is still chuckling about this one. includes in their Terms & Conditions a disclaimer that if you do travel to pick up your winnings, you will be responsible for visas, permits, and travel insurance – oh plus you make sure you have any necessary travel inoculations. This got us reviewing the different places that lotteries are run from. I don’t quite get why they have included this.

StarLottos Promotions

There are the usual Frequent Player Points (FPPs), User Class/VIP Levels, Welcome Bonus, Refer a Friend, Multi-Draw Discounts, Vouchers, Coupons, and Free Line. Let’s start with Free Line. They say that players will receive a free line when they play “certain” lotteries, but there are no details on this. Ditto for Welcome Bonus – they say it “changes” but is always generous – but no details! Vouchers are to send a free ticket to someone included in one of their digital cards. FPPs can be exchanged for free tickets. VIP Levels is the usual spend more and you get better service and privileges – interestingly no info on further discounts.

Other Stuff

Besides the usual Statistics, Lotto Strategies, Lotto Info, also has Lottery Horoscope and Lotto Numerology. All of these are supposed to enhance playing lottery experience. Me, I think they are noise.

Who is

Dreams Pay Ltd. operates out of Bulgaria. Dreams Pay Ltd. operates a bunch of other sites, including, to name a few. They are all run on the LottoTech platform. These folks have a snail mail and email address, and online form. There is also a UK phone number though it doesn’t seem to work. There is no live chat.

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StarLottos’ Bottom Line

Sorry, I’m still chuckling at the fact took the time to write all about the travel expenses and other travel-related comments in their Terms and Conditions. I get that they’d like to have the opportunity to use any winner over USD 2,500 for marketing purposes, but all that stuff about you paying for your own visa and inoculations – haven’t seen that one before.


Travel Expenses Covered (Maybe)

Discounts for Multiple Draw Purchases


What is the Welcome Bonus?

How Do I Opt Out?

This site gets a thumbs down partly for the lack of details on their promotions and partly simply for the fact that it looks so much like so many others.

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