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Speedy Lotto Exposed — So, So Much Confusion Right Off the Bat!

Speedy Lotto Exposed

Speedy Lotto Review

Speedy Lotto sounds like something quick and convenient – exactly what you’d want when buying lottery tickets for international games. Does the name live up to the service being offered, however?

Speedy Lotto is one of the online platforms that enable people to buy lottery tickets for games from another country. If you have even some basic interest in international games of luck, you know that a multitude of such platforms exists. Obviously, some offer much better conditions than others in terms of pricing, bonuses, and ease of use.

Speedy Lotto looks somewhat different from the standard online lottery agent because it features ticket bundles. We’re about to dissect this service, as well as the other ticket-buying opportunities provided by the website. If you’re looking for comprehensive Speedy Lotto reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

Games at SpeedyLotto.com

Currently, Speedy Lotto enables ticket buying for 18 international games.

These include Mega Millions and Powerball from the US, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Mega-Sena, El Gordo, the French Loto, Polish Lotto, Irish Lotto, Austrian Lotto, German Keno, the Brazilian Quina, Mini, and Multi Lotto, Cash4Life, Keno 24/7, KeNow and German Lotto. The last one is currently inactive, but the chances are that ticket-buying opportunities will become available shortly.

One thing, however, doesn’t become really clear. The way that the offer is phrased doesn’t give players enough information to determine whether they’re getting an actual lottery ticket or if they’re betting on the outcome of the specific lottery. They’ll be getting a reward from Speedy Lotto itself. It’s shady when vague wording is being used, and there are whatsoever no external Speedy Lotto reviews that shed more light on the situation.

Now, let’s check out if the Speedy Lotto pricing is competitive and attractive.

Looking at the Polish Lotto at random, you will have to spend 0.7 euros on the acquisition of a ticket in Poland. At Speedy Lotto, a single bet will cost you one euro, which isn’t too bad. International lottery operators do have to charge a commission for their services, and some other platforms have had much higher added costs than what Speedy Lotto is charging.

Apart from the standard ticket buying option, Speedy Lotto also offers three kinds of bundles – a gold, a silver, and a bronze bundle. Each one of these features a medley of tickets for different lotteries.

The gold bundle costs 30 euros per bet, and you get two Mega Millions tickets, two EuroMillions tickets, two Powerball tickets, two Cash4Life tickets, and one ticket for El Gordo, Polish Lotto, German Lotto, etc. You can check out the full list of opportunities at the Speedy Lotto website. The silver bundle comes with fewer tickets, and it’s available for 15 euros, and the bronze bundle is available for 10 euros.

Speedy Lotto offers additional online casino services. So, if buying international lottery tickets isn’t your thing, you can check out digital slots, blackjack, and other games of luck.

Once again, you don’t know if you’re getting an actual lottery ticket or if you’re betting on the outcome of the game. Until this gets clarified, Speedy Lotto is not the best choice.

Getting Your Winnings with Speedy Lotto

Speedy Lotto offers just one deposit method – Trustly. As far as withdrawals of prizes go, these can be made to a member’s bank account. Keep in mind, however, that when we tried to deposit money, our only choices for bank countries were Finland, Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. So obviously, there are limitations in terms of player nationality.

According to the Speedy Lotto FAQ page, withdrawals are instant, but there could still be some processing time for the bank to make money available in a personal account.

The website’s terms and conditions don’t provide any information if you need to have a specific minimum amount in your account before cashing out. Just like other aspects of the website, the terms and conditions are pretty vague.

Who Can Play at Speedy Lotto?

As per the infamous terms and conditions, you have to be at least 18 to play the Speedy Lotto games. The website operator reserves its right to ask for an ID to make sure that all registered members are of legal age.

There are no other restrictions apart from the payment methods we mentioned in the previous section and the fact that they’re limited to certain parts of Europe. Hence, you may find it difficult to join because broader payment methods like PayPal or cards issued from international banks aren’t accepted at the time.

Who Is behind Speedy Lotto?

Speedy Lotto was launched only in 2019, and according to the official disclaimer on the website, the platform is operated by Hero Gaming Limited.

Hero Gaming Ltd. is registered in Malta, and the activities of that entity fall under the Maltese Gaming Authority. Surprisingly, Hero Gaming has a corporate website and a pretty detailed LinkedIn profile. The company was set up in 2013, and some of the sites in its portfolio include Casino Heroes, Speedy Casino, Speedy Bet, Simple Casino, and Speedy Lotto.

It seems that the company is legitimate and entirely focused on the gaming and gambling sectors.

The Hero Gaming website does feature contact information if you want to get in touch and ask questions. Speedy Lotto itself offers support only in the form of live chat that seems to be available around the clock.

Other Bits and Pieces

We looked for Speedy Lotto reviews from people who have given the service a try. We couldn’t find any external information about the platform. The fact that it’s relatively new and it hasn’t been operational even for one year could have contributed to the lack of testimonials.

Eventually, we did come across some information on Scandinavian websites.

Speedy Lotto promises to start offering sign-up bonuses and additional perks that aren’t available to players right now. Some texts sound overly positive (mainly Swedish), and they’re not written by people who have played Speedy Lotto.

We reached that conclusion in a rather simple way – Speedy Lotto has an affiliate program. This means that every website referring to traffic and actual customers will receive financial compensation for that input. Hence, local website owners are interested in producing positive texts about Speedy Lotto. These positive reviews, however, sound pretty generic, and it’s more than evident that they’ve been written by people who have never tried out the website’s services.

There isn’t that much more to discuss. Whether you’re interested in lottery betting or online casino games, you’ll need to head out to the respective section of the website. The process of getting started is more or less straightforward, and there are no bonuses or additional fun opportunities to play.

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The Bottom Line at Speedy Lotto

Speedy Lotto provides misleading information about the nature of the services it offers.

The FAQ section features whatsoever no information about how lottery tickets are bought on behalf of customers. This information is also not available in the terms and conditions. Going through the wording of the service itself makes things ambiguous: “Are you dreaming of those huge billion wins? Bet hassle-free on all the world’s biggest lotteries such as Powerball or EuroLotto with Speedy Lotto.”

So, it’s not clear if you are getting an actual lottery ticket that entitles you to the respective game’s jackpot or if you’re betting on the outcome, and you’ll get a reward from Speedy Lotto.

This is an obvious red flag but before examining all of the shortcomings, let’s summarize the Speedy Lotto benefits.

Why You Should Register wit


Clean website interface

There are both lotteries and online casino games

The website is operated by a well-known entity that is appropriately registered

You can contact Speedy Lotto fairly easily

The prize withdrawal procedure is straightforward

There are lottery bundles

As far as costs go, Speedy Lotto hasn’t charged massive commissions

On the downside:


Speedy Lotto is currently available to people in solely four countries

It’s not clear exactly what service the platform has to offer

Many of the informative texts about the service are written by affiliates

The platform has been around for less than one year, so its authenticity and reputation have not been established yet

Speedy Lotto is not the best choice for getting lottery tickets for your favorite games. If you want to find out which lottery operators are worthy of your trust, do check out our other online agency reviews.

Way too many questions remained unanswered about Speedy Lotto. Unless these issues get clarified, it wouldn’t be responsible on our behalf to provide a recommendation and a glowing review for this platform.

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