South Africa Lotto

South Africa Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Wed, Sat
Average Price: $0.25
Odds of Winning: 1 in 20,358,520

South Africa Lotto Exposed — Is It Worth a Try?

South Africa Lotto Exposed

South African Lotto Review

Alrighty, you’re probably here because you want a suggestion about a new lottery to try. If you’re interested in something that has affordable ticket prices, relatively favorable odds in comparison to other lotteries, and a nice (though not impressive) jackpot, you may want to try the South African National Lotto.

This is a standard lotto in the six out of 49 format. Canada, Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, and various other countries have similar formats, but we’ll talk about their lotteries another time. Today, we’ll take a look at what’s going on in South Africa, whether the lottery is a legitimate one, and if you should spend your hard-earned cash on it.

Why is 24Lottos a hit in South Africa?

Is South Africa Lotto a Scam?

First and most important – is this lottery a scam? The good news is that the South African lotto is an entirely legitimate opportunity that people interested in international lotteries can try.

The game was established in 2000, and ever since, it’s been trendy in the country. ITHUBA Holding Proprietary Limited is the game operator, and the company received its license back in 1997.

How to Play

The legitimacy has been established; it’s now time to get busy with something a bit more exciting. Playing South Africa Lotto is a relatively easy task, and if you already have experience with other lotteries, you’ll find this to be a walk in the park.

As already mentioned, this is a 6/49 game. This means that to win the jackpot, you’ll have to pick six numbers that match the particular draw. If you don’t get all six numbers correct, you can win a smaller award (for getting five, four, or three correct numbers).

You can choose your own six numbers or opt for the quick pick option in which the numbers will be chosen randomly. There’s also a lotto plus option, which is an additional weekly lottery option. To play lotto plus, you’ll need to have that option marked on the ticket. To pick one bonus number through the plus option, you’ll need to pay an additional 1.5 rands.


1 Prize61:13,983,816
2 Prize5+11:2,330,636
3 Prize51:55,492
4 Prize4+11:44,393
5 Prize41:1,033
6 Prize3+11:2,436
7 Prize31:57


How Much Can You Win?

When it comes to picking lotteries, numbers are the one factor that matters the most. To have an honest discussion about South Africa’s Lotto, we should probably cut to the chase and talk about the jackpot.

If we’re to take a look at actual draw results, the average jackpot that people win is 5.99 million rands (approximately 443,000 dollars). Having five correct numbers and the lotto plus number will produce a prize of roughly 186,000 rands. Five correct numbers translate to an average of 7,276 rands and four correct numbers plus the lotto plus bonus – 1,560 rands.

The odds of hitting the jackpot are approximately one in 14 million. Five correct numbers and the bonus come with odds of one in 2.3 million, five correct numbers – one in 55,000, four correct numbers, and the bonus – one in 22,000 and four correct numbers – one in 1,000.

Tax-Free Jackpot?

Is any country going to take off a big chunk of your jackpot just because you’ve been allowed to buy a lottery ticket and make some easy money? This is the case for most lotteries across the globe but not in South Africa.

Lottery winnings in the country are taxation-free, but this may not be the case for much longer.

In 2011, the government came up with a proposition for the introduction of a 15 percent tax on all lottery winnings exceeding 25,000 rands. So far, the proposition hasn’t become effective, but the chances are that local authorities are trying to get their hands on this money.

When it comes to local regulations in your country, you may want to talk to an accountant or attorney specializing in the field of taxation. This way, you can save yourself from some serious trouble in the case of winning a tremendous amount from an international lottery.

Tips for Playing South Africa Lotto

One of the most important things to do if you’re planning on playing the South African national lottery is to monitor draws and winners during each particular week.

If the jackpot hasn’t been won during a particular draw, it will be rolled over towards the jackpot for the upcoming draw. Playing the South African lottery will make more sense whenever the jackpot goes beyond a certain amount.

The lower earnings are distributed among all of the winners. Having fewer people guessing five or four numbers will result in more significant amounts for the winners.

There are theories about certain numbers being drawn much more frequently than others. For example, 23 is considered a hot number. It was drawn 16 times over the past 100 draws. If you believe in such things, you may want to keep track of hot numbers and opt for those when submitting a ticket.

Can I Buy South Africa Lotto Tickets Online?

As an international player, you can’t buy a ticket for the South African lotto through its official website. You can rely on agent platforms, however. These platforms offer services to international players interested in different lotteries from all parts of the world. The platforms have local agents responsible for buying tickets on behalf of international players. Upon the ticket’s purchase, you’ll be emailed a scanned copy so that you can rest assured that you’ll be entering the upcoming draw.

South Africa Lotto Pros & Shortcomings

Playing the national lottery of South Africa will allow you to enjoy a vast range of crucial benefits:

Why You Should Play South Africa Lotto


Excellent odds in comparison to other lottery varieties

Inexpensive tickets

You can submit as many combinations as you’d like to

There are two draws per week

Jackpot is rolled over in case of no winners

The jackpot is non-taxable

Available to international players

If you’re interested in winning a considerable amount, you may want to try another lottery variety. The South African national lottery isn’t particularly well-known for breathtaking amounts. Here are some of the most significant disadvantages to keep in mind:

Why You Shouldn’t Play South Africa Lotto


The jackpot isn’t that impressive

The prize amount is dependent on the number of winners per tier

Having three or four correct numbers will produce a minimal amount

Would you mind rating South Africa Lotto?

Is South Africa Lotto Legit?

Is the South African national lotto worth a try? The game is legitimate, and depending on the rollover from previous draws, the jackpot could reach a nice amount. The 6/49 game variety also features favorable odds in comparison to many other options, so why not spend 25 cents on a ticket?

  1. The company running the SA lottery has been caught giving money to fraudulent “charities”.

  2. There is no doubt that the SA Lottery is a scam and has been for many years. Not only was the ‘Live Lotto Draw’ not live but the scamsters worked the ‘live’ presentation to such a degree that they made a mistake some years ago and had to redo the lotto. I personally won some money almost every week ..not anymore…and there are more stories.

  3. Thanks

  4. The lotto isn’t worth playing anymore since they’d changed the lotto to all the + and +1 & from 49 to 52. I had quite a few small wins in the past, but that all changed after all the changes. It is better to keep my money in a money market account, because you can at least see some winnings at the end of the month. There is no fun playing the lotto anymore. Bring back a separate draw from 1 to 49 without all the +++, and I will start playing again. Make the minimum win of R100 for three correct numbers.

  5. I’ve had an online account for years. Lately, I cannot log in. And on reviews, I see many people are having the same problem. What has happened to the app it is not working. Where is the money I had in my account plus had pending draws? Very fishy.


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