Some of the Luckiest Gay (Not Only Literally!) Lottery Winners

Some of the Luckiest Gay Lottery Winners

Gay People Winning the Lottery

The number of lottery winners who’ve come forward and made an announcement about their sexuality isn’t that impressive but these stories are definitely intriguing. The world of lotteries has seen a couple of individuals that haven’t been afraid to tell the world exactly who they are. We’ve compiled some of the most touching and intriguing instances of gay people winning the lottery.

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The Best Way to Deal with Homophobic Parents

Imagine the following scenario – you’re gay, you win the lottery and you have homophobic parents. What should you do? No, this isn’t a theoretical question. The scenario occurred in real life and it involved one lucky guy who won 15 million dollars. This lucky guy had no idea what to do with the money, which is why he asked the online community for assistance.

On November 2015, a Reddit member posted a question and asked the community members for advice. The original post is quite lengthy, but in essence, it explains that a 29-year-old gay person has won more than 15 million dollars. The winner shared that he’d like to take investment courses, increase the number of millions and donate some of the money to a charity.

Needless to say, the story went viral quickly, and several media reports about the gay winner.

Originally, the winner was intending to help parents pay off their mortgages. The problem stemmed from the fact that his mom and dad didn’t support their son after he made the decision to come out. In fact, it got so bad that the parents practically decided to disown their son.

In time, the original poster made an update to the Reddit post. He wrote that the family met his boyfriend and was making baby steps in the right direction. Regardless of their previous behavior, the son still decided to go ahead and help his parents. He emailed them with information about what they could receive from his lottery millions. The Reddit post suggests he’s waiting for their reply. We have no idea how the story went, but one thing is certain – regardless of being terrible to their child, these parents did raise one good son!

Lottery Winner Mom Who Shared Her Money with Gay Son

The second story we’re going to take a look at is completely different from the first one, bringing our faith in humanity back.

Gloria McKenzie was just a regular 84-year-old lady from Florida. Gloria had one little pleasure she enjoyed every once in a while – buying lottery tickets. Their life of Gloria changed suddenly in 2013 when she purchased a little piece of paper that brought her 590 million dollars.

Gay lottery winners

Needless to say, the media went crazy about the lady that won one of the largest PowerBall jackpots in history. They asked her numerous questions, the most important one being what Gloria intended to do with the money.

Without much hesitation, Gloria said that she was going to share the jackpot with her 57-year-old gay son. Scott, 57, and his 65-year-old partner are supposedly the only other people to benefit from the millions, regardless of the fact that Gloria has other children.

You may think that the trio went all extravagant, but according to media reports, Gloria and her son didn’t go immediately on a spending spree. In fact, their lives didn’t change all that much after hitting the jackpot. Chances are that they’re saving the money for something fabulous in the future and we wish them all the best.

The Happiest Gays in Wales

Alright, after doing a bit of digging around, we’ve found out that the gay winners who aren’t afraid to share who they are with the world aren’t limited (good on them!). Here’s another mesmerizing story about a gay couple that experienced the most amazing life change.

Civil partners Lyn Pearce and Ian Sexton bought a EuroMillions ticket on a whim. Needless to say, the couple was massively surprised to find out that they’d won one million pounds!

Pearce and Sexton have been together for 16 years and they’d been in a civil partnership for six years (the couple won the major award in May 2012). In an interview, the two men said that they were already enjoying a wonderful lifestyle and that they’d take some time to decide what to do with all of the money.

Gay lottery winners

Unlike the gay guy in the first stories, both Pearce and Sexton have good relationships with their family members. This is the main reason why the two men said that they’d be taking the people they love on an exciting vacation in some wonderful, exotic place. The couple also had plans for expanding their property and getting a much-dreamed-about swimming pool.

These are just three really cool stories. Some of them are heartwarming, others are a bit sad. Still, these show that luck doesn’t discriminate (and neither should you!). Everyone can win the lottery, as long as they’re willing to put a bit of money and a bit of instinct into the purchase of a lottery ticket. And now that we’ve shared these exciting lottery win stories with you, we’ll be more than excited to hear about yours!

  1. Be careful what you wish for. Disowning is disowning. My family wouldn’t get anything from me. No, I wouldn’t feed the hungry (nobody fed me). No, I wouldn’t give it to Jesus. He can just make millions if money is what he seeks. No, I wouldn’t pay off the debts of the entitled.

    I would spend it all on me and my dogs. End stop


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