Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Great 4.2 | Reviews (25)
Price: CAD21.95
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Smart Play Lotto Wheels system is supposed to drastically improve your chances of winning the lottery by turning the odds in your favor somehow.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Exposed — Will It Improve Your Odds of Winning?

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Exposed

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Review

The concept of the lottery wheel has been around for some time. A wheel is typically utilized to determine a subset of lottery numbers and distribute those among several tickets to improve your odds of winning. This is the mechanism that Smart Play Lotto Wheels utilizes. Does this lottery strategy really work, however? We’re about to find out.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels is predominantly tailored to the needs of those who want to target small to medium lotto prizes. As per the official presentation on the system’s website, Smart Play Lotto Wheels will dramatically improve odds because the “shot in the dark” methodology that players typically employ will be eliminated.

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As per the presentation, the available wheels in the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system have all been tested and proven to be effective. There isn’t any information, however, about who carried out the test and how the effectiveness was established. Such claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Additionally, there’s no free-of-charge demo or trial. To see if the system works, you’ll have to pay for it. This is yet another red flag. A reliable and reputable product gives you a trial period or a money-back guarantee. With this one, you’re stuck. Even if you don’t get anything out of the system, you’ll still be left with a payment you made, and you cannot get back.

What Is Smart Play Lotto Wheels and What Does It Do?

To make the Smart Play Lotto Wheels review comprehensive and reliable enough, we need to take a more in-depth look at the system and how it works.

As the name suggests, this is a lottery system that consists of 15 wheels.

The wheels are divided into three categories, and each one is based on the amount that players may be willing to spend on lottery tickets.

Budget play wheels feature anywhere between three and 12 combinations. Depending on the lotteries they’ve chosen, players will have to spend three to 12 dollars on tickets. Conservative play wheels feature anywhere between 15 and 20 combinations. The cost of ticket acquisition will be 15 to 20 dollars for lotteries that cost one dollar per entry. Finally, there’s the max play opportunity. This one comes with 25 to 95 combinations, and it’s the most expensive one – lottery tickets based on this wheel will cost 30 to 95 dollars.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels System reviews claim some people have earned money through the use of the software. The official presentation makes the very same claim. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence of the existence of such individuals.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels website doesn’t feature pictures or testimonials from satisfied customers. Most of the Smart Play Lotto Wheels reviews out there are pretty shallow and superficial. They’re not written by people who have purchased the system and tried it. Instead, they sound like rephrased statements derived from the software creator’s marketing message.

How Much Does It Cost?

Is there a Smart Play Lotto Wheels free download? Not a chance! A statement on the product’s official website suggests that since no system can guarantee to win, there’s no free demo or a money-back guarantee that buyers can benefit from.

The system itself costs 21.95 CAD. While the sum is far from astronomical, you’re spending on a product that doesn’t make genuine promises. You have no clue whether it works and you have to buy it to find out.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels accepts payments via PayPal. Hence, you may benefit from the PayPal money-back guarantee if you initiate a claim against the system’s makers. Still, you cannot be 100 percent confident that you’ll get your money back in the event of not liking the software.

How Does Smart Play Lotto Wheels Work?

There isn’t a single informative statement about how the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system works. All of the text on the product’s website is generic and bombastic marketing speech that doesn’t explain the math or the statistical analysis utilized to improve the odds of winning.

All you’re left with is the generic explanation of lottery wheeling. Sums, odd and even numbers, and highs and lows are typically utilized to form patterns. For such analysis to be effective, however, it will have to be updated frequently, and it will also have to be game-specific.

The makers of Smart Play Lotto Wheels report that they specialize in Pick 5 and Pick 6 lotteries. This is the only bit of specific information you’ll get about the system.

All of the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system reviews you’ll come across online parrot the same information – there’s no methodology, there’s no system analysis, or breakdown of the statistical odds. They all seem as if written by the same person and they appear on websites that have a suspiciously similar appearance.

Claims made by the makers of this system are ridiculous. Saying that it has been tested and proven effective is even more laughable. If this was really the case, we’d all be lottery millionaires. Even if you don’t win jackpots but mid-tier prizes, it’s still possible to accumulate a fortune over time. Unfortunately, there’s no information about anyone ever accomplishing that level of wealth through the use of the platform.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Terms and Conditions

These are non-existent.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels website looks very tragic and outdated. There isn’t a detailed presentation; there’s no checkout section or navigation. It’s just a single page with a few lines of terms and conditions crammed in the bottom.

These state there’s no refund because the system cannot guarantee any prizes. The footer also states that the Smart Play Lotto Wheels team respects your privacy. The text doesn’t outline exactly how this respect materializes itself or what’s being done to protect your sensitive data.

Once you make a payment and you sign up for the system via PayPal, you’ll be taken to a members-only website. We couldn’t get to this one and take a more in-depth look at its usability. Judging by the presentation website, however, chances are that the situation isn’t way too innovative and exciting.

Who Is Behind Smart Play Lotto Wheels?

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels website doesn’t have a contact or “about us” section. It’s a WordPress development that doesn’t link back to any company or official entity website.

Because the website is created via WordPress, a WhoIs lookup doesn’t reveal any information about the founder, either.

An older website associated with the same product is also developed via WordPress – potentially to reduce maintenance expenditure and to keep the identity of the company behind the product hidden. By this point, we’re already getting quite concerned about this one.

The older website dates back to 2012, which means that the system has been around for some time already.

Finally, we tried to find some information based on the PayPal email used to register for the Smart Play Lotto Wheels payments. It leads back to an entity called Shaw Communications, which is a tech company and probably the one hosting the email. It most definitely doesn’t have anything to do with Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Hence, the developer of the “winning” system has gone above and beyond to keep their identity a secret. We wonder why…

Why You Should Register with Smart Play Lotto Wheels


We do not advise people to register with Smart Play Lotto Wheels, as there are no special advantages to using this tool.

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Smart Play Lotto Wheels


Anonymous owner

Many aspects of the presentation are manipulative

No customer support

No phone number

No terms and conditions

There’s no free demo or a money-back guarantee that buyers can benefit from.

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Is Smart Play Lotto Wheels Legit?

There are overpriced lottery systems and software products out there. Some of them are ineffective. Some of them may be doing a fairly good job. In most cases, however, the presentations are more or less honest.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels has a deceitful presentation and a creator who’s working hard to remain anonymous. There isn’t a single concrete statement linked to the product’s presentation. Many aspects of the presentation are manipulative and formulated (a formula that has been proven to work? How?).

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to purchase the system. Its cost isn’t astronomical, but you’ll most probably be spending on a generic piece of software that isn’t going to affect your odds of winning the lottery in any positive way.

Also, there’s no customer support, no community, no company name, phone number, or address. Once you buy the product, you’re on your own in terms of deployment and making the most of it.

Should you buy Smart Play Lotto Wheels? Will it improve your odds of winning the lottery? Based on our research, the answers to both questions are no. Based on our research, this product is also ending up with a rating of 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. Seriously! This wheeling system is for real, won several 4 number matches using it for Powerball. Matched 4 numbers drawn many times won $100 each time, just no luck yet hitting 4 numbers and Powerball or 5 numbers. I very highly recommend using this system it paid off.

  2. Based on others’ good reviews on this wheeling system decided to try it for myself, I play Powerball and Mega Millions. These wheels are a little different, very powerful, and very simple to use. I would definitely recommend trying this system out, their wheels are giving me decent results.

  3. Absolutely! This wheeling system is the one to use! Pen and paper make it very easy to use and to make changes as the system requires you to do, as in using their special strategies.

  4. Pure good wheeling system. Good results using their Budget play wheels which feature between three and 12 combinations. Easy to use pen and paper style, which makes applying their extra strategies nice and easy.

  5. Great system, no fuss no muss, straightforward pen, and paper lottery wheels work great for Powerball and Mega Millions. They give you smaller wheels, medium wheels and if you want to use them a few large wheels as well, it’s up to you!


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