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SickKidsLottery Exposed — Win the Great Prizes and Help a Good Cause!

SickKidsLottery Exposed

SickKidsLottery Review

Sorry folks! This lovely little lottery is only for people who reside in Ontario. They won’t mail tickets elsewhere, so you can’t even order them online unless they can be delivered to an address in Ontario. is a fundraiser lottery for, yes – Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada. They have a heap of early bird draws and an overall prize ratio of 30%. It’s a nice way to play a lottery and help out a worthy cause.

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This is a raffle-style lottery with a cap on tickets of 189,900 tickets with 55,197 prizes. Tickets can be purchased either singly for $100 each, or $2 for $150, 3 for $195, 4 for $250, 10 for $500, and 20 for $900 – and there are people that do go for the 20 tickets! If you’ve missed out on getting tickets for this year, put it in your calendar for next year.

Winning Starts Early

There is a heap of early bird and special draws starting in June right through to September. There are also some extras that players can get into like the 50/50 draw. Technically, buying tickets closes at the end of September with the main draw taking place in October. But, if the tickets sell out early, then the whole schedule gets pushed forward.

What’s the Cash & Trip Calendar Lottery?

If you’ve missed out on getting a ticket for the main annual lottery, there is another game they play in November. Tickets can be purchased in bundles of 5 for $20, 15 for $50, and 25 for $75. There are 490,000 tickets available with the sales closing on the 30th of September. Draws take place each day in November with prizes ranging from a trip to a Sandals Beach Resort, weekly cash prizes on Friday, and two his and her watch sets from Caravelle New York.

What Can You Win

Early bird draws include things like a Porsche 911 Carrera 4, Lexus GS F Sedan, and a Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 4Matic AWD 4 DR Coupe. There is a cash equivalent for each of these. There are five main prize draws ranging from $1,000,000 cash down to $50,000. There are about another 45,697 other “final cash and merchandise draws” ranging from $1,000 down to $100. Keep in mind that each winning ticket is returned to the drum to have a chance to win more!

What Your Money Does funds child heart surgeries & cancer, research into allergies, and new techniques of using lasers for less painful surgery. The survival rate of childhood cancer, particularly caught my eye, though they say that they still have a way to go to meet their targets.

Talking to SickKidsLottery

Winners are posted online and notified. Technically, you have one year to claim your prize, though the Sick Kids Lottery hopes that you will come to get it within three months. They have a regular number and toll-free number, and email & snail mail address. The draw is supervised by Deloitte, a company that provides a variety of financial services including auditing and risk management.

Why You Should Play Sick Kids Lottery


Great Odds

Lots of Ways to Win

Helps a Great Cause

Why You Shouldn’t Play Sick Kids Lottery


Only for Residents of Ontario, Canada

Only Sold in Ontario, Canada

Limited Tickets

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Is Sick Kids Lottery Legit?

Though the tickets are a bit pricy, the odds of winning are really good. It is important to get on board as early as possible to take advantage of all the early bird prizes and there is a heap of them. The team particularly liked the fact that there are cash equivalent prizes for the cars. gets a thumbs up for people who live in Ontario, Canada, and a thumbs down for the rest of the world. If you do live in Ontario, definitely get in on this one. Not only do you get a chance to win something, but you are helping a really good cause. It is a Win-Win-Win game.

  1. I do not get why only people that live in Ontario are allowed to play this game. Why not anyone from anywhere if they are serious about helping sick kids. Why not at the very least people from the rest of Canada. The prizes are great. Then again, maybe there are enough people in Ontario to sell out the limited amount of tickets.


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