Seven-Year Old Girl Found a Winning Lottery Ticket. Read What Happened Next!

7-Year-Old Donates Her Winning Lottery Ticket

Every single day, something notable happens in the lottery community. In most cases, these situations happen in conventional lottery, you know, the one that’s “not online”. Most of these stories never go viral and sadly, I can never bring them out to you. This particular story really moved me. At the moment I heard about it, I must admit I was confused a bit. On the other hand, I was so hyped to find out more about it. After all, you don’t see a headline every how a little girl managed to show its generosity, especially in the world of lottery. Let’s take a look at the story up close!

Meet Phoebe Brown – A 7-Year-Old Role Model

You got that right, that’s not 17, that’s 7! So far you just know that that Phoebe here, was generous in some way and she’s lucky. Most likely, it has to do something with the lottery. You are correct. Phoebe, a 7 year old girl from Independence in Missouri was the lucky, yet generous little girl who is the positive of the day.

She was out with her mother Audrey when luck struck her. Yeah, she was struck by luck when she least expected it. Phoebe won the lottery without buying a lottery ticket, or in this case a scratch off card. Although, it was a modest lottery prize of $100, she did a marvelous gesture. She won the lottery, she won the headlines, and I honestly hope she will be a winner in life as well.

Imagine if she was passionate about the lottery? Boy, I bet she’d be one successful lottery player. All that luck, and no experience whatsoever, I’d say it was just beginner’s luck. Ok, ok, I’m just comforting myself.

So she found a winning lottery ticket. What’s the big deal about that? Well, you forgot about the “generous” part of the story!

$100 Went to Charity – Instead of Gifts and Present, the Money Went to a Charitable Cause

A damn great charitable cause it was. It’s not the money, the amount and that it was “donated”, but that it was given by a young girl. At first, Phoebe wanted to buy herself some gifts and spoil herself a bit, but this didn’t last long. At that particular time, there was a charitable action where students could donate food for poor people, homeless for instance. This happened just in time for Thanksgiving, and let’s face it, not everyone can afford a decent meal, let alone a whole feast.

It was a good move by the school, a great way to teach the children humility and generosity. Who says you can’t teach children to be humble and noble?

Phoebe donated the most food items from the entire school. A lot of people would be stunned to know that the food they eat was provided for by a 7 year old girl. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Boy, I wished everybody was as kind as little young Ms. Brown. Imagine if all jackpot winners were as generous as Phoebe was. Sounds good, right?

The lives of thousands of people would be better, at least for a while. After all, it’s not the jackpot winner’s duty to donate all of his/her lottery winnings to a charitable cause. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m saying I wouldn’t do that. I might donate a part of it, if it’s tax deductible of course. There, there, I’m not a bad person, I just want to keep what’s mine.

After Donating, Shaving Follows – Her Gym Teacher was the “Victim”

This little kind gesture turned the whole action into an entertaining chain of events. Hey gym teacher stole the show for a moment after allowing Phoebe to shave his beard as a token of appreciation for her overwhelming, and in all honesty, surprising generosity.

Everybody was having fun. The fact that all of them were present at the event to provide funds, food or other items to a charitable cause really moves me. This should become a tradition. In my opinion, we should wait for a little child to win the lottery so everybody will lose their minds and start finding fun in donating.

However, there will always be people who will try to put a stain on a glorious event such as this. A rather considerable part of the community thinks this should’ve played otherwise. That, there’s an ethical dilemma, that Phoebe and her parents are not the heroes of the day. To some extent, I’d agree, but let’s not blame the kid, alright? The girl donated 100 bucks to a good cause, instead of gorging on sweets and candy like most of you would do.

Community’s Backlash at 7-Year Old Phoebe

Although small, but very vocal part of the community was against what took place at the end of November. According to these people, Phoebe’s parents were supposed to take the ticket to the police and report it as lost. The thing is, it wasn’t signed!

Second, some people think this was just a media stunt to praise the child and try to create this image of her that would attract attention, with the intention to profit from the gifts she would receive down the road. Nonsense! How could anyone be so devious as to abuse a situation such as this? Why can’t people believe that a 7 year old could indeed hand over a winning lottery ticket to a charitable cause? Is it too much to ask?

And those of you who already thought of “but she’s a minor she can’t claim the prize”, “It’s illegal for minors to play the lottery”, etc. Stop it, will you? The girl found the lottery ticket on the ground. Phoebe didn’t actually play the lottery, she simply won the lottery.

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