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Numbers to Pick: 5/47 + 1/10
Days of Draw: Mon., Thurs.
Average Price: £1.50
Odds of Winning: 1 in 15,339,390

Set for Life UK Exposed — 30 Years of Wealth and Abundance

Set for Life UK Exposed

Set for Life UK Review

The lottery has most of us dreaming about becoming instant millionaires. Some games, however, don’t work that specific way. Imagine being handed a massive sum of money every month, for 30 years. That sounds just as great as winning the millions.

Set for Life from the UK provides this real opportunity. The Set for Life Lotto has a pretty self-explanatory name (although if you’re 20 right now, we hope that the name isn’t that self-explanatory!).

While it follows the standard numerical format for a draw-style lottery, the top prize is a bit more unusual than the jackpot that’s usually handed over in bulk.

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Set for Life UK Lottery: Introduction

The Set for Life rules are easy to understand – if you have the correct set of numbers, you’ll receive cash payments of 10,000 pounds per month over 30 years.

Set for Life is a game in the portfolio of The National Lottery. This is the newest entry into the portfolio of the National Lottery, launched in the year when the organization celebrates its 25th birthday.

Tickets went for sale online for the first time on March 15, 2019. Since the beginning, Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, the entity behind The National Lottery, announced there would be two drawings per week. This is the first lottery in the Camelot portfolio that doesn’t offer a jackpot paid out in a single sum but rather – in monthly installments.

According to Camelot representatives, such game formats are popular in many parts of the world. They appeal to people who like the idea of regularly receiving a cash injection, which means their financial troubles will be resolved over the long run.

Is Set for Life UK a Scam and Can You Play It Online?

Set for Life is not a scam – it is a wonderful opportunity to turn your life around and enjoy financial stability in the years, even decades to come.

Camelot UK Lotteries Limited was founded in 1993. Ever since the enterprise has been the operator of the UK National Lottery. The company has a national license and certification to organize games like Lotto, Thunder Ball, Euro Millions, and Lotto Hot Picks.

Currently, Camelot generates annual revenue of 5.5 billion pounds from lottery operations. The enterprise employs 750 people, and it has over 45,000 retail outlets throughout the UK.

All of this information stays as evidence of the Set for Life legitimacy. While very, very new, this lottery has a company with a well-established history behind it. You can buy tickets and rest assured that if you get the correct numerical combination, you’ll be set for at least 30 years of your life.

As far as buying tickets online goes, we’ll take a look at this opportunity later on in the guide.

How to Play Set for Life UK?

Here’s a short overview of the Set for Life rules: there are two drawings per week, held on Monday and Thursday. Each standard ticket entry is going to cost you 1.5 pounds.

To win the maximum prize, you will have to guess the correct set of Set for Life numbers. Your ticket will feature five digits in the range from one to 47 and one Life Ball in the range from one to 10. All six of these digits have to match the numbers drawn.

The good news is that Set for Life has multiple additional prize tiers and pretty favorable odds of granting you a prize.

In the UK, you have to be aged at least 16 to buy lottery tickets. There are no limitations on the nationality of people who want to give National Lottery games a try.

When buying a Set for Life ticket, you can either opt for your numbers or have the digits randomly generated for you at the retail outlet. Apart from choosing the Lucky Dip (random number generation) option, you can also select advance play and have the same set of numbers entered in up to eight upcoming drawings.

If you want to get the winning Set for Life numbers immediately, you can watch the live draw via the Camelot website every Monday and Thursday, at 8 p.m.

Set for Life UK Prizes and Odds

The top prize is the impressive 10,000 pounds per month over 30 years.

While the odds of claiming the top prize are far from the most favorable ones out there – one in 15,339,390, the size of the reward compensates for the risk. Set for Life winners need to know there’s no option for claiming the top tier prize as a lump sum payment. The 30-year, monthly installments rule will be honored each time.

Apart from the top prize, Set for Life features several additional pretty cool awards.

Those who get the five main Set for Life numbers correct will win 10,000 pounds every month for a year. Once again, there’s no option for a lump sum payment.

The third prize tier is awarded to those who have four main numbers and the Life Ball correct. The prize is 250 pounds. Apart from these three top prize tiers, there are five additional award levels. The smallest Set for Life prize is five pounds, and it is awarded to those who have two of the main numbers correct.

The odds of claiming the lowest prize tier are one in 15. Set for Life has overall odds of winning a prize in the range of one in 12.4 – pretty favorable in comparison to some other national lotteries out there.

At the time of publication (April 2019), there hasn’t been a Set for Life top prize winner yet. We hope that someone gets lucky soon and manages to turn their life around through the power of the lottery.

Some Information for Set for Life Winners

Winners from all National Lottery games have 180 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

For those who play Set for Life online, prizes of up to 500 pounds will be credited directly to the player’s account. Prizes between 500 and 30,000 pounds require debit card confirmation, after which the sum will be paid out. Those who win anywhere between 30,001 and 50,000 pounds will have to call Camelot during work hours for additional instructions about claiming. For more substantial sums, the player will have to claim in person.

Those who play at the Camelot retail venues can claim prizes of up to 500 pounds immediately at any authorized location. Prizes in the range of 501 to 50,000 pounds can be acquired at designated post offices. A top prize has to be claimed in person from the National Lottery headquarters.

Currently, lottery prizes in the UK are entirely tax-free.

Can You Play Set for Life UK Online?

You can acquire your Set for Life tickets online through the web-based National Lottery platform.

To use the online portal, however, you have to be located in the UK. Even if you’re a UK citizen, you cannot buy National Lottery tickets while abroad.

Currently, international online lottery agencies do not offer Set for Life tickets. As the game is pretty new, however, the situation could change shortly.

Why You Should Play Set for Life UK


A legitimate game in the portfolio of the UK national lottery

There are two drawings per week

A ticket costs only 1.5 pounds

The top two prizes provide monthly installments of 10,000 pounds for a specific period (30 years or one year, respectively)

Set for Life has additional prize tiers worth playing the lottery for

The overall odds of winning a Set for Life prize are favorable

You can buy Set for Life tickets online

There are no income taxes withheld on lottery prizes in the UK

Why You Shouldn’t Play Set for Life UK


The odds of winning the top prize are not the best ones out there

Lower prize tiers are not that impressive

You cannot buy tickets if you’re not in the UK

There’s no option for claiming the top prize as a lump sum

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Is Set for Life UK Legit?

Set for Life is fun and legitimate. It offers something new that the National Lottery didn’t have available before.

Set for Life offers a great concept that’s already popular in numerous countries. If you’re in the UK and you want some long-term stability, you should give this lottery a chance. Who knows, you may become the first ever Set for Life jackpot winner!

  1. I regularly get smaller prizes. The odds are quite good for this one.

  2. Nobody seems to win the jackpot I make you think Camelot is fixing this game.


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