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SearchLotto Exposed — Exciting Way to Search the Internet!? Exposed

SearchLotto Review

Give me a second to stop laughing. It is rare to get into a site that provides this much amusement. just did that! It’s a search engine that is offering free lottery tickets in syndicates for searches. They say the site is in its infancy, but it was launched in April 2010. How long does it take for a site to ‘grow up’?

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The first thing you do is go online and create an account. Then, simply start using the search engine. Once you have performed 25 searches, they will give you a share in a UK National Lottery syndicate. They say it contains 20 people, but – yes the big but – it doesn’t say how many tickets are in the syndicate. Getting into the FAQ, things started to get confusing. They say that players will get one ticket for every 25 “unique searches” completed up to four tickets a week, and then say the first 20 searches made each day qualify for this.

There is also an advertisement for EuroMillions but no explanation of how those lottery tickets fit into the scheme. Search Lotto also offers a free lotto ticket (not sure which draw) for installing their toolbar.

Search Lotto and Winning

Make sure you check your tickets. Search Lotto will only hold your winnings for thirty days after any draw. Funny, they say they do not keep the money themselves and give it to charities that they choose which are listed on their website – NOT. Search Lotto also says they “aim” to pay winners within seven working days.

Who Can Play at SearchLotto?

Digging into the Terms & Conditions didn’t take long. Keep in mind, players are being encouraged to use the search engine and not buy lottery tickets so it’s not complicated. But there was something a little strange – “the site is intended for use in the UK only” and players in other countries do so at their own risk. It wasn’t until we got into their FAQ that it actually states “only people in the UK can play”.

Third-Party Advertising Companies

Search Lotto clearly states that they use third-party advertising companies. This means companies may use information about your visits to different sites – to provide more ads about stuff to you. What gets weirder is there is an opt-out website people (note I did not say players) can go to that provides an explanation of how this all works and how to avoid this kind of collection of information.

Search Lotto and Facebook does use social media to update how they are operating and what they are offering. Their Facebook page is a ramble on changes in the terms and conditions of what they offer and whether any of their lottery numbers have won. The but – ya, you knew it was coming – for a company that is using lottery tickets to encourage people to use their search engine and that has been around for almost five years, they only have 2,606 likes. I guess people don’t like it!


Besides a snail mail address, Search Lotto can be contacted through an email address Monday to Friday and they will respond within 24 hours. They are a private company based in the UK. There is no online chat or support for their site. Given they are actually a search engine, I think this is a little strange.

Why You Should Register with Search Lotto


Free Tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Search Lotto


It’s a Search Engine

UK Only

When Will It Grow Up?

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Is Search Lotto Legit?

Sorry, I am still chuckling and couldn’t resist doing a few searches (no, I did not register) on their site to see how it operated. I can understand why a lot of people decided not to use it on a regular basis. Even with the incentive of free lottery tickets, I’ll stick to my usual search engines.

If you want to play lotteries, our team suggests that you stick to purchasing tickets through a trustworthy online lottery provider. Searchlotto gets a thumbs down.

  1. This happened in the past, today 13th Feb 2022 no ticket issued (100 searchers) shown. Says “still being issued” for the 12th, no email to say issued either. Dishonoured their obligation on a 4.1 million possible win. Last time this happened recorded delivery letter was not replied to. Lottery commission contacted could not help. Hidden company needs exposing if any fraudulent activity. Anyone else experienced this?

  2. Thank you for giving me a chance to review search lotto. I have been connected with search Lotto for 5 years. I have been playing lotto and Euromillions through search lotto. During this time I have won many small wins. The payment was completed. Everything was going well. But Search Lotto is not what search Lotto is now. Let me explain it. It has stopped replying to any query. Sending email has been stopped. Tickets are being issued at the eleventh hour of the closing time. Even if it is being done after closing time. I hope top management will take care of it. I will be highly glad if I get any reply. Thank you.

  3. Now defunct they are not updating your entries or paying out since March 2021 – the site is still up and wasting your time spend it better by using Bing Rewards!

  4. Had several tiny wins of amounts less than £2 over the years. I wonder about the lack of transparency regarding winning tickets and winners, but there appears to be no regulation and to date I have no reason to doubt the website’s integrity.

    • They eventually paid me after contacting and got 18p… yet PayPal took an 18p transaction fee, so I’ll give you guys 1 guess on how much I got! Not worth the ball ache at all.


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