Saying Goodbye to a Controversial and Inspiring Melissa Ede

Saying Goodbye to Melissa Ede

Are you familiar with the incredible story of Melissa Ede?

Now that her life journey has come to an end, we should remember one of the most unbelievable ways in which a lottery prize has transformed someone’s life.

The Story of a Remarkable Lottery Winner

Melissa Ede was a transgender taxi driver whose life completely turned around after winning the lottery.

In January 2018, Melissa found out that a scratch ticket she bought at the end of 2017 had made her a millionaire. How much did Melissa Ede win? The modest sum that she became entitled to from the National Lottery game was four million pounds. Melissa was 57 at the time she won an incredible amount of cash.

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Born a biological male, Melissa had four children before she decided to transition in 2011. Estranged from her family, Melissa didn’t plan to contribute to the well-being of her kids with the millions she won.

The Melissa Ede teeth fix wish was one of her most prominent. In an extensive press conference that she held after winning the money, Melissa said that she planned to fix her teeth, get married, invest in other aspects of her appearance, and go on a massive shopping spree.

Melissa also told the world she’d been planning to write an autobiography. Meanwhile, she also started the Melissa Ede YouTube channel, and she became quite popular on Facebook for the somewhat controversial content she’d regularly been posting.

A couple of controversies have also been linked to Melissa’s name, turning her into one of the most colorful and eccentric personalities to ever win the lottery in the UK.

The Melissa Ede Tattoo Fixers

The extreme appearance was probably one of the most memorable television performances that she’d given. In the show, people come forward to get tattoos and their regret fixed. Melissa needed a cover-up to be done on her right arm, turning an old and ugly tattoo into a tribute to the LGBT community.

Melissa got fallen angel wings, and a red rose to disguise her older tat.

This wasn’t the first time Melissa decided to speak up about LGBT issues. In October 2018, she got banned from using her Facebook account after she shamed a man with transphobic views. Later on, Facebook changed its decision on the topic and even issued an apology to Melissa.

Had Melissa been given more time, the chances are that she would have continued making headlines.

Unfortunately, she did not have a lot of time to enjoy her wealth and fame.

Lottery Winner Melissa Ede

A Lottery Winner Says Goodbye to the World

The Melissa Ede lottery win occurred in a relatively short amount of time before this colorful person left the world.

Melissa passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, only 18 months after winning the lottery. Her girlfriend, the person that Melissa intended to marry, told the media that everybody was devastated by the sudden and unexpected turn of events.

A few days before passing away, Melissa was rushed to the hospital due to intense chest pain. In one of her videos recorded earlier during the week, Melissa said that she’d been experiencing classic signs of a heart attack. She found it difficult to breathe, and she did go to the hospital only to be cleared.

Doctors told Melissa that her heart and her lungs looked fine. Melissa told her fiancé that the scare was a wake-up call. She intended to do a lot more in life. Unfortunately, her time was cut short.

Partner Rachel Nason said that Melissa was a smart, funny, and inspirational person.

The funeral took place on May 30, 2019.

Funeral of Melissa Ede

Leaving in a Colorful Way

Melissa’s last journey was nothing like the funerals we’re most used to.

It was an eccentric and colorful affair, a perfect match to the personality of the flamboyant lottery winner.

All mourners dressed in rainbow-inspired colors to honor the LGBT community that Melissa proudly belonged to. Melissa’s coffin was carried in a horse-drawn carriage that also displayed the rainbow flag proudly.

The attendees were asked to forego the black in an attempt to commemorate the colorful life that Melissa led after coming out and making the decision to transition.

Many people rushed to share a few final words online and to offer condolences and support to Melissa’s family online.

One person wrote, “so sad you always made me laugh, my love and thoughts are with her loved ones, R.I.P Mel.”

Others came forward to chastise the trolls who had been sending Melissa abusive messages online. Some had even sent her death threats, especially after Melissa shared information about her heart attack scare on Facebook.

People have used the opportunity to address online bullying, hoping that how Melissa addressed the trolls and the ill-wishers would inspire others who may have found themselves in a similar position.

Those attending the funeral said we all need to learn how to be a little bit kinder, recognizing differences and celebrating those instead of drawing lines of division.

We can all get behind the message.

It’s still not clear who would inherit the remainder of Melissa Ede’s lottery millions. It’s still too early to get into practical issues and financial affairs. Melissa’s closest people are in a state of shock after her quick, sudden, and unexpected passing. The chances are that as time goes by, some additional information will be released to the public via UK media. For the time being, Melissa’s fiancé and her closest friends have asked for a bit of privacy during a difficult time.

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