Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Sat
Average Price: $2.05
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Australia’s Saturday Lotto Exposed — A “Thunder from Down Under” or a Dud?

Australia’s Saturday Lotto Exposed

Australia’s Saturday Lotto Review

A well-established game that features attractive jackpots comes from the land down under and is today available to international lottery fans. Can’t stop yourself from trying new games? Odds of one in 8.145 million seem good to you? If so, you must try the Saturday Lotto from Australia.

The game comes with its specifics and individuality. Anyone that needs something a bit different, something that has rather favorable odds of winning will be impressed by the opportunity. But enough talking about the advantages, let’s get down to the specifics.

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How to Play

Players have to choose six out of 45 numbers, plus two complementary numbers.

To win the jackpot, players need to match all six of the main numbers. The supplementary numbers can increase the odds of getting six correct numbers in total and they’re used to determine the winners for levels 2, 5, and 6 of the game (relax; we’ll explain what these mean in a second).

The second division refers to having five correct main numbers and one supplementary number. Fifth division winnings refer to having three winning main numbers and one supplementary number. The sixth level refers to having one or two main numbers and two correct supplementary numbers. Obviously, each of the combinations will correspond to a specific prize tier.

Prize Tiers, Winning Distributions, and Odds

Moving on to the most fun and exciting aspect of exploring an international lottery, we’ll now explore the numbers.

Saturday Lotto comes with a jackpot minimum of four million Australian dollars. If nobody has six correct main numbers, the amount is rolled over to the next draw. This is how Saturday Lotto’s jackpot can reach quite impressive dimensions.

The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 8.145 million, which is quite good in comparison to other international lotteries. Having five winning numbers and one supplementary number comes with odds of one in 678,755. The odds of having five winning numbers are one in 36,689, four main numbers – one in 733, three main numbers, and two supplementary – one in 297 and one main number plus two supplementary numbers – one in 144.

The approximate overall odds of winning anything are one in 85.


DivisionsMatchesOdds to win
1 Prize61:8,145,060
2 Prize5+11:678,755
3 Prize51:36,689
4 Prize41:733
5 Prize3+11:297
6 Prize2+21:144
7 Prize1+21:144


Here’s an example of the numbers that these odds translate to. In the September 19, 2015 draw, there were four people that got six main numbers correct. Each one of the winners walked out 1.049 million Australian dollars richer. There was 60 level 2 winners and each one got 9,476 Australian dollars. The people that got five winning numbers were 989 and each one won 1,240 dollars.

Obviously, a smaller number of winners is a desirable thing because the particular level’s prize money will be divided among fewer people.

Tips for Playing Saturday Lotto

There are several ways to play Saturday Lotto. A player can either choose the six numbers, plus the two supplementary on their own, or get a ticket with a random combination of numbers.

It’s also possible to get a QuickSet ticket. Terminals throughout Australia set random numbers for seven consecutive draws.

Players can also enter each individual draw with a system. Playing a system will multiply either the number of sets or the number of games that will be entered, which increases the odds of winning.

When playing, it’s always a good idea to wait for a draw that features a high jackpot. Saturday lotto also has several special draws available throughout the year. Special events like Saturday Lotto Superdraws start with a jackpot of over 20 million Australian dollars. Lotto Double Win days are also scheduled and this is when the lottery awards get doubled.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

Australians can buy tickets for Saturday Lotto online through the game’s official website. International players will need to purchase their tickets through an online agent. These websites typically have a local representative responsible for purchasing tickets on behalf of international customers. Once the ticket is bought, the client will get a scanned copy via email.

Saturday Lotto Pros & Shortcomings

Should you give Saturday Lotto a try? Here are some of the main advantages to keep in mind when going through your international lotto possibilities:

Why You Should Play Saturday Lotto


Favorable odds in comparison to other international lotteries

Inexpensive tickets

A relatively nice jackpot, especially when the amount is rolled over several times

Special draws are available and these feature higher awards than usual

This is a legitimate lottery that international players can try

There are syndicate and system playing opportunities

There’s no tax on winnings (international players, however, should consult a local attorney or accountant)

There’s no jackpot rollover cap

If you’re a lottery pro, you’re already aware of the fact that Saturday Lotto sounds quite lucrative. To be honest and fair, however, we’ll need to mention a few of the shortcomings:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Saturday Lotto


The jackpot isn’t as impressive as for other Australian lotteries

There’s only one draw per week

Lower-tier winnings aren’t that impressive

Would you mind rating Saturday Lotto?

Is Saturday Lotto Legit?

Saturday Lotto was established way back in 1972, which would obviously make it a long-running scam. Just kidding, this is a legitimate national lottery that happens to be among the biggest and the most popular in Australia. Though the jackpot is lower than what other Australian lotteries have to offer (Oz Lotto and PowerBall Lotto, for example), Saturday Lotto is still quite popular.

Saturday Lotto is fun and easy to play. In addition, you’ll get to choose among various system and combination options (in case that a bit more complex play is your thing). Anyone that’s looking for flexibility and reasonably-sized jackpots will be happy with Saturday Lotto and what it has to offer.

  1. Interesting the suggestion to wait until this lottery gets up to a good jackpot. I guess many of us do this. Wait until the jackpot grows to a point that is mega. The added value here is that it is tax free. That definitely increases the winning amount. And there is no rollover jackpot cap. This is one that keeps growing until it’s won!


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