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Description: SamLotto is software that offers lottery analysis, filtering and a predictive tool for 220 international lotteries.

SamLotto Exposed — Is It the Best Lottery Software?

SamLotto Exposed

SamLotto Review

If you are into using lottery software to help you choose your ticket numbers, looks like a pretty extensive program. It picks numbers and generates number combinations, regularly updates lottery results, filters any combination of numbers for international lotteries, and predicts the next draw winning numbers. They even offer a manual to help you understand how it works. But is it as good as they claim?

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SamLotto claims to help players pick winning numbers for 220 international lotteries. They provide a comprehensive list of the lotteries on their “products” page. It works with lotteries for ticket lines from 4 to 7 including multiple bonus balls. It uses wheels, filters (50 base and 18 advanced), and prediction formulas to help players win. They also offer another program SamP3P4 software for pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries.

What Is the Cost?

Simply click on “buy now” and the program will download to your computer or smartphone. An activation code will be sent to you immediately. Be prepared with your credit card to pay the US$169. Minor version upgrades and updating lottery results are free. There is a free demo that can be downloaded.

How Does It Work?

For the picking numbers and number combination generator, players can “1-click” hot, cold, and comparing past draw numbers, manual insert numbers to see how they work, and add the bonus number in 3 modes. Data processing allows results updating, export and import of data, and unlimited lottery game creation (not sure about that). The filtering seems to be the most comprehensive with a variety of ways to narrow down what they say are the best chance lottery numbers. The only information on how’s software predicts winning lottery tickets is they use some sort of formula.

Terms and Conditions

SamLotto’s terms and conditions focus on the fact this is for your personal use and is not to be used commercially. They also underline it is for “information purposes” and does not “constitute professional advice or recommendations of any kind”.

Who Is SamLotto?

If you do have any questions, there is an email address. That’s it. There are no phone numbers, no snail mail address, and no live chat. says they’ll respond within 24 hours, though there is no reference to business hours or where they are. Actually, there is no information on who ‘they’ are.

Why You Should Register with SamLotto


Has a vast number of tools

One-time subscription for lifetime access

Manuals are available for guidance

Why You Shouldn’t Register with SamLotto


Doesn’t work on Apple Computers

Not for beginners


Would you mind rating SamLotto?

Is Legit?

Talking to a mathematician friend of mine, she seemed to think that using lottery software could help narrow the odds to more regular small wins at the same time she underlined the randomness of lotteries. The US$160 seems pretty pricey for something that seems to come cheaper through other sites. At the same time, it does look pretty professionally done. I still get stuck on the problem of giving my credit card details to a site where there is no information on who they are. I’ll pass.

Final verdict: 7 out of 10 stars.

  1. I have the 2022 power player ultimate and the sam lotto 2023! The 2023 has some more optimization filters and some other added features! Its good program it eliminates many combinations according to the filters you use. It also has automated filters for i think the last 2 drawings the last 10 drawings until the last 50 drawings. I dont use these automated filters i prefer filters with personal choices. But you can add how many groups of numbers you like and then put values. I mean maybe in a group you include ten numbers and you use filter value 1-3. What does it mean? It means that the program will include on every combination at least 1 of these numbers but not more than 3 of these numbers. I mean except of all these filters that the program gives you can use based on your analysis even more groups with values that you believe that you must use. There is no limit. It’s really a filtering software.there is no scam or anything else. Its real. Every year they may update the if you want now you can buy sam lotto 2023.or maybe i dont know if this year there will be any more updated features but you can wait and if there are you can buy sam lotto 2024.
    Thank you!

  2. Purchased this software 5 years ago and it runs well

  3. bought the software, never used it because of the parallels for apple computer app from apple of parallels which they do not support and parallels will not support it. all invested 159.00 79.99 total 238.99 in the hole.

  4. It is a Good Software application for most of the lotto games offered around.
    The software also predicts and verification and checks win.

    I don’t know the reviews about other’s who have installed the SamLotto.

    The Samlotto has


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