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Richard Lustig Exposed — Is He Worth Believing?

Who Is Richard Lustig?

Richard Lustig Review

One of the most famous lottery players of all time, most likely the most famous one is Richard Lustig. His name echoes in the presence of passionate lottery players who have at least an idea of who he is. However, besides that Mr. Lustig is a famous lottery player, nobody knows who he is in fact, at least not in details. His story is shrouded in mystery. Today, I’m going to try and give you a clear image of who he is, what does he do, what he has done and where he is now. He is a living legend, but what kind of legend? It’s time to bust some myths about him!

Richard Lustig Before He Became Famous

Not much is known about Richard Lustig before he won his 1st lottery prize back in 1993. As far as I know and other people who are keen on the lottery, he definitely is special. However, he got most of his fortune as a writer. Despite winning more than a million dollars in lottery prizes, he created his wealth by working hard.

In 1993, he won $10,000 from a scratch-off ticket. This modest prize gave him an idea of how to turn his passion into a fortune. For the whole 4 years, Richard didn’t win any significant lottery prize. Despite being called a record-breaking lottery winner, I tend to disagree with this title. After all, his method is somewhat inconsistent and expensive.

How It All Started – The Beginning of the Legend

After winning a little over $13,000 in August 1997, Winning 2 trips in June 2000 and October 2001, he realized that he needs to pick up the pace. It didn’t take him that much longer he won his biggest lottery prize the following year, staggering $842,152. This is how it all begun. After being interviewed by reporters who spread the word that he has already won the lottery a few times, without putting a number in this information, he became a star. People who have looked into his biography will realize that he’s not a lottery god; he’s just a player who spends a lot on the lottery.

Regardless, Richard Lustig did what others couldn’t, he got rich with the help of lottery, not by playing the lottery.

It’s Not about Quantity, It’s About Quality – Record Breaking Lottery Winner, OR IS HE?

You and I witnessed the biggest Powerball jackpot. That’s a record-breaking lottery prize, an event which will be retold for a long time. Richard Lustig, the self-proclaimed lottery expert, has a high success rate. However, he didn’t win a record-breaking amount of money playing the lottery; he won the lottery the most times. Who knows how many lottery players there are who haven’t been in the spotlight? Players who have repelled the attention of the media, but Richard wanted more of it, in other words, he enjoyed it.

Richard was rich by this point, but he still didn’t reach the $1,000,000 threshold. After years of playing and investing all of his cash into the lottery, he still wasn’t a lottery millionaire. This changed in August 2010 with a close to $100k win in the Florida Fantasy 5. 3 out of 7 lottery wins are in the Florida Fantasy 5.

There were rumors that Richard had spent most of his $800k prize on lottery tickets. He soon realized that the lottery is becoming unsustainable, at least for his ambitions. Like I said earlier, he is one special guy.

Creator of the “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery” Book

Richard Lustig realized that he was meant to be a great lottery player and that he could earn some serious money with the fame he got. The only problem was he still didn’t have a way to monetize his popularity and his lottery experience. Thanks to the internet and his serious lottery experience, he was able to create a “guide,” a book on how players can improve their chances of winning the lottery and eventually win. It was and still is a huge hit. Over the years, people forgot how he got where he currently is. New lottery players blindly believe him. It’s not that there isn’t useful information in his guide, but you can find this information for free.

To me, Richard is a shady fellow that has found a way to monetize on the lottery without even playing it anymore.

In my estimates, Richard has earned three or four times as much money as he has won in the lottery. In total, Richard Lustig has won $1,052,205 by 2010, after which he goes off the radar. He is fully dedicated to the marketing of this book. Is that a real lottery player? Such fame, such popularity, success and he goes off of the radar.

What Is Richard Lustig Doing Now?

At the moment, the uncrowned king of the lottery is going around the country teaching people about his universal lottery method. He’s coaching players via one on one phone calls, which can be costly. A few months ago, he tried to reach out a wider audience by becoming a public speaker. However, after checking thoroughly, these efforts didn’t breed success.

People still admire him and try to get in touch with him, but he doesn’t think he should meet these fulfill these wishes. In other words, he lives off of his former glory. No information relates him to another lottery win, nor is he part of any news headlines.

As I like to say, if his method was working as he describes it, lottery operators will bankrupt. A lottery would become this boring game in which everyone wins. If it were that easy to win, nobody would play it; nobody would operate lotteries.