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RedFoxLotto Exposed — 14 Lotteries and 8 Languages

RedFoxLotto Exposed

RedFoxLotto Review

Looking for an online provider for simply international lottery tickets. RedFoxLotto is such a provider. They offer access to 14 official international lotteries. There are no syndicates. This looks like a straightforward lottery site for buying lottery tickets from around the world. There’s a pretty good selection to choose from. The only thing is they do take a percentage of winnings. Let’s look.

Games at

This online international lottery provider offers concierge services for 14 official games. This means they buy the tickets in that country on your behalf. There are minimum amounts of lines that need to be ordered. Spain’s El Gordo is one line. US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot are 2 lines each. Spain’s BonoLoto, Italy’s SuperEnaLotto, Australia’s OZ Lotto, Poland Lotto, and the UK Lottery all require 3 lines. Australia’s Powerball AU, Mon & Wed Lotto, and Saturday Lotto all require 4 lines. There are no discounts for playing more tickets. There are no subscriptions. All tickets are purchased in Euros which is weird as the limitations on getting your winnings are all in USD.

Why is 24Lottos one of the most trusted and popular lotteries?

Getting Your Winnings

Any winnings under USD 2,500 go directly into your account. will contact players on any winnings USD 2,500 or larger to arrange delivery. Usually, it would be either to your bank account or by check. There is a minimum withdrawal of €10. If you do win a jackpot in any of the US lotteries, they say you will travel with them to collect your prize.

Who Can Play at RedFoxLotto?

According to their home page, anyone can play here – your country of residence doesn’t matter. There is a limitation on any single order being no more than 20 tickets, and the total amount of the order cannot exceed €1000. also says “within a single ticket you may purchase a maximum of 25 lines”. Players can use BitCoins, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and Visa to play.

Who Is

RedFoxLotto is operated by an EU company registered in the United Kingdom. It is owned and licensed by a company out of Curaçao. There is a UK snail mail address, a couple of email addresses, and an online form. There is no information on how quickly they respond, and I’m still waiting for an answer to a couple of my questions. There is a UK phone number though it answers with what I think is a Russian recording. Not sure about that.

Languages and Bits and Pieces

This site is available in eight languages – English, Persian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. This includes their Terms and Conditions and other information on their site. Under their information menu, there is an excellent summary of each of the lotteries, the odds, and the current jackpots.

Why You Should Register with RedFoxLotto


14 International Lotteries to Play

Seven Languages to Choose From

Anyone Can Play Here

Why You Shouldn’tRegister with RedFoxLotto


Jackpots and Purchase in EURO but Withdrawal Limitations in USD

Lack of Response to Emails/Online form

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

The site does look like it does what it says – facilitate the purchase of tickets for international lotteries. It is great that the languages they provide access to include all aspects of their website. The downside is that they do take a fee for winnings over USD 10,000 though they do collect the prize for you. Also, the use of different currencies including the jackpots are advertised in Euro, but the limitations for how you get your winnings in USD are a little strange. And the fact they say “Play Mega Millions from the UK” but the jackpot is in Euros and not GBP – plus the cost of tickets is in Euros. All in all, this site gets a reserved thumbs up. If you’re playing here, it would be great to hear from you.

  1. Completely fraud don’t trust it ever they are here to do fraud only. I buy tickets and its results don’t even appear. Completely fraud. And also it allows me to purchase pending tickets. Such a scam

    • the part where it says “Fee on Winnings over USD 10,000 of 10%” is not correct, there are no fees on winnings! The admins of should change that info …

  2. Why can’t open page of redfoxlotto? Couple of days this problem, no one device can’t do this…

    • @Supryinka poudel – This person has registered on our site on August 9th, bought a ticket on August 10th. The draw was on August 12th, and he had a win on his ticket which was immediately paid out.

      All results are being published on our site, and we have paid out thousands of winners.
      When a user logs in to his account, he can see his tickets and the numbers he picked. Once the draw results are published, the winning numbers on the client’s tickets will be highlighted.

    • @Tomass Sidors – is it possible that your country or ISP blocks our site?

  3. I am convinced that redfoxlotto is a fraud. I have entered 17 times in the last 3 months to play lottos in 3 different countries, and everytime my card gets rejected. The same card I pay for similar sweepstakes in England, America, and have connected to PayPal.
    I am worried….

    • Like everybody else, work with independent payment processors. Sometimes, they reject credit cards due to their own rules. There is nothing we can do about that. Why would you accuse us of being “a fraud” because of an issue with your credit card?

  4. Let me trust you with all that I have read about you, just make sure you don’t compromise your faithfulness, God bless your company and staffs

  5. Hi, I am Juergen from RedFoxLotto, the reason why I am tooting my own horn here is to tell you that
    1 – the error with the USD vs Euros in the withdrawal limitations has been corrected, and
    2 – we do NOT charge 10% of your winnings, no matter the amount you win. This clause was never meant to be in the T+C’s in the first place. The handling of winnings is free of charge for our clients (with the exception of bank transfer fees, if at all ):
    Oh, and by the way: at RedFoxLotto, you can pay via Paypal. I guess if Paypal trusts us, then so can you!

    • Dear Juergen…

      Thank you for clearing this up.
      Can you pay with PayPal…if so how do u access this option…?

      Thank you.

    • The company charges a 10% fee for any Winnings above 10000 USD. The company uses said fee to cover the costs of arranging the collection of the Winnings


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