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Description: The Raven Lucky Numbers Dream Book and website provide information and number analysis to facilitate lottery winnings whenever playing Pick 3, Pick 4, Keno, Powerball, Mega Millions and other lotteries.

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Exposed — Is It Written in the Stars or Is It Just Randomness?

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book Review

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book Review

Don’t you wish to crack the lottery code? Don’t you want better odds of winning prizes and consistently doing so? Well, you’re not the only one. So many people wish to improve their chances that an entire market segment caters to their needs.

Lotto prediction software and number analysis tools have been around for as long as lotteries have existed. Raven’s Lucky Numbers is one of the options you’ll come across. There’s a website and a book you can use to improve your odds, and according to the system’s creators, this is the only lottery book you’ll ever need.

Putting advertising aside, is this the case? We put our detective hats on to give you the answer. Here’s what we managed to find to put together the most comprehensive lucky numbers Raven review.

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What Is Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book and What Does It Do?

In this case, the website is supportive, and the book is the primary product that gives you access to the system for lottery number selection. As per the official presentation, the Raven Lucky Numbers ebook can be used to improve your odds of winning lotteries like Pick 3, Pick 4, Keno, Mega Millions, Powerball, and others.

Keep in mind this isn’t an analytical tool that goes for hot and cold numbers or another kind of popular lottery analysis. We’ll look at how it works later on but do understand that Lucky Raven Numbers is a bit more aimed at being fun than at being accurate. Essentially, it gives you something similar to a random numbers pick but depending on what you believe in; you may enjoy the philosophy behind this product.

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book does seem to be based on astrology, zodiacs, and similar kinds of analysis. Lots of people are into those and swear by their effectiveness. However, if you want a math and statistics-focused product, this isn’t the best choice for you.

The website offers something similar.

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Online gives you access to free daily picks, lucky numbers, horoscopes, and a dream dictionary. This isn’t a product strictly focused on the lottery. Still, looking around could be worth your time (mainly because you don’t have to pay anything).

How Much Does Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book Cost?

The Raven Lucky Numbers online experience is free. The website, however, states that the information available there is for entertainment purposes only. This means you can get a set of numbers and try it out but don’t expect seriously better odds of winning.

Through the website, you can also order a personalized report. The cost of this opportunity is 11.11 dollars. You’ll get a report delivered via email, and it will be based on astrology and numerology.

If you want the dream book, you’ll need to head over to Amazon.

There, you’ll find out that the book costs 14.99 dollars. At the time being, it’s only available as a paperback option, and an ebook isn’t available. If you don’t want to spend so much money on it, you’ll also get to purchase used copies (a couple of such options are readily available online).

How Does Raven’s Lucky Numbers Work?

The Amazon book presentation and the website dedicated to this product fail to provide a detailed overview of how the system works. That’s because there isn’t an awful lot of science behind Raven’s Lucky Numbers. The previous sections of this review have already given away some details, but let’s take a more comprehensive look at the system.

According to the Raven Lucky Numbers website, astrology is at the heart of the predictions.

However, even if you believe in astrology, you know that you’ll need to have suggestions personalized for your specific circumstances. Lucky Raven numbers online are just generated; no explanation is given as to how they’ve come to be. Thus, this is more of a “random” number generator you can count on if you’d like to test out a new set of numbers instead of the digits you usually play.

Raven Lucky Online Numbers are readily available. For the book, however, you’ll need to spend a bit of money. Reviews we found online paint a somewhat controversial picture. Some people liked the information and the numerical sets that the book features. They’ve even claimed to have won money by counting on the digits featured in it. Others state that Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book doesn’t work and that it’s been a waste of money.

Now, it’s obvious there isn’t a sure way to win the lottery. Nobody can guarantee 100 percent success, even if a system is being advertised as revolutionary.

The good thing about Raven’s Lucky Numbers is that no such claims are being made. It’s a fun little opportunity to try out something new (without expecting too much from it). And who knows, this may be the lucky instance in which you change your fate!

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book Terms and Conditions

Since the website provides free numerical suggestions, there aren’t too many terms and conditions to get acquainted with. You’re warned on the homepage itself that the free number suggestions are created for entertainment purposes, and you should refrain from reading too deep into the opportunity.

Even if you go for a paid personalized report, you still cannot count on any guarantee because such would be pretty ridiculous to make.

Payments for personalized reports are made via PayPal; hence you can rest assured that all financial service provision conditions for that portal do apply.

The book is sold via Amazon. This is the reason why you should check out the Amazon terms and conditions (for payment, delivery, returns, etc.) before buying.

Who Is Behind Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book?

If you check out the Amazon page dedicated to the book, you’ll see Raven Willowmagic as the author. Under that name, you’ll see two more books apart from the one we’re discussing right now – Raven’s Book of Invocations, Prayers, and Mantras for Money, Luck, and Prosperity, as well as Tarot Tips of the Trade.

Raven Willowmagic is an alias, but who stands behind that name?

The Amazon author presentation isn’t any good – there’s no information about who created the books and their credentials.

Goodreads hasn’t been any help either because an author bio is also missing.

You know we always recommend choosing services and systems with an entity or an actual human being standing proudly behind them. That means someone has put enough effort into a product to reveal their real name. When you can’t find information about an author or a company behind a product, you should be cautious.

If you’re still interested in the book and this system, do go through the Amazon reviews. There are pretty many of them, and they’ll give you a good idea about what to expect.

Why You Should Buy Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book


Some people claim it has worked for them

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book


Does not improve the odds of winning

It’s difficult to understand

The author is anonymous

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Is Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book Legit?

The Raven free lucky numbers and Raven Lucky Numbers Dream Book are not serious ways to improve your odds of winning the lottery.

You don’t get an explanation about the logic behind the suggestions and what these are based on. Also, astrological predictions have to be personalized. The same applies to symbolism and analyzing your dreams. Many people who bought the book complained about not understanding how it works and what it takes to choose the right numbers for playing the lottery.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, check out the free number suggestions on the website first. At least you’re not going to waste any money on those, and you could potentially get lucky.

The book and the personalized reports, however, will have you spending some on getting information. And we’re not confident you should be spending on products that are created by an anonymous author. At least they should have provided some information on credentials.

Because of what it is and how it works, Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book gets a 3 out of 10-star rating.

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