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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Wed., Sun.
Average Price: 20 pesos ($1.15)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 9,366,819

Quini 6 Exposed — Can You Purchase a Ticket Online?

Quini 6 Exposed

Quini 6 Review

What is Argentina famous for? You’re probably familiar with football, tango, spectacular Argentinian wines and local architecture. There’s one more thing that makes the country stand out and that is the lottery. Quini 6 is one of the most popular Argentinian games. It’s been around ever since 1988. Today, the popularity of Quini 6 is still high. While the format isn’t the most impressive one, a few features of Quini 6 make it fun.

Quini 6: Introduction

Quini 6 was launched back in 1988 as one of the first lotteries in the portfolio of La Loteria de Santa Fe.  This was also the first game in Argentina to come with live televised drawings.

Originally, Quini 6 was solely available in the Santa Fe region. Because its popularity grew quickly, however, it was next taken to the national level.

Is it a Scam and Can You Play Quini 6 Online?

One of the oldest lotteries in Argentina, Quini 6 is not a scam. It’s organized by a national entity and there are regulations that set the basis for the Quini 6 drawings and the manner in which the prizes are paid out.

La Loteria de Santa Fe is an organization under the Argentinian ministry of economy. It was originally set up in 1938. One of its most prominent games, Quiniela de Santa Fe, had its first draw in 1982, followed by the launch of Quini 6 in 1988.

Today, Loteria de Santa Fe manages a relatively big number of games in its portfolio. A few of the most prominent include Loteria – the oldest one in its portfolio, Loteria Chica, Brinco (a game that’s similar to Quini 6), Quiniela, Tombola Santafesina and Poceada Federal.

If you’re wondering how to buy Quini 6 tickets online, keep on reading to find out in one of the subsequent sections of the guide.

How to Play Quini 6

You have to keep a few essentials in mind if you’re wondering about the rules and the options for playing Quini 6.

To submit your entry for an upcoming drawing, you have to choose 6 numbers in a pool from 1 to 45. Drawings are held two times per week – on Wednesday and Sunday. In order to win the Quini 6 jackpot, you have to match all 6 numbers.

The traditional game features two drawings. The first one is called Primer Sorteo and the next one carries the name La Segunda del Quini. Both people who guess the six numbers in Primer Sorteo and the ones who match the La Seginda del Quini winning numbers will be entitled to a jackpot. A separate jackpot amount is announced for each of the drawings.

Finally, there’s one more additional drawing called Quini 6 Revancha.

Regardless of the specifics for each one of the drawings, all three come with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1.5 million pesos. If there are no winners, the sum will roll over towards the upcoming drawings and produce bigger jackpots.

Prizes and Odds

Because Quini 6 is a 6 out of 45 game, it comes with slightly better odds of winning the jackpot in the pretty standard 6/49 gameplay. The odds of getting the Quini 6 jackpots are 1 in 8,145,080.

The biggest jackpot in the history of Quini 6 (for all three of the drawings) accumulated in September 2017. La Loteria de Santa Fe announced a sum of 207 million pesos (11.93 million US dollars). While the sum is definitely a massive one, it’s not going to be won by a single person, but rather distributed among those who get the correct numbers for the three drawings.

The biggest jackpot in the history of Quini 6 was over 72 million pesos (4.15 million US dollars). The lucky individual bought their ticket in La Plata in May 2015. They managed to get all the 6 Revancha numbers correct, which resulted in the spectacular sum.

There are lower prizes paid out to those who get 5 and 4 numbers correct (in the first drawing) and 5 numbers correct in the second drawing. Revancha only pays out prizes to those who match all 6 of the winning numbers. The amount of the prize will depend on the number of people who have bought a ticket for the respective drawing and the number of winners per prize tier. Quini 6 is a pari-mutuel game and everybody’s contribution is determining for the awards.

Occasionally, there are special Quini 6 drawings that come with higher jackpots than the ones announced for the standard game. Currently, the lottery is celebrating its 75th anniversary. As a result, celebratory drawings were scheduled for November 2017. The announced jackpot was 100 million pesos for the three drawings.

Some Information for Quini 6 Winners

Players have only 15 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim. The requests are territorial and more information about the regional agencies is available on the Quini 6 official website.

Whenever a lottery prize exceeds 6,666 Argentinian pesos, a tax determined by the Federal Lottery Agency will apply to the award. Provincial entities that regulate lotteries could be the ones responsible for withholding taxes before the sum is paid out to the winner.

Quini 6 Online Play

Because Quini 6 is such a great and fun lottery, you’re probably wondering whether you could test your luck online. Can you play Quini 6 online, regardless of your location and nationality?

The disappointing answer is that for the time being, Quini 6 is only available on the territory of Argentina. Quini 6 online lottery opportunities are still not being offered by some of the most prominent online lottery agency platforms out there.

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The Bottom Line at Quini 6

Quini 6 has certain merits and unique characteristics that make it worth exploring. Let’s take a look at a quick summary list of the most prominent Quini 6 positive characteristics:


The lottery is organized by a national entity and regulated by law

There are two drawings per week

Ticket prices are relatively low, especially when compared to the payout

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot

There are three separate drawings, each one with its specific jackpot

If there’s no winner in the respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one

Lower prize tiers are also available

Quini 6 has occasional specialized (celebratory) drawings that come with excellent prizes

The things that don’t make Quini 6 so wonderful include the following:


There’s no way to buy Quini 6 tickets online if you’re not in Argentina

The lower prize tiers aren’t the most impressive ones

There’s a very short period for making a prize claim

Argentinian taxes do apply to larger amounts that have been won through lottery games

Quini 6 is fun because of the three drawings and the specific jackpot for each one of them. Otherwise, it’s a standard 6/45 pari-mutuel game. The relatively low ticket prices and the fact that the game is organized by an official Argentinian entity both make it giving a try to.

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