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QuickLotto Exposed — For Those Who Like to Risk!

QuickLotto Review

Looking at QuickLotto.net, I sat back and had myself a chuckle. QuickLotto runs two raffles (well, that’s what they call them) which are lotteries, plus some scratches. Okay, that’s not what was funny. They are owned and operated in Nigeria. Over the last bunch of years, all of us have heard about the 419 (and other) scams. How does any company in Nigeria figure they are going to attract international players? Let’s take a look!

QuickLotto’s Games

QuickLotto offers two types of games, scratches, and raffles. There are two scratches – Cash Winfall Limited Edition and Car Lucky Loot. The top prize on the Cash Winfall is Naira (that’s Nigerian currency) 100,000,000 – the equivalent of about USD 600,000 give or take the exchange rate. The top prize for Car Lucky Loot is a Mercedes Benz 300E 2014 series.

Their raffles work like a regular lottery. Quick5 is played daily with the draw at 10:00 pm each night. Players choose 5 numbers per ticket line from 1 to 39. The estimated jackpot starts at Naira 10 million (around USD 60,000).

Their weekly draw is called MegaHammer and starts with a minimum jackpot of Naira 150 million (about USD 900,000). Players choose 5 numbers per ticket line from between 1 to 59 and a bonus ball from 1 to 39.

Who Can Play Quick Lotto?

Anyone can play at QuickLotto though there are a lot of indications that this site is targeted more at national players with all kinds of options on buying tickets using SMS, POS, ATMs and online. If you are going to play, makes sure you are clear on your numbers before you hit payment. They say there are no refunds – at all!

Winning at QuickLotto.net

Winners can get their winnings through three easy steps at the same time; there is no information on whether there are fees or transfer charges. One of the weird things is their site claims to aim to ensure a millionaire a month, but they only show the winning results for the last two months – with no winner! There is no breakdown on winning and/or tier level on payouts. QuickLotto does say that 50% of revenue goes to prizes, 20% to the government and 30% to the company and affiliates.

Who Are They?

QuickLotto is owned by Fortune Games Limited, a Nigerian company. It appears that they are tied up with ATMs and POS issuing of tickets though we’re not sure which banks. Fortune Games Limited has been in business (according to their site) since 2004. As we were digging further, our team found the official Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission, where supposedly all approved promotional lotteries are listed. QuickLotto and Fortune Games Limited were not there!

QuickLotto and Customer Service

Customer service is in the form of telephone numbers, an email and snail mail address. I can imagine they get a lot of questions given the lack of information on their site. Our team couldn’t find any complaints and boy did we dig.

The Bottom Line at QuickLotto.net

I know it’s not a fair comment, but I got nervous just being on their site. The stigmatism of it being Nigerian was enough to make my visit short and sweet. The lack of information didn’t help. The Chairman of Fortune Games Limited put a lovely blah blah blah letter thanking the President of Nigeria for this opportunity to promote entrepreneurial opportunities and support the youth of the nation. The time would have been better spent providing better details on how their lotteries – whoops raffles – work.


Good Split on Revenue to Prizes


No Prize Tiers Identified

Lack of Information

It’s a Nigerian

Hey folks! Our team gives QuickLotto.net thumbs down. We would need a heap of a lot more information, and I’m sorry, but there is no way I would provide anyone in Nigeria with my personal and credit card details! That is my bottom line!

Overall rating for QuickLotto.net: Poor 2.5 from 0-5
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