Pyramid System – A Complex Lottery Strategy

Pyramid System for Lottery

So far, I’ve stumbled upon two types of lottery systems. The first one is easy to learn and implement, but it never works as it should. The second one, difficult to understand, comes with a learning curve, requires tight operations, and yet still might not deliver the results that the player expects.

A good example of the latter is the so-called Pyramid system. Now, believe me, when I first learned about it, I thought “what’s this mumbo jumbo?” I mean, it’s some kind of numerology system, the likes fortunetellers use. I guess the correct term is astrology. I don’t believe in that stuff, I never did. However, since I can put a finger on where these numbers come from, I decided to give the Pyramid system the benefit of the doubt.

It took me hours to get a step closer to understanding the system, the mystery. Read on and you will learn more about a seemingly difficult, but also lucrative system.

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Pyramid This, Pyramid That – What’s Lottery Pyramid System?

The name comes from the way the numbers are ordered when you start the “calculations”, it looks like a pyramid. Now, these are basic calculations, you don’t need a degree in mathematics, statistics, or whatnot. Play simple additions, subtractions, number reordering, etc. This system works best with Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottos. Sure, you can get more advanced and reach higher, but the results become poorer as you increase the number range.

As I said earlier, it’s a mix of dates, past results, and a bit of common sense.

How the Pyramid System Works – Set Up the Pyramid

I don’t believe in astrology, but I do believe in the natural law of probability and statistics. These are closely related. I don’t know why, but it works. I do not have the expertise to bring forth the reasons why.

First, write down the date, including the month, the day of the month, and the year. Now, it’s essential to realize that you must add the numbers diagonally as well. This is the point when most players literally screw up.

So, you have the date in place, now add the numbers of the month and write them on top. Next, use the number that reflects the sum of the month’s digits, add it to the first digit of the day of the month, and write it next to the sum of the month’s digits. Next, do the same with the number on the right of the first digit of the day of the month. Now, you should have 3 numbers above the full date.

Now, you should mirror the same calculations, from right to left. If say the year is 2017, add the 7 and the 1, and write 8 on top of it. Then, for the diagonal calculation, add the 8 to the first number on the left of the 1. That would be a sum of 8. Do it one more time, diagonally with the remaining number of the first line.

This should result in another line of numbers, 6 to be precise. Do the same calculations again, and you should get a line 3 with 4 numbers. You do the same additions until you get a Pyramid-like shape.

From this point on, you have to apply some combinatorics, in other words, come up with number combinations that have the highest chances to become the winning numbers. However, you should create these numbers using the numbers from the Pyramid. You need to make your tickets win. You might not win the jackpot, but the majority of your lottery tickets will be winning ones, bringing a generous secondary prize to you.

A mix of Numerology and Combinatorics

Simply follow the previous guidelines, and instructions I provided. Many lottery players get stuck along the way. However, you must know that the Pyramid System works best with Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottos. Furthermore, it will take you more time than usual to play the lottery with the Pyramid System. Combinatorics, this is probably the first time ever I’m using this particular term.

You will need to extrapolate the numbers you’re going to play from a long range of number combinations. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! You will have a lot much more fun playing the lottery, mainly because you’re working for it. You’re not praying to Lady Luck. Sure, luck is still a factor. Regardless of how you approach the lottery, there will always be the randomness aspect. It’s what you attempt to overcome when you apply systems such as the Pyramid. For what it’s worth, don’t be afraid of words like numerology and combinatorics. They’re just fancy words for doing strange things with numbers.

An  Incentive to Go Through the Past Results Even Years Back

This is how I viewed it when I first found out about it. It’s an incentive to go through the past results. You will eventually start to practice using the Pyramid System. I did it by testing it against past draws, using past dates. It was rather fun and exciting, finally doing something “accurate” to win the lottery.

It is one of the strongest, viable reasons to go through the past results and not look into frequently occurring numbers. Not only will you check the last past draws, but you will also go back months, and years in the past to see if the Pyramid System works. More often than not, players who play the lottery with the Pyramid system are winners. Do you see what I’m trying to say? I’m saying the Pyramid System can work for you! Don’t get disappointed if you don’t succeed in the first few attempts. Eventually, you’ll get there. The range of numbers you need to play gets shorter, which is what any player dreams of.

Once again, I cannot stress how important is to know that the Pyramid System works best with Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottos!!!

Too Complex for the Casual Lottery Player

Sure it is. I’ve seen countless questions on forums and other social platforms where online lottery players get together to discuss devious approaches on how to win the lottery. The Pyramid System is among the most popular, and commonly discussed strategies. Passionate players are well familiar with it, they don’t even want to discuss it. They’ve been over it a thousand times. In my experience, this kind of passionate player plays with custom number combinations which they’ve worked on over the years.

The Pyramid System seems to attract the attention of casual players, at least for the most part. Eventually, a skilled, experienced player will drop by and will fill in the gaps, whereas other lottery players have simply overseen a “simple” step in the procedure. It requires patience, which is why most players make mistakes.

As a bonus, I’ve also seen a lot of players who rely too much on the Pyramid System.

Does the Pyramid System Work for Lottery Players?

If I had to rate the Pyramid System, say in the range of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best lottery system, I’d probably say the Pyramid System sits firmly with a score of 8. It works with numbers specifically, once you learn how to work the numbers, you know everything, and the performance of the system can be measured. These are the beauties of the Pyramid System. However, I’m taking one point out because you don’t always win, and another one because it’s too complex.

With these remarks aside, the Pyramid System is another great approach in line with the ambitions of any lottery player who’s “out for blood”, and who’s got the eyes on the prize. Also, when was the last time you tried to do anything new to get a step closer to the jackpot? I bet you can’t even remember.

  1. I agree with Sheila as I was trying to figure out the box where you put around the end number. Lottery pyramids do work it just depends on how.

  2. I’ve been brainstorming the lottery pyramid equation, taught by Everett Pierce for a while now.
    It’s a headache, but I refuse to give up.
    Using the date or the solar year numbers which gets you more accuracy.

    • How is your research on Everett Pierce’s equation? I’ve contacted Mr Pierce and due to a vehicle accident his back is broken and in the process of healing, needless to say, he hasn’t felt like teaching anything lately.


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