Tips: Problems You Might Face Playing Lotteries Online

Playing lotteries online

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The Jungle of Playing Lotteries Online

It’s trite to say it’s a jungle out there but playing lotteries online can be just that. Sorting through who is trustworthy, what to look for, and which games to play can be a nightmare. The news is full of noise on the latest scams, hackers, and different ways people can figure out how to rip you off. So what are the problems you might face playing lotteries online?

Playing Lotteries Online Ticket Sellers

Choosing which lottery online ticket seller to use is important. This is a company to that you’re going to provide your credit card and personal details. Make sure you are confident that you’ve been through your investigation. There are so many to choose from and not all of them are legit! Check out their small print to see what their terms of service are! If they are offering anything for free, get suspicious. This can range from extra free tickets (which usually is legit) to their ‘own’ special game played monthly. Make sure you are clear on what you are signing up for and how you will receive your winnings!

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Payments to Play Lotteries Online

One of the complaints our team has come across regularly is money being charged to a player’s credit card without the owner’s permission. When playing lotteries online, this can happen either because of the small print or simply because the online lottery provider is running a scam. Getting it reversed can be a nightmare.

Many online lottery players arrange to have an independent card both for their protection and to limit what can be charged by an online lottery provider. This is strategically good. It limits what can be charged as well, is easier for a player to monitor what is being charged.

Automatic Syndicate Renewals Playing Lotteries Online

These charges can include automatic syndicate renewals. Some of the online lottery providers offer a bonus-free ticket in an additional syndicate but in the small print, a player will be charged almost immediately for a weekly renewal. Automatic syndicate renewals can take place weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Be clear on your choice. Sometimes this involves clicking a different box or un-clicking a box.

Playing Lotteries Online Seller Fees

Online Lottery providers are not going to provide their services for free. Make sure you look at what they charge to deliver your winnings and what the terms and conditions are. Some of the online lottery providers take a percentage of your win. Some pay out but charge a fee for any withdrawal of winnings from your account. Some have rules that can delay payment. Heck, we found two that say that they have the right to decide to pay a player out on a big jackpot on an annuity even though the online lottery provider has chosen the full payout.

The Player and Playing Online Lotteries

One of the biggest complaints is online lottery providers who either on-sell a player’s personal data or identity theft. Most of these are fairly easy to spot as they are offering their services for no charge or the chance to play their own lotteries for free. Suddenly your Inbox is chocker blocked full of spam from a variety of advertisers offering all kinds of deals.

Then there is identity theft. There are scammers out there that are simply taking personal details and hacking bank accounts, using credit card details, and generally making life hell for players. Be very careful when you provide your personal information.

Can We Play Online Lotteries

Okay, you’ve decided you want to play the lottery. Check out whether you can win or not. Most online lotteries offered are open to international play. The problem is, some of the online lottery providers have their own rules and regulations which mean you can sign up but in their small print if you are not a resident – you can’t win! It would be a real bitch if you’ve got those winning numbers but can’t collect that jackpot.

Software Scams Playing Lotteries Online

Lastly, some lottery software advertised can possibly increase the odds of winning through a variety of systems. But to date – we have no information on anyone that actually offers a system that guarantees regular jackpots. Beware of anyone who offers software that guarantees to win a big jackpot. We don’t go so far as to say they are actually scams but seriously folks, if they had a perfected system, wouldn’t they be using it? They make their money by selling a system either as software or books.

The Bottom Line

Playing lotteries online is great as it opens up the whole world for different games including some of the most amazing jackpots. You can’t win if you won’t play – and winning is great fun! Just make sure you are confident in who you use as an online lottery provider. Don’t get caught fighting your way out of a jungle of unlimited charges to your credit card, loss of your personal identity, or overpaying for services. Check your online lottery provider out and then have fun playing!

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