Princess Margaret Home Lottery

Princess Margaret Home Lottery

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Numbers to Pick: 1/3/5
Days of Draw: One drawing campaign per year
Average Price: $100
Odds of Winning: 1 in 0.000015

Princess Margaret Home Lottery Exposed — Incredible Prizes!

Princess Margaret Home Lottery Exposed

Princess Margaret Home Lottery Review

A lottery with an impressive name like Princess Margaret Home Lottery sounds like something fun, and it is! The Canadian lotto was set up to support a good cause, and today, it offers rewards much bigger than they’ve ever been before.

Previously Princess Margaret Home Lottery winners could expect a top reward in the form of a one-million-dollar property, now the grand prize has been boosted to 7.2 million dollars. Unlike other popular lotteries like LottoMax or WCLC, Princess Margaret Home Lottery majorly deals with homes. Let’s start with the basics to give you a complete idea about the nature of Princess Margaret Lotto.

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What Is Princess Margaret Home Lottery All about?

The Princess Margaret Home Lottery was set up years ago in Ontario, Canada, to fund cancer research and support patient care. Some folks got the idea that the builders could put up some homes and retailers could donate other assets to raise funds. This is not so much a lottery as a sweepstake that people buy tickets for. It’s not a cheap one with individual tickets costing 100 dollars.

At the same time, there are several reasons why spending this much money is a good idea.

  • Princess Margaret Home Lottery was set up to fund cancer research, education, and home care. These folks are amazing and are recognized internationally in the fight against cancer. All of the money from ticket purchases goes to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The foundation is responsible for covering all expenses connected to running the lottery and paying out prizes to the winners. Whatever remains in the form of income is made available to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Ever since 1996, the lottery has contributed more than 355 million dollars to the center, which enables cancer research ad better treatments. In fact, through the years, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has become one of the top five cancer research facilities in the world.
  • Another reason why you should give Princess Margaret a try is less altruistic. The odds of winning a prize from that lotto are pretty good- 1 in 29. Taking into consideration the nature and the size of the rewards will most definitely justify giving the game a try.

A final question remains to be answered here, and it is whether you can play Princess Margaret Home Lottery online. We’ll check that detail out later on in the review.

Playing the Princess Margaret Home Lottery

The Princess Margaret Home Lottery is an annual sweepstake that hands out both early bird and regular prizes. Princess Margaret Home Lottery has several drawings through the years, each one characterized by a specific top reward. You can check out the lottery’s official website to discover the details about the 2022 schedule and what you could win.

How to Get Princess Margaret Lottery Tickets

You will need to order your participation from the official lottery, and they will be delivered to an address in Ontario, Canada. Participation in the lottery is solely for individuals aged 18 and older. Also, you need to have an Ontario address because the sweepstake is solely intended for local players.

The price of the tickets has already been mentioned, but there are a few ways to get yours cheaper. Princess Margaret Home Lottery offers ticket bundles that are a bit more affordable than the individual payslip.

If you get three tickets, the total cost will be 250 dollars. For five tickets, you’ll need to spend 375 dollars, and a 10-ticket pack will cost you 700 dollars.

There are also mega packs you can use to participate in the different games and drawings. You can learn more about the mega pack at the Princess Margaret lotto official website or by calling their hotline at 1-800-542-8813.

Princess Margaret Lottery Prizes and Odds

There are only 710,000 tickets available, which makes this a sweepstake with good odds of winning something. Princess Margaret Home Lottery currently distributes a total of 25,522 prizes. When you do the math, the odds will come up to a 1 in 29 chance of winning something, and that’s pretty good!

We did touch upon the additional gameplay and prize-winning opportunities before. Let’s examine them in more detail here, before moving on to the actual prize specifics.

There are a few cool add-ons on top of the standard drawing prizes. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each:

  • The 50/50 add-on: The 50/50 Add-On is another way to win big with the Princess Margaret Lottery. The 50/50 Add-On comprises one (1) prize. The winner will be awarded half the 50/50 jackpot. A guaranteed $2 Million minimum prize payout will be paid to the 50/50 Add-On winner.
  • The 100 days of winning add-on: this additional possibility comes with 125 prizes that players could potentially claim. Of these, there are 25-holiday cash prizes of 5,000 dollars, 85 daily cash prizes of 10,000 dollars, and 15 Friday cash prizes each one totaling 20,000 dollars.

In terms of prizes, the grand ones are the rewards everybody talks about.

The top reward is a 7.2 million-dollar grand prize that includes:

  • A property that has five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. This fantastic house is equipped with a chef’s kitchen, luxurious appliances, a great room, a study, a fitness center, and a movie theater.
  • A 2023 Jaguar I-PACE HSE AWD
  • 12 nights in a Hawaiian paradise
  • 1 million dollars

The second big prize is a 2.3 million dollar Parry Sound Lakefront Cottage and  $100,000 Cash.

The third prize is a 2.3 million dollar Prince Edward County Country Home and $100,000 Cash.

Some Information for Princess Margaret Home Winners

Players are free to either take the respective prize or request its cash equivalent. For certain prizes, there isn’t a cash alternative, and the object itself will have to be accepted. More information about the possibilities is available on the lottery’s official website.

The good news is that lottery prizes aren’t taxable in Canada, which means that players will receive the exact sum that’s announced. Players have six weeks from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

Can You Play Princess Margaret Home Lottery Online?

While you do purchase tickets from the Princess Margaret Lotto official website, these will arrive by mail. At the time being, there’s no possibility of buying the tickets online and receiving your digital copy immediately.

If you’re not in Ontario at the time of ticket buying, you will have no opportunity to partake in the game.

Why You Should Register With Princess Margaret Home Lottery


High odds of winning any prize

An official lottery that is organized by a reputable entity

The funds generated through ticket sales go to support cancer research

There are multiple drawings, each one coming with specific prizes

For some of the prizes, players can decide whether to get the item or opt for cash

All of the prizes are quite impressive

Add-ons can be activated to win additional items and cash prizes

There are no taxes applicable to Canadian lottery prizes

Why You Shouldn’t Register With Princess Margaret Home Lottery


The game isn’t a regular one; there are only a few drawings per year

Some of the prizes cannot be switched to cash

The tickets are pretty expensive

Only available in Canada’s Ontario, no opportunity for online ticket purchases

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Is Princess Margaret Home Lottery Legit?

This is a sweepstake that offers pretty good odds at a hefty price. If you have 100 dollars to spare, you may want to give it a try because you can win some fun prizes while supporting cancer research.

Princess Margaret Home Lottery is legitimate, and it does support an amazing cause. If you have some interest in winning a beautiful house or a Ferrari, this may be the lottery for you. Keep in mind that tickets come at a hefty price. Even though the odds are favorable, this is still a problem you have to be mindful of.

  1. I’m caught in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, part of me is convinced it’s the real deal, but on the other hand, I’m not so sure. It was way more legit when they aired it live, but now that’s gone. Despite this, I’ve been buying the max-pack bundle tickets for every draw without fail for the past eight years, yet no big wins have come my way.
    But here’s the thing: I keep supporting this cause because it’s personal. My dad passed away at the young age of 62 from cancer, and it’s heartbreaking to see anyone, let alone innocent children, suffer from this nasty disease. So, I’ll keep on buying those tickets and keep my fingers crossed for a win.

  2. An awesome organization that I am pleased to support. When I purchase a ticket, everybody wins! More power to Princess Margaret Hospital!! Keep up the good work, you guys!!!

  3. While this organization claims to support a good cause; there’s a number of Ontarians including myself who’ve been scammed for “membership fees” that take the initial investment/donation in (in my case $300) and regularly bill you without notification to your credit card and give you no indication that they’re ripping you off. I was nailed with my ailing father for $1500.

  4. I have played regularly since 1996, sometimes twice per year, and always with multiple ticket packages, but have never won so much as a worthless pair of off-brand headphones. Yet there are people who have won Grand Prize homes multiple times or won a Ferrari in one year, then a house two years later. Other commenters here have made comparisons to “McMillions” – that might not be too far of a stretch.

    I simply do not trust their accounting firms or “partners,” and have just stopped playing. Then there is the interesting case of City TV reporter Tammie Sutherland. In 2013, a City TV employee named “Tammy Pinnock” won a Grand Prize Home, BMW and cash worth $2.6 Million – I will remind everyone that City TV is the official Station where the draws are held. Tammy Pinnock became “Tammie Sutherland” – look it up: they are the same person. Yet if you were to Google Tammie Sutherland, there is absolutely ZERO mention of the 2013 Princess Margaret Lottery or ANY cross reference mention of “Tammy Pinnock.” Even if you buy that this Lottery is kosher and there’s nothing untoward going on, the name change and buried story are of curious concern. If you want to make a donation, then MAKE A DONATION, where you’ll get a Tax Receipt. This Lottery is only fattening & enriching six-figure earning Foundation members like Paul Alofs – save your money. Now they have the audacity to bring out this “Cottage Lottery”? I’ll pass.

  5. 3 rd year in a row they picked all the higher lottery numbers like it wasn’t scattered all over like you see all the numbers are low number no 14 for any of the top prizes this is called fraud I will never buy a ticket again Princess lottery is a fraud


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