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US Powerball
Numbers to Pick: 6/41
Days of Draw: Tues., Thurs., Sun.
Average Price: 1,000 Chilean pesos ($1.53)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 4,496,388

Polla Loto Exposed — The Ultimate Bonus and Multipliers Lottery

Polla Loto Exposed

Polla Loto Review

Polla Chilena Loto is probably the most popular game in the country. While Chile does have a nice set of lotteries, this one has been around for decades and it has produced numerous millionaires through the years.

Playing Chile’s Polla Loto is far from difficult, but you’ll still have to keep a couple of basic rules in mind when getting started.

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Chile’s Polla Loto: Introduction

The first drawing in the history of the game occurred on November 17, 1989. Ever since, Polla Chilena Loto has grown in popularity so much that three drawings are currently being offered per week – on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Polla Loto is one of the games in the portfolio of Polla Chilena de Beneficencia – an organization that was set up back in 1934.

Over the years, the game has been diversified through the addition of bonus options. These are add-ons that players can activate if they desire to do so. The bonuses include Revahcha, Desquite, Jubilazo, and Multiplicador. All of these cost extra but they make it possible to increase the final amount that a winner will be entitled to.

How to Play the Polla Chilena Loto

You may want to start by buying a simple ticket and choosing 6 numbers from 41. The cost of this simple ticket is 1,000 Chilean pesos or about 1.53 US dollars. There are three Loto drawings per week and there are 8 prize tiers.

Once you master the basic option, you may want to try some of the add-ons.

The first bonus option is Revancha (rematch). This bonus came into existence in 1995. The cost of Revancha is 300 pesos and it increases the prize that people who get 6 numbers correct will win. In addition, Revancha the player is given a second opportunity to win a prize with the 6 numbers that they have chosen.

Multiplicador can be activated for an additional sum of 500 pesos. It applies to most of the prize tiers and applies a multiplier to those. The multiplier can be in the range of x2 to x7 and it doesn’t apply to the jackpot amount.

Desquite or retaliation became available in 2010. The game system is accessible for an additional payment of 200 pesos. Whenever Desquite is chosen, the Loto jackpot and the Revancha winning amount can both be increased. Desquite gives players a third opportunity to win with the 6 numbers that they’ve chosen for the main Loto game.

All of this may sound a bit confusing at first but you may want to activate one bonus or the other each time you play Chile’s Loto. With time, you’ll gain a much better understanding of the possibilities and the benefits that they bring to the table.

Prizes and Odds

To win the jackpot, players will need to match the 6 numbers for the respective drawing. The odds of this happening are 1 in 4,496,388, which is pretty good for a national lottery.

The biggest jackpot in the history of the game fell on October 19, 2010. The sum was 7,800 million pesos or approximately 16 million US dollars. There were two lottery winners, 3 Revancha winners and 2 Desquite winners. The sum was split between the players.

In 2011, another lucky person won a massive jackpot from the Chilean Loto. The winner became 5,592 million pesos richer, which is approximately 11.86 million US dollars.

On December 2015, Loto decided to test a special drawing. The prize pool was 10 million pesos and it was distributed among 7 lucky winners. The only requirement for participation in the holiday game was to have a Rol Unico Nacional – an identification number that every Chilean citizen needs to have. There was no requirement for the purchase of a lottery ticket for participation in the game.

Other than the jackpot, there are 7 additional prize tiers. The amount that players win in each depends on the number of tickets bought for the respective drawing and the number of winners per prize tier.

Some Information for Polla Loto Winners

Players who win can choose to collect a prize either from an authorized retail venue or from the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia headquarters. If a retail venue doesn’t have the resources to make the payment due to the award amount, the player will be directed to an office of the national lottery.

Depending on the situation, check and wire transfer deposits could also be possible on the basis of a preliminary arrangement between the player and Polla Chilena de Beneficencia.

Players have 60 days from the date of the drawing in order to make a prize claim.

In Chile, players collect a tax-free prize. Polla Chilena de Beneficencia issues a certificate to the winner that can be presented to taxation authorities for the purpose of identifying the source of the income and applying the exemption.

Polla Chilena doesn’t have a clause that necessitates the public presentation of winners. Based on a request, a player can choose to remain anonymous. They will not be required to participate in promo spots or press conferences.

Can You Buy Polla Loto Tickets Online?

Currently Chile’s Loto is solely available in the country. You can buy tickets online through the official website of the lottery, but you have to be on the territory of the country (the same rule applies to international players).

There are many things about Chile’s Polla Loto that make it a likeable game. A few of the most prominent advantages include the following:

Why You Should Play Polla Loto


The lottery has been around for a long period of time, establishing its reputation

Ticket prices are affordable

There are 3 drawings per week

The number of prize tiers is impressive

Jackpots are cumulative and they roll over if there’s no winner for the respective drawing

There are numerous additional games and multipliers that make Chile’s Loto even more exciting

The lottery organizes special drawings during the holiday season

Money won through the lottery is not subjected to taxation in Chile

Some of the funds generated through ticket sales go to support good causes

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But before you rush to buy your Lotto tickets, you may want to examine a couple of the ways in which the game misses the mark:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Polla Loto


There is no online ticket-buying option for players located in other countries

Some of the lower prize tiers aren’t particularly impressive

Some people feel confused by the additional games and multipliers until they get a better understanding through practice

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Is Polla Loto Legit?

Chile Polla Loto is far from a scam. A game that has been around for such a long period of time and that is so beloved offers legitimate opportunities to individuals who are interested in testing their luck and winning some cash.

Polla Chilena de Beneficencia is owned by CORFO (99 percent) and the Chilean Treasury (1 percent). Its functioning is supervised by Comité Sistema de Empresas – a public agency that administers the rights and shares of companies in that CORFO has participated. CORFO stands for Corporacion de Fomento de la Produccion (corporation for the promotion of production) and it is a governmental agency under the Chilean Ministry of Economy.

Apart from Loto, Polla Chilena de Beneficencia has a number of additional lotteries in its portfolio – Polla Boleto, Polla Gol, Eperto, Loto 3, Loto 4, and scratch card games.

The entity is responsible for selling tickets, distributing awards, and allocating some of the funds collected to good causes. Five percent of the amount generated through ticket sales is allocated to the national health fund, the Chilean child advocacy council, the Red Cross, the Chilean fire department, the assistance and training society, and other organizations responsible for social and charitable initiatives.

All of this information is to show you that Loto is far from a scam. You can play confidently without worrying about getting defrauded. In addition, some of your money will go to support beneficial causes.

The Chilean Polla Loto has been around for a long period of time. Over the decades, it has managed to maintain a good reputation and a big number of fans. The bonus games offer a lot of flexibility and they definitely make Loto worth trying.

  1. Gosh, this game seems exciting and I’m sort of jealous I don’t live in Chile. Will make sure to play this if I ever visit! The number of prize tiers is impressive and because of how cheap the tickets are I could rack up a bunch of them thus increasing my chance of winning.


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