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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Tues., Thurs., Sat.
Average Price: $0.80
Odds of Winning: 1 in 13,983,816

Poland Lotto Exposed — Bonuses and Special Extras to Double the Jackpot Winnings

Poland Lotto Exposed

Poland Lotto Review

What do Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie, and Chopin all have in common? No, it’s not a trick question, and yes – you’re reading a lottery review. The answer is that all three of these famous individuals are Polish.

Apart from bringing science, music, and vodka to the world, Poland has one of the most popular and oldest national lotteries. Over the years, Poland Lotto has created a big number of millionaires and it’s running stronger today than ever.

Is this an opportunity that you’d want to try? Let’s take a look at the Poland Lotto details together to determine just how attractive this money-making opportunity is.

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Poland Lotto: The History

The history of Poland Lotto dates back to the distant 1957. Originally, it was called Duzy Lotek, meaning large lottery. It’s the first game that Totalizator Sportowy started offering. The name Poland Lotto was introduced in October 2009.

Apart from having a minimum guaranteed jackpot, the game is quite famous because it features three drawings per week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It also comes with a medley of bonuses.

With a single ticket costing solely 3 Polish Zloty (0.8 US dollars), the game has quickly become a favorite for people across the country. Luckily, international players today also have a chance to give it a try by opting for the services of an online lottery agent.

How to Play Poland Lotto?

Poland Lotto has a 6 out of 49 format. A single ticket costs three Zloty. Players can either choose their numbers or opt for an automatic pick at the point of sale. It’s possible to purchase tickets for up to 10 drawings in advance.

Apart from submitting the standard 6 numbers, players also have a chance to activate a couple of bonuses.

One of the options is called Super Chance. This is a seven-digit number that appears on every ticket and that can be activated against a minimal additional payment (2 Zloty). The Super Chance number will be drawn at the same time as the 6 main numbers.

Depending on the number of numerical matches you have for the Super Chance number, you can win an additional prize. By matching all 7 digits correctly, you will win an additional 2 million Zloty (507,510 USD).

If you think that we’re done with the additional opportunities, you’re wrong. Apart from having an opportunity to activate the Super Chance, you can also activate Poland Lotto Plus on each ticket you buy. Lotto Plus gives you an opportunity to participate in an additional drawing. People that get the 6 Lotto Plus numbers correct will win an additional amount of 1 million Zloty.

Prizes, Awards, and Odds

The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 2 million Zloty. Each time the highest prize isn’t won, the jackpot will roll over toward the next drawing. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13.98 million.

DivisionsWinning Numbers RequiredOdds of Winning
1 Prize61 in 13,983,816
2nd Prize51 in 54,201
3rd Prize41 in 1,032
4th Prize31 in 57

Over the years, Poland Lotto has produced a number of spectacular jackpots. The biggest one was won in 2016 and it totaled 60 million Zloty (15.22 million dollars). Such a sum had never been reached before. The second-highest jackpot won in the summer of 2015 was 35.23 million Zloty. A jackpot of 33.78 million Zloty was won in 2012.

Apart from the jackpot, Poland Lotto features several additional ways to win. The lower prize tiers aren’t fixed – the numbers are determined by the money collected through ticket sales and the number of winners for each of the categories.

The second prize tier (5 correct numbers) comes with an average prize of 5,500 Zloty and odds of 1 in 54,201. The third prize tier produces winnings of about 150 Zloty and the odds are 1 in 1,032. The lowest prize is handed to the people that have 3 correct numbers (troika) and it’s a fixed amount of 24 Zloty.

The Super Chance prizes are always fixed. As already mentioned, matching all 7 digits will produce an additional prize of 2 million Zloty. The prize for 6 correct numbers is 100,000 Zloty, for 5 – 10,000 Zloty, for 4 – 1,000 Zloty, for 3 – 100 Zloty, for 2 – 10 Zloty and for 1 – 2 Zloty. The numbers have to be in the correct order to produce a prize.

Some Information for Winners

All of the prizes are handed out in the form of a cash lump sum, jackpot included. Both local and international players that win the jackpot will have to claim their prize in person from the Totalizator Sportowy headquarters.

Poland does have an income tax that applies to lottery prizes. Winnings in the range of 1 to 2,280 Zloty are free from taxation. Prizes that exceed 2,280 Zloty will be subjected to a 10 percent income tax. If you’re an international player, you may want to check local regulations. Chances are that you may be subjected to double taxation in Poland and your country of origin.

Can You Buy Poland Lotto Tickets Online?

Poland Lotto tickets are available for purchase online through several reputable online lottery agents. These service providers have a representative in Poland who is responsible for buying tickets on behalf of the clients.

Why You Should Play Poland Lotto


​ Very inexpensive tickets (a single line costs less than 1 dollar)

​ There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million Zloty

​ 3 drawings take place per week

​ Poland Lotto has a Super Chance opportunity that can produce an additional prize of 1 million Zloty

​ There’s a Poland Lotto Plus opportunity that produces another additional prize

​ The jackpot will roll over to the next drawing if there’s no winner

​ Jackpot is paid out in the form of cash

​ The game is open to international players

​ Local income taxes are relatively low

​ Some of the money generated through ticket sales will go towards sports facility development/renovation

There aren’t that many disadvantages, but if we were to name a few:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Poland Lotto


​ The lower prize tiers aren’t that exciting, especially if none of the Poland Lotto bonuses get activated

​ Winners of bigger sums will be subjected to a 10 percent tax

​ The game offers a standard 6 out of 49 format, which isn’t the most exciting one in the world

Is Poland Lotto Legit?

Poland Lotto is the baby of Totalizator Sportowy – a Polish State Treasury organization that was established in 1956. Originally, it was a soccer betting company that sent the tickets out by mail. With the appearance of Duzy Lotek, the organization expanded its activities. Over the years, more lotteries were created.

Some of the games in the Totalizator Sportowy portfolio include Ekstra Pensja, Multi Multi, Mini Lotto, Kaskada, Super Szansa, Zdrapki, and Keno.

The first lottery outlet was then created in a Warsaw corner shop. Today, Totalizator Sportowy has over 14,000 points of sale.

This is a socially-responsible organization. Some of the money generated through ticket sales goes to the revitalization and creation of sports facilities. Over the 60 years of its existence, Totalizator Sportowy has helped in the renovation of almost all the sports facilities in the country. To sum it up, Poland Lotto is not a scam. In fact, by buying a ticket, you are giving some of your money to the development of modern sports infrastructure.

Poland Lotto itself isn’t the most thrilling lottery in the world but once you activate the bonuses, things start getting heated up. It’s one of the few lotteries that have a bonus matching the minimum guaranteed jackpot and enabling players to double the amount. Adding Poland Lotto Plus to the mix makes the possibility even more exciting. With three distinctive ways to win money, the official state lottery of Poland is most definitely worth a try.

  1. Scratch tickets are not verified, winning never make it to store shelves. Lack of oversight.

  2. This might not bring in a mega jackpot but it is a good lottery. You get three different ways to win on a ticket. That’s cool. Plus tax is taken only at 10% (versus Spain at 20% and the US at 30%). That does make the jackpot a little bigger. Also, it’s a lump sum (versus annuity) so you get that published jackpot!


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