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Description: A mobile app that’s designed to connect instant game players to the retailers offering such lotteries and cash winning opportunities.

Playport Exposed — Your Digital Lottery and Casino Connection?

Playport Exposed

Playport Review

When you first take a look at the Playport website, you may feel somewhat lost. Regardless of the extensive description, it’s slightly difficult to imagine what the site has to offer. In essence, the Playport app acts as an intermediary, turning into a one-stop shop for all of your instant gaming and lottery needs.

But what exactly does that entail, and how does the platform work?

To sum up the experience, you can turn the app into your command center for playing games of luck. There are some additional perks to take into consideration before signing up. Today, we’ll try to find out whether these perks and the way the app operates justify having it on your phone.

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What is Playport, and What Does It Do?

When you download the Playport app, you don’t have to visit the website of individual lotteries or instant games you have to play. Instead, all of these become available for purchase through the Playport App.

So, how do you shop?

You use your smartphone to buy from existing lottery retailer POS systems. So you still have to visit an actual physical venue to get your ticket. The one thing that will be eliminated is the paper play slip that you will typically have printed out.

Are you a bit confused? Yep, we feel the same way. In essence, this seems more like a tool for lottery operators to use, giving their clients access to yet another option. The platform itself does not do too much in terms of revolutionizing the experience the actual customer is going to have.

At the time being, there is no information on the official Playport website about the lotteries and operators that have joined the initiative.

The only thing worth mentioning is the fact that players could participate in the contest and payout programs. We’ll talk about those in more detail later on in the guide.

How Much Does It Cost?

Playport is available for free download via the App Store and Google Play.

At the time being, the app is advertised as a demo version.

Even the presentation of the app suggests that it is more B2B-tailored, and created for the needs of casinos and lotteries. So right now, you’re not going to get all that much by downloading Playport to your phone.

How Does Playport Work?

We did go ahead to download the Playport app and find out what the buzz is all about.

You have to go through a necessary signup process. It only involves your email and password creation. There’s no need to verify your location or even your age, even though the app is being advertised as a 17+ development.

When you complete the signup, you’ll be taken to your homepage which features all of the games currently available for playing.

Right now, there’s a list of slots, matching games, instant digital scratchers, and a couple of other online games. There are no lotteries, and as far as we could see, there are also no casino games currently available for playing.

You can test out a demo of each game for free before deciding how much you’re going to bet on it. Some bundles are supposed to give you some monetary advantage on top of the standard gameplay.

All purchases need to be funded through the shopping portal embedded in the app. Everything is completed through the creation of a QR code that needs to be scanned to complete your purchase.

To redeem rewards and benefit from loyalty programs, you will also need to link the Playport App to the Playport Casino Club. More instructions on that are available within the app itself.

According to the official presentation of the app, promo games and additional opportunities may become available every once in a while. Signing in to the app regularly to check what’s new will be required to access such opportunities.

So, to sum it up, if you are a lottery enthusiast, you are not going to get much use of Playport right now. While the app does seem to have the potential for the creation of loyalty programs and special perks in the future, right now, it’s still too early to tell if it will offer members a sufficient advantage.

Playport Terms and Conditions

Detailed terms and conditions are available for review as soon as you download the Playport app.

As per the terms and conditions, you have to become a member of the Playport club to gain access to all perks and reward opportunities. That’s a bit of a letdown since you don’t get everything required to make good use of the app within it. Instead, the company behind the development is looking into opportunities to link its different products and potentially create a network of online gaming possibilities.

Also, the information you provide to enter the club will first have to be validated for you to gain access to all of the Playport app functionalities.

The terms and conditions also highlight how prizes can be redeemed. For this to happen, you will need to present a reward QR code at a casino that participates in the Playport program. When this happens, the reward will be cashed out.

No information is provided right now about cashing out lotteries when these become available. Chances are, however, that you will have to go through the standard prize claim procedure that’s linked to the respective game.

These are pretty much the noteworthy elements in the terms and conditions. The app also comes with a standard privacy policy. We don’t need to review it in detail as nothing is sticking out here.

Who is Behind Playport?

Playport app is the development of Playport Gaming Systems LLC. A quick search reveals that the company is registered in Dallas, Texas. The official Playport website provides an address, a phone number, and an email you can use for contact purposes (which is great).

Looking a bit more into the brand, we discovered that Playport currently supplies technology to operate federally-licensed lotteries across Mexico. Besides, the entity is certified by BMM Testlabs to launch its technology in US tribal casinos. Playport also belongs to the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA).

As of now, Playport is regulatory-compliant in the US. The mission of the company is to provide both casinos and lotteries with the technology to provide clients with a digitized experience that goes a step beyond the standard brick-and-mortar transactions.

All in all, this is an entity that has sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of gaming technology development and operation. Due to this fact, we can expect the Playport app to turn into something good in the future potentially.

Based on the research we’ve done, there is no cause for concern. Playport Gaming Systems is a legitimate entity that’s fully transparent. As such, you shouldn’t worry about downloading the app and giving it a try.

Why You Should Register with Playport App


The platform also offers contest and payout programs for players

It is currently available for free download on the App Store and Google Play It appears to be tailored more towards business-to-business use and is primarily geared towards the needs of casinos and lotteries

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Playport App


The app is advertised as a demo version and is not fully functional

There is no information about which lotteries or operators are available through the app

Would you mind rating Playport?

Is Playport App Legit?

The Playport app offers something relatively simple and straightforward. At the same time, it has the opportunity to grow and evolve.

It’s a well-known fact that lotteries need modernization. Many local and national operators have already undertaken the steps required to digitize their operations and offer customers a lot more flexibility than what’s possible through standard retail operations.

In this sense, developments like the Playport app are nothing but natural. Such intermediaries could soon become the future of lottery playing and gaming.

The idea behind Playport is cool and worth looking into.

At the time being, however, the app offers a minimal selection of opportunities. If you are not into instant digital games, it’s not that great of a choice for you. Lottery players will have to wait some time for the idea to become fully realized and to start offering a sufficiently broad selection of games.

Since there’s a plan for having loyalty programs and discounts, however, the Playport app may be worth having (even if you cannot enjoy it all that much at the time).

Due to the quality of the development and the fact that the Playport app is available free of charge, we give it a final rating of 6.5 out of 10 stars (with the potential for that score to improve even further in the future with new features/perks being added to the platform).

  1. As a potential customer and currently playing the mobile app, my first concern is that information and clarity is very sporadic.

    I do not see the word GUARANTEE anywhere and that definitely is a concern.
    I do see the potential, and you know what they say about potential.

    Anyway, I am very hesitant at this stage and will sit back for some time before I commit dollars and recommendations.

    Thank You


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