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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Mon., Thurs.
Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 13,983,816

New Jersey Lottery Pick 6 XTRA Exposed — Fun Multiplier Makes the Lottery Sparkle

Pick 6 XTRA Exposed

New Jersey Lottery Pick 6 XTRA Review

As a devoted lottery enthusiast, you already know there are dozens of games from all parts of the world that follow the 6 out of 49 format. You may be wondering why we’re going to give you information about yet another such option. Well, New Jersey’s Pick 6 XTRA has something special. Do you feel curious about it already? Buckle up and enjoy the ride – here we go!

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Pick 6 XTRA Overview

Pick 6 was launched in 1980 and it was one of the first games of its kind. As you can probably guess by the name, it was a pick 6 game originally and there was no extra. The special feature and the changed lottery game came into existence later on.

Originally, players had to guess at least four numbers for the respective drawing to win a prize. The original matrix consisted of 39 numbers and later on increased to 42 numbers. The current 6 out of 49 format was adopted in 2000. There was a new prize tier added, as well – players got a 3-dollar prize for matching 3 numbers.

The XTRA feature came into existence in 2015. For an additional dollar, players can choose a multiplier. This multiplier is applied to non-jackpot prizes. It’s also the one feature that differentiates Pick 6 XTRA from other lotteries that feature a similar format.

How to Play Pick 6 XTRA?

It couldn’t get any easier than picking 6 numbers from a pool of 49. In essence, this is everything you need to do in order to get your Pick 6 XTRA ticket. A single entry costs you just 1 dollar, which is another wonderful reason why you should give the opportunity a try.

Interested in increasing the odds of winning even further? Worry not, try the XTRA feature. The selection of an additional number will cost you 1 more dollar making it possible to increase the non-jackpot prizes by a random multiplier. It also unlocks an additional prize tier – 2 dollars for a match of 2 numbers.

The multiplier will range from x2 to x5. Through the selection of an XTRA number, players also increase their overall odds of winning a prize. For more about the odds – take a look at the following section of the article.

Prizes, Awards, and Odds

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 2 million dollars for every drawing. If there’s no winner, the amount will roll over toward the next drawing. According to New Jersey Lottery estimates, the jackpot will increase by approximately 200,000 dollars for every coming drawing.

The largest New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA jackpot was won at the beginning of 2001. One couple became 48.9 million dollars richer after matching all 6 of the numbers for the respective drawing.


MatchOdds (per $1 play)
Match 61 in 13,983,816
Match 51 in 54,201
Match 41 in 1,032
Match 31 in 57
Match 21 in 8


The lower prize tiers aren’t to be underestimated either. The average prize for matching 5 numbers is 2,700 dollars and the odds of getting that combination right are 1 in 54,201. When an x5 multiplier is engaged, the average second prize tier goes up to 13,500 dollars.

People that get 4 numbers correct can expect an average prize of 56 dollars (280 dollars with an x5 multiplier engaged). The overall odds of getting any prize in Pick 6 XTRA are 1 in 54. People that have engaged the multiplier have odds of winning any prize that goes up to 1 in 7. These are pretty good odds, especially when the chances are compared to what other lotteries have to bring to the table.

Getting the Money: Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that the State of New Jersey has a state tax of 25 percent for prizes exceeding 5,000 dollars. Non-US residents will be required to pay a 30 percent tax and it will apply to all prizes over the value of 300 dollars.

If you’re an international player, you may want to check local regulations in your country, as well. Chances are that you’ll be subjected to double taxation – a prospect that isn’t a lot of fun.

New Jersey Lottery pays the Pick 6 XTRA prizes in the form of a lump sum and the jackpot can also be provided in the form of annuity payments. The type of payment has to be indicated at the time of ticket purchase. Annuity payments are usually more profitable because the jackpot money that hasn’t been received by the player yet is invested.

There’s one final rule to keep in mind – all Pick 6 XTRA jackpot winners are required to participate in a press conference. This requirement is listed in the official game rules. This means that by purchasing a ticket, you agree to the condition. Even if you’re camera-shy, you’ll still have to fulfill the obligation.

Can You Buy Tickets Online?

International players can give Pick 6 XTRA a try. Several online lottery agents sell tickets for the game. These websites have local representatives responsible for buying tickets on behalf of their clients.

Depending on the platform’s terms and conditions, most prizes will be credited directly to the player’s account. Jackpot winners, however, will have to travel to the US and collect their millions in person.

The Bottom Line at Pick 6 XTRA

Pick 6 XTRA is a fun lottery. The original concept was rather simplistic, but luckily, New Jersey Lottery decided to shake things up in 2015. The addition of the XTRA multiplier made the lottery worth trying and it partially solved the issue of relatively low non-jackpot prizes.

Here’s a brief summary of the lottery’s advantages – these are the characteristics that definitely make Pick 6 XTRA worth a try:

Why You Should Play Pick 6 XTRA


Open to international players

Low ticket prices

A multiplier can be engaged for just 1 additional dollar

There are two drawings per week

Jackpots will roll over, leading to some pretty impressive sums

The odds of winning any prize are pretty good

The lottery is operated by an official state entity

A portion of the revenue generated through ticket sales will go to charitable causes

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Pick 6 XTRA


The odds of winning the jackpot aren’t that high

Lower-tier prizes are relatively unimpressive

There’s a state tax applying to prizes of 5,000 dollars or more

The tax is even higher for international players

Jackpot winners have to participate in a press conference

Is Pick 6 XTRA Legit?

No, you can play the lottery confidently! Pick 6 XTRA is operated by New Jersey Lottery. The organization came into existence in 1970 and over the years, it has become the operator of various games. Some of the most popular lotteries in its portfolio include Pick 3, Pick 4, Jersey Cash 5, and Cash 4 Life. The organization is also New Jersey’s operator for Powerball and Mega Millions. Needless to say, the final statement adds a lot to its legitimacy.

If you need yet another reason to give Pick 6 XTRA a try, keep in mind that the New Jersey Lottery has contributed over 23 billion dollars to good causes over the years. Thus, a portion of the money you spend on a ticket will go towards the support of educational institutions and hospitals.

Alright, so taking a look at the list, it’s clear that the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. There isn’t a lot to hate about Pick 6 XTRA. In fact, there isn’t anything that we hate about the lottery. The low ticket prices make it a fun option to try and the multiplier increases the appeal of the game even further.

  1. I think a lot of these US state lotteries get lost behind the noise from US Powerball and Mega Millions. Here’s a lottery that anyone can play from anywhere. Taxes apply to all US loterries so that’s not a surprise. Plus, I like the multiplier factor. For just $1, you can win 5 times more.


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