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Pick 3 Sniper

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Price: $37 for one year of access
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Invented for Pick-3 style lottery games, the Pick3Sniper is designed to make the selection of the right set of digits easier for the players. A web-based product, it doesn’t have to be downloaded, and the subscription you buy is valid for one year.

Pick 3 Sniper Exposed — Yet Another (Supposedly) Artificial Intelligence-Powered System That Promises 100% Effectiveness

Pick 3 Sniper Exposed

Pick 3 Sniper Review

Are you especially keen on Pick 3 style lotteries? If so, you may be looking for a specialized product that aims to improve your odds of winning. Pick3 Sniper advertises itself as such a platform. The web-based software variety doesn’t have to be downloaded – you can use it directly on your computer. Does it work, however? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

According to the official Pick 3 Sniper presentation, it is 100 percent accurate. This is probably the first lottery software product that we’ve come across to make such bold claims. As you probably know already, there is no way to ensure 100 percent lottery success (unless you’ve managed to rig the game of interest, which we don’t condone).

This is a tool that can be used for any game across the world in which three digits are selected from a pool of 10.

Things are starting to get interesting, aren’t they? If you have some knowledge about lottery games, you probably know that each one has its specific winning number trends. Hence, a product that claims to be 100 percent accurate and applicable to a vast array of lotteries is pretty impressive. We should dig a little bit deeper.

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What is Pick 3 Sniper, and What Does It Do?

To make the Pick 3 Sniper review accurate, we have to check out what exactly the product is.

If you go through the Pick3Sniper official presentation, you’ll come across lots of stereotypical and bombastic claims. The problem with that “sales pitch” is that it provides very little factual or useful information.

The few bits and pieces of information that make sense paint a picture far from revolutionary. Pick 3 Sniper appears to be a pretty standard piece of lottery software. And if it is such, there’s no way on the face of the earth for it to provide accurate predictions for all lottery varieties that involve the selection of three digits.

And one more thing – once you understand who’s behind Pick 3 Sniper, you’ll acquire a lot more clarity about the product and its effectiveness. Keep on reading as we will reveal this essential information later on in the review.

How Much Does It Cost?

We don’t like it when lottery software developers sneakily word things. And that’s precisely what the Pick 3 Sniper creators have done when it comes to the pricing policy and the money-back guarantee.

For a start, you’re being told that you have to spend 37 dollars on the product just once. When you read the fine print, however, you find out that the subscription is valid only for one year. After the end of that period, you’ll have to renew your membership and pay for the program again.
The good thing here is that a Pick 3 Sniper download isn’t needed once you pay. The platform is online-based, and you’ll get immediate access to it upon finalizing the payment (via a credit/debit card or PayPal).

Things get even trickier when it comes to the platform’s money-back guarantee.

On the homepage, you’re being told that if you dislike Pick 3 Sniper over the first seven days of usage, you’ll have to contact the customer support team. You’re assuming that you’d be issued a refund. This isn’t the case.

If you don’t like Pick 3 Sniper, you will receive a WINSLIPS Number Reduction System replacement. That’s right; you’re not getting your money back, you’re receiving another piece of software that has an equally questionable reputation as its counterpart.

How Does Pick 3 Sniper Work?

Let’s do this – Pick 3 Sniper offers nothing unique or worth spending your money on.

The official presentation gives you a ton of mumbo-jumbo about pinpointing hidden numerical trends and even utilizing artificial intelligence to defeat the lottery gods.

Again, however, we have to emphasize the fact that there’s no system you can use universally for all kinds of lotteries that employ the same number of digits or drawing methodology.

It’s the same as being told that the same software can help you conquer all 6/49 games across the globe. Lotteries don’t work this way.

If you read the entire thing, you will finally come across the essential information.

According to the text on the software’s official website, past draw results are being analyzed for certain numbers appearing among the winning ones more often than others. Exactly how is this being done for all kinds of Pick 3 games? There’s no information on that.

In other words, Pick3Sniper is most likely reliant on hot and cold number analysis (and maybe not even on that). Hence, you’re much better off spending your money on actual lottery tickets than buying this system.

Pick 3 Sniper Terms and Conditions

A terms page and a privacy policy page are both listed, and we do recommend reading through those before spending your money on anything.

Most types of lottery software products employ standard terms and Pick 3 Sniper is no exception. The product’s makers cannot be held accountable for any losses incurred by using the software to play the lottery. Also, Pick 3 Sniper doesn’t guarantee winnings.

There’s one interesting snippet of information in the document, and it pertains to testimonials featured on the site. According to the terms and conditions, these testimonials are unsolicited and provided by actual customers. Is this so? We’ll never know.

Who is Behind Pick 3 Sniper?

Pick 3 Sniper is the brainchild of someone we know all too well – Stefan Vandevelde. We have reviewed some of his other products in the past. Stefan is the creator of WinSlips –  the product you will get if you don’t like Pick 3 Sniper.

Originally from Belgium, Stefan Vandevelde has written a ton of books about playing the lottery. He also developed his “own” lottery systems like the two we’re talking about here. Unfortunately, Stefan does not provide any evidence of winning the lottery using his methodology.

Initially, Stefan focused on lotteries across the world, playing five or six digits. It seems that he has now decided to expand the scope of his operations by also targeting Pick-3 games. If you check out the reviews for WinSlips on our guide about the product, you’ll see that people have an overwhelmingly negative opinion of the product.

We are pretty confident that the fate of Pick 3 Sniper is going to be similar. Stefan is yet another lottery “guru” who has cracked the code. Instead of enjoying his millions, however, he’s selling software products that are questionable at best. Such approaches to sharing information about winning lottery systems undermine the author’s reputation, and they make even the most gullible prospects question the potential of the platform.

Why You Should Register with Pick 3 Sniper


There is no advantage to using this software

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Pick 3 Sniper


No evidence of people winning with it

Misleading claims

Not 100% accurate

No money-back guarantee

Must renew the subscription annually

Would you mind rating Pick 3 Sniper?

Is Pick 3 Sniper Legit?

We all want to win the lottery. Most of us have wished for the creation of a system that can crack the lottery code and make the jackpot more easily achievable. Pick 3 Sniper is not that system. Just like most other types of lottery software products out there, it employs the oldest methodology in the world. It can be dressed in all kinds of descriptions, and it can be labeled as augmented by artificial intelligence. The truth of the matter is, however, quite different.

We worked hard on identifying people who have won something by using Pick 3 Sniper. Unfortunately, no such information is available from genuine sources. You’re more likely to remain empty-handed by using Pick 3 Sniper than you are to snatch a significant lottery prize. Also, you have to pay 37 dollars on an annual basis, and there’s no money-back guarantee (you get another lousy software product as a replacement if you’re unhappy with this one).

While Pick 3 Sniper is not the most ridiculously overpriced lottery-playing system out there, it still costs enough to make you wonder if you should be spending your money on it. We believe that you should not. The rest is up to you.

Because of misleading claims and whatsoever no evidence of actual effectiveness, we give Pick 3 Sniper a rating of 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. Sounds like a for sure win for Stefan, and a credit card loss for the consumer, no thanks

  2. I need one

  3. It is not accurate. Never won the pick 3 lottery using the Pick3Sniper. All the claims of the creator on its effectiveness are false. Don’t waste your money on this strategy.


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