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Numbers to Pick: 3/9
Days of Draw: 6 Days a Week
Average Price: $0.50
Odds of Winning: 1 in 1,000,000

Pick 3 Exposed — Prominent, Simple and Available Throughout the US

Pick 3 Exposed

Pick 3 Review

Have you gotten tired of the stress and the adrenaline linked to major lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions? Do you need an opportunity that’s somewhat simpler, somewhat smaller, and characterized by much better odds of winning?

If you’re looking for such a lottery chance, Pick 3 may have what you need.

While it is a whole lot more modest than the leading games in the US, Pick 3 still has its charm and its merits. We’ll take a more in-depth look at the lottery in the following review.

Is TheLotter legit and safe in Texas?

Pick 3: Introduction

Pick 3 Lottery is more of a regional or state-based game. It’s not available in all parts of the US, but many of the states have their variation.

There are Pick 3 lotto varieties in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia (the game is known as Cash 3 there), Louisiana, and many others. You probably get the picture already – Pick 3 is a very, very, very popular kind of lottery.

The origins of each state lottery differ, and each one was launched at a specific timeframe. For the most convenience and adequacy of the information, you may want to check out the regional Pick 3 variation. The rules, prizes, and additional data will all have to be provided by the local lottery operator.

Can You Buy Pick 3 Tickets Online?

As far as buying Pick 3 tickets online, the opportunity depends on your location. Online ticket acquisition is possible in some states and non-available in others. You should either check the website of the local lottery operator or you should give the agency’s customer service a call to find out more.

Residents in Texas and Minnesota have the opportunity to engage in the thrill of Pick 3, an enticing game offering multiple daily draws—available exclusively on theLotter. This exciting game is designed to cater to the preferences of those seeking entertainment and perhaps a stroke of luck throughout their day. Embracing morning, day, evening, and night draws, Pick 3 on theLotter offers a diverse spectrum of chances to participate, enhancing the excitement and engagement for players in Texas and Minnesota.

How to Play Pick 3?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, and the good news is that Pick 3 is relatively easy to play. The general principle is the one that will be described here. There may be small local variations you’ll need to check out in the respective state.

To play Pick 3, you will have to select a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999.

To win the top prize, you will have to guess the three-digit number that’s chosen in the particular drawing — the order of the numbers matters.

Usually, Pick 3 games enable you to place a minimum bet or a more substantial sum that you feel comfortable with. The size of the bet will determine the amount you’ll eventually get to cash out in the event of winning.

Pick 3 numbers look like this ‘123’. To win the top prize, the Pick 3 number drawn will have to be 123 rather than 132.

This type of game has been available in the US since the 1970s, and the format has remained unchanged. It offers a lot of flexibility and good odds. In many parts of the country, Pick 3 games are available on a daily basis.

Apart from being a popular state lottery in the US, Pick 3 and its derivatives can also be found in some other parts of the world. Belgium, for example, is just one of the countries that have their own Pick 3. The rules are pretty similar to the manner in which the game is played in the US.

Pick 3 Prizes

If you have the Pick 3 winning numbers, you’ll be entitled to a prize.

Because this is a state rather than a national lottery, it has a smaller prize pool than opportunities like Mega Millions for example. Also, the odds of winning the top Pick 3 prize tier are much higher than in the case of national lotteries. Hence, the prizes are much smaller to compensate for the increased ease of winning.

The odds of getting all three numbers correct in the exact order are 1 in 1,000. This is so much better than the 1 in 292,201,338 odds of winning in the case of Powerball.

Prize tiers will once again depend on the rules and regulations guiding the work of the respective state lottery operator.

In Texas, for example, the maximum amount you can win is 500 dollars if you place a bet of one dollar.

Louisiana has similar prize tiers. The top prize is 500 dollars for those who bet one dollar on their ticket.

In some cases, there will be multipliers that increase the payout. This is an add-on feature available in individual states. To enable such a feature, you will have to spend extra on your ticket.

Occasionally, there will also be special Pick 3 drawings announced. These are typically scheduled for the days of national celebrations, and they may come with more massive payouts than the standard ones applying to the game.

Several features are making Pick 3 such a fantastic lottery for newbies and for those who don’t want to take on a massive risk. Let’s examine the biggest ones:

Why You Should Play Pick 3


Pick 3 lotteries are available in many US states, and the game is also played in various countries across the globe

The gameplay is straightforward, especially if the player opts for a standard bet

Each player can decide the bet that they feel comfortable with (usually a minimum of one dollar will apply)

The size of the bet will determine the size of the payout in the event of winning

As a smaller regional lottery, Pick 3 is available more often than national lotteries

The odds of winning a Pick 3 prize are massive in comparison to the odds of winning the jackpot in national or international lotteries

The negative characteristics of Pick 3 aren’t that many. This lottery misses the mark in just a few ways and the most important ones are summarized below:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Pick 3


The gameplay is not that exciting, especially if bonuses or multipliers are not available locally

The payout isn’t that big

You have to put a big bet to get a large payout, which can be quite risky

There aren’t additional prize tiers

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Is Pick 3 Legit?

Pick 3 is not a scam, as long as it is organized by a local, state-approved lottery agency or operator.

In Illinois, for example, Pick 3 is offered by Illinois Lottery – an entity that has been around since 1974 and that launched Pick 3 back in 1980. Pick 3 quickly became incredibly popular in the state (just like in other parts of the US) and in its first year of existence in Illinois, it contributed to ticket sales volumes of 164 million dollars.

The game itself is legitimate, but its name could be used to promote a scam or a shady product.

There are, for example, many Pick 3 number selectors out there. These claim to have cracked the code, generating numbers that increase a player’s odds of cashing out a prize. Unfortunately, many of these products are ineffective, or their algorithm is based on hot or cold numbers. Do yourself a favor and refrain from giving money to such opportunities. You’ll have much better luck selecting the Pick 3 numbers on your own.

You should also keep in mind that unsolicited contact by phone or mail isn’t coming from the official Pick 3 organizers. To win a lottery, you will have to participate in it, and you’ll also have to be the one getting in touch with the respective agency.

Pick 3 is a very simple and fun game – two of the reasons why it has been around for such a long time. If you want to test your lottery luck but don’t think you’re ready to beat the odds of larger national or international lotteries, this one would be worth trying.

Pick 3 is simple, straightforward, and lovable because of the good odds. If you live in a state where the game is available, give it a try. Who knows, this may be the one lottery opportunity that’s just right for you.

  1. Georgia Lottery is not rigged. A guy in my town who lives near me plays around 200 tickets a day. He is known to win $30,000 in one game a lot! He is a professional gambler with no other job!

  2. I think they should do the drawing live on television For the pick 234 and five. I don’t know why they shut it down 40 minutes before they let you know what the numbers are unless they are not playing responsibly. Seems like they need time to go through all the numbers and see what the payouts are before they post the numbers. They wouldn’t want to pay too much money out. I guess I just have to quit playing if I think they are not having fair drawings.

  3. Informative and easy to understand.

  4. Really like pick 3 I like playing my 000–999 only love it Texas

    • The number generator is rigged. If you play multiple tickets and the payout is 30-40 and you play 20 or more, that makes the payout of 50 – 60, which is a no go for the house. So they put a program to watch how many winners could win, right before they draw. Believe it or not. I talked to someone who quit the lottery job. He was a tech. Who worked on the machines. I am now a believer in they are scamming us. Why else are they using a computer to pick the numbers?


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