Persistence Pays Big Bucks for Lottery Players?! Hell Yeah! Seriously, Wow.

Persistence of lottery players

Paralyze Resistance with Persistence

You know that saying, that if at first, you don’t succeed, you have to try, try again? For one man, that strategy has certainly paid off. It just took 20 years for it to happen.

Robert Winburn from Iowa played the same numbers for the past twenty years in Powerball. He finally won $1 million when five of the six numbers matched the winning set. He would have won $330.6 million if only that last number had matched. I’d be quite content winning the second-place prize, wouldn’t you?

How easily can you win at WinTrillions?

Winburn isn’t the only lottery player who uses persistence as a guiding force. There are numerous lotto players who simply will not give up on their lucky numbers. There are several incredible stories like Winburn’s that show that perseverance does pay off.

Rewarding Persistence of the Lottery Players

In March 2013, despite the odds of winning, a Passaic, New Jersey man won the $33.8.3 million Powerball jackpot. He would visit his local liquor store to purchase tickets every night for years, playing the same numbers. He was the sole winner of that jackpot.

In March of 2005, a couple in Winnipeg won $8.3 million in the Lotto. After playing the same lottery game and number for 25 years, they won a part of the $25 million prize.

Why??? Why Do They Continue to Play after They Lose for So Long?

There are many stories like these. It really leaves you wondering why they continue to play after they lose for so long. Would you have the perseverance to continue to play the same numbers every time?

Some people continue to play the same numbers because they have deep meanings, be they anniversaries, birth dates, death dates, or something different like phone numbers or addresses. The people who use these numbers over and over often feel that they are lucky because they hold a special connection to them.

For instance, my aunt uses the same combination of numbers for particular games. She never won a big jackpot, but she has won on several occasions with them. When I asked her why she keeps playing them, she said she knows she’ll win one day with those numbers. Hey, if she feels that strongly about it, who am I to discourage her?

My question is, what happens if you win big off of your lucky lottery numbers? Do you continue to play those numbers in hopes of another big win—or do you continue to win just for the game?

One couple in Arizona won a million-dollar jackpot twice during the course of twenty years. The first time, the couple won $2.5 million in 1995. The second time they won another $1 million. On the flip side, the couple spends about $200 on tickets every week, which adds up to $10,000 every year. That’s a whole lot of money wasted on lottery tickets!

The couple has gone on to say that they will continue to play every week, even after their lottery payments end.

I don’t know if deciding to continue to play is an act of greed, or just testing your luck. I guess when you have millions sitting in the bank, you can afford to throw some cash around.

It must be nice.

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