Red Alert: People’s Postcode Lottery Scam! Stay Away of Anything That Seems 2 Good To Be True

People’s Postcode Lottery Scam

WARNING: Lotto Exposed Visitors Targeted in Postcode Lottery Scam

In 2012, we reviewed the People’s Postcode Lottery which is available for residents in the UK. In the years since, we have gotten a lot of feedback from you, our readers stating there are mixed experiences. Then received a notice from a reader that they received a notice stating they won £825,000 and asked if it was a scam. Intrigued, we decided to look into it and, sad to say, yes. Although the actual People’s Postcode Lottery isn’t a scam, the latest scam that is sweeping through the UK is using the PPL’s name.

Be sure to read this 24Lottos review to know how it works

Beginnings on the Internet

The first instance the People’s Postcode Lottery was used as a scam was way back in 2009 when they would contact their victims via their email accounts. The typical email looked something like this:
People’s Postcode Lottery Scam
Now they have moved to send people physical letters in the mail.

What Is The Scam?

Police have sent notifications to residents across the UK, warning them of a postal scam that has been pretending to be the People’s Postcode Lottery. These scammers are telling the residents that they have won £825,000. The notice asks the recipient to call a claims line, fill out a form and send it back in order to collect the prize.

Police in Essex have said that several people have reported the scam and many others have realized it was a scam and discarded the letter; however, they fear there may be some vulnerable individuals who may play into the ruse and submit their information.

Something’s Not Right

Douglas Hendry, a 75-year-old pensioner from Montrose, was one such recipient of the scam letter. When he received the letter in the mail, he read it and noticed a few things were off which threw up some red flags.

Firstly, the letter asks for a small fee in order to release the winnings. Then, Hendry noticed that there was something amiss at the bottom of the letter.
He noticed that the footer at the bottom of the letter was too high up and there was no telephone number to coincide with the London Bridge Street address—the location where he was to send the money.”

His partner, Margaret Chaffer, had said that had they not been careful, they could have thought it was a legitimate letter. The couple had friends in Spain, which is where the letter originated from.

Another couple in Essex has reported the same scam. Although their letter, it was clear that it was a scam due to the noticeably poor English and lists their supporters as the FIFA World Cup and Commonwealth Games.


As long as there are greedy and dishonest people in the world, there will always be scams circulating. We urge you to protect yourselves and use your best judgment before responding to anything that seems too good to be true.

If ever you’re in doubt, contact the local authorities just to be certain.

  1. Also received a similar letter today, with Canada Square head office address, to contact Mr James Taylor, 0203-000-7663 or 07947 937278, to claim my winnings of £385,000.00, (funny that). Checked on the two Plc’s at footer, Prime Finance plc, is quoted on the Sri Lankan stock exchange!!!!

    Knowing this was a scam had brief conversation with Mr Taylor, he asked would I like the winnings paid directly into my bank account (oh yeah) or by cheque sent to my address. Opting for the latter, he said someone from the finance dept will contact me tomorrow. Not holding my breath.

  2. These guys are Cunning I have just been scammed By This Lady Anna Graceman Just be ware Also I was tricked by someone called Margaret Sleight from Facebook who Passed me through to Anna Claiming no fee’s involved

    She’s even managed to get into my Facebook page and Took my Details somehow How she has done it I dont know But here is a copy of her Chat trying to get money from me and a Heck of a lot too’

    Trying to get the right one Fist on wasnt correct
    I Put the name in first time but I forgot to put the Numbers in
    Give us your full name to check if your name still among our winner list?
    Lynn-MArie Williams (Maiden Name Parkin)
    I use Parkin on FB as it allows old school pals and work collegues can find me
    Congratulation your name was chosen on FACEBOOK by the owner of facebook so let us know if you are ready to claim the money now?
    There is two Items I am usually asked for and due to my Health Conditions I Do not hold.
    And that is a Pssport or a Drivers Licence
    Not allowed a Passport as i can not Fly Due to getting over a Certain Altitude with the Diabeties?Epilepsy mix
    To claim your won money, you have to fill a form so that we can know where your won money will be delivered to, are you ready to fill the form now?
    Full Address:
    Mobile Number:
    Monthly Income:
    Do you want cash or cheque:
    And Cos of the Epilepsy i am not allowed to drive
    Fill.the info out here .
    Can I have Cash Paid into my Bank
    6 Gillibrand House
    Lancaster Court
    Or Lynn-Marie1962(at)
    Landline 01257-271356
    Give me a few seconds to calculate Monthly INcome
    Given you both LAndline and Mobile incase Mobile is on Charge
    Congratulation once again this is to inform you that your full name and home address has been forward to the FedEx men delivery agency and i will get back to you in few minute with your delivery information Ok
    Guess after Christmas now
    Dallins Lawyer is onto it now He is demanding He gets this sorted ASP
    Sorry Last Message was meant for another one
    We have verify your information’s and it shows that you are qualify to receive your winning, Here is your Ref#: 990078567, Batch#: 9056490602/333, Winning no: FB8701/LPRC, ticket number; 85430000-07024570000, serial number; 7755551111, We ask that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted OK
    I want to keep it Private always I do not want anyone knowing as it will cause Beggars coming to me
    So what is it i am getting exactly
    When is it expected to arrive too
    We need your Password because a lot People lied to us and claim to be the real person that’s why we ask for Facebook password so that when we bring the money to you we will ask you the password and some question as a secret question to make sure you are the real person we talk to online and then we will give you the money and you sign the paper that you already received your payment…
    Are you there
    Yes Was writing to appeal against my Mobility being stopped My Condition is getting worse and I could loose everything
    I have two Possibilities
    Maureen58Parkin + Maureen64Parkin
    Maureen was my Sister that Passed shortly after Birth and I created a Pass with her Name and an Added Number and Our maiden Name
    hold on
    AS I say I have had to change Passwords that Many times
    Blooming Hackers are a Plague
    All the password you sent me was incorrect
    AS KI say I have had that many I struggle now to remember them
    let me help you to change it
    This is a 8 digit code send to your number copy the code and send it to me here .
    My Name on my FB is Lynn-Marie Parkin
    You got it
    This is your new password
    You have to logout your Facebook and login back by clicking YES to approve the login
    Hackers a Pain in the other side
    You have to logout your Facebook and login back by clicking YES to approve the login
    Are you there ?
    Yes trying to get everything sorted
    Have you done that ?
    Not yet i am trying to tackle 5 Jobs at once I need to get them clear then I can concentrate
    I think it was very simple you just have need to logout your Facebook and login back by clicking Yes to approve the Login .
    You are the one delaying me .on this processing .
    Just i am trying to get a n important Letter Finished
    I am about to do that Now
    Was trying to get a lettewr Finished
    My Phone is out of Charge So Have to charge it up again and try agin in a bit
    Thats one thing I do not like about Mobiles They run out at the Most inconvenient times
    Got the Mobile on Charge as it has run flat
    What one is in my Box too
    can you do this now
    You have to logout your Facebook and login back by clicking YES to approve the login
    AS soon as I get my phone charged I can deal with it
    Enter security code
    Please check your phone for a text message with your code. Your code is 8 characters in length.
    We sent your code to:
    Didn’t get a code?
    Thats what came when I did that
    Hold on.
    Had to finish that letter I was writing in appeal to getting my Mobility and my Care Plan back
    I am really suffering now
    Please hold on .
    Am doing I was just letting you know about the Fight for my Mobility
    Yes, It shows that you have qualified to receive the WINNING. Your WINNING MONEY has been confirmed and the money will be delivered to you in next 24hours in cash…. You are to choose the amount you wish to claim from us and your MONEY will be sent to you through our FEDEX men and lawyer. You will pay for the documentation, clearance and delivery fees… We will make every effort to ship your order as soon as possible.You are to choose below the amount you want to claim.
    You pay £300 and you get £30,000,00
    You pay £400 and get £40,000,00
    You Pay £500 and get £50,000.00
    You Pay £1,000 and get £90,000.00
    You Pay £2,000 and get £100,000.00.
    You Pay £3,000 and get £160,000.00.
    You pay £4,000 and get £200,000.00.
    You pay £5,000 and get £350,000.00.
    You pay £6,000 and get £500,000.00
    You pay £7,000 and get £550,000.00
    You pay £9,000 and get £600,000.00
    You pay £11,000and get £700,000.00
    You pay £15,000 and get £900,000.00
    You pay £17,000 and get £1,000,000.00
    Finally you pay £20,000 and get £3,000,000.00
    Just do not have any money what so ever
    can you afford to get £50 ?
    And get your winning money deliver to you in next 24hours
    I have totally nothing to live on right now
    Am just trying to help you out this why I said you try your possible best to find £50
    It might have to wait til the New Year and when I get Paid from then
    Just checking this out
    The most important thing to know is that if you win People’s Postcode Lottery, you will never be asked to make any form of payment to claim your prize. If you receive a call and are concerned, hang up and call us directly on
    I have the Number to contact them
    You will need to pay before getting this delivered to you
    Will check with the Post Code Lottery

  3. My client got the same letter she is 82 yrs the name on the letter was Mr James Taylor I rang the number and spoke to Mr Taylor and said I was reporting him to fraud and hung up

  4. got one today (peoples Postcode Lottery) from Dr. Jonathan Samuels of coral & reed financial services head office 419 Bishopsgate Liverpool St. London EC2M 4QB as you say surely this could be traced

  5. I have also received a letter, addressed to my late husband, saying he has won £325000, the contact is now a Dr. Jonathan Samuels, with a deadline of 30th September. Head Office 419, Bishopsgate London.

  6. I had the same letter today that I have won £325000. I am 82 years old. I thought I better check these nos and site on internet. Now I can see it is all fake. Thanks to everyone it saved me.

  7. I received a not so convincing letter from Mr James Taylor, the Foreign Service Manager of Ultimate Finance PLC Tel 0203 883 1550 Direct Line 0795 855 0906, 8 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5HQ stating I had won £385,000.00 pounds with the People’s Postcode Lottery.
    I do not play/subscribe to PPL and nothing is free in this world. Curiosity got the better of me so I phoned and was told I would have to pay nearly £2,000.00 into their account to cover full insurance for me and cover the cost of the courier. Really. Hope the Lottery authorities are on to these people.

    • Mary Wright
      Received the same letter today. Thought it was too good to be true. Grateful for confirmation it is a scam

    • I too have received the same letter, Mr J Taylor must think I was born up a coconut tree, the only loser is him wasting a stamp

  8. Dear All
    This criminal rabble are still, April 2021, at it sending a Harry and James Taylor letter that my 83 year old mum had won a grand prize. I smelt a fraud rat instantly. No such names or numbers connected with the real Postcode Lottery and number quoted was connected to India and not UK based PCL and Mum has never subscribed to the PCL.
    Would these criminals really want their own elderly mothers to be conned out of their life’s savings? Wouldn’t think so.

  9. Amazing! How I have won £385000, on post code Lottery, considering I have never subscribed to it, and that I should contact Mr James Taylor, Head office 8 Canada Square, Canary Warf etc.
    Same spelling mistake (program instead of programme).
    How sad that they try to con vulnerable people like this! Disgusting people.
    Sponging on the elderly and the vulnerable!

  10. Just received a letter from People’s Postcode Lottery letting me know I have just won £385.000.00. Have to contact Mr James Tayor before 30th October 2020. Head office 8 Canada Square, Canary Whaft, London.
    It was exciting at first then the penny dropped thanks to all your comments.

  11. How amazing, never bought a ticket and I’ve won £385,000 too! All I have to do is contact James Taylor on 0207 060 2386 or 0795 014 9407. I don’t think I’ll bother. Ian Smith.

  12. My wife just received a letter, same details as previously posted on these pages People’s Post Code Lottery, poor quality print, etc. says she won £385k, dated 28 August 2020 – just how long will the authorities allow this scam to continue?

  13. Also received this “lottery win”! letter, saying claim from Moore Financial co. who are a legit company, shame for them that their business is being flouted by these despicable people who are hoping to get someone with learning difficulties or others who are vulnerable?

  14. I have also today received a scam letter regarding the POST CODE LOTTERY saying that I have won some thousands of pounds.
    DA B Heathfield

  15. Just received letter, £375,000
    Head office
    216 Bishopsgate
    Liverpool Street
    EC2M 4QB
    From Dr David Mark
    Phone 0207 060 2590 Coral & Reed financial services
    Or direct No 0749 807 4866

  16. I just received the same letter saying I have WON £385,000 what a scam.

  17. My 89 year old mum has also received this letter on 15th December 2019 in Herne Bay. Also to contact Mr James Taylor on 0794 609 7690. Luckily she kept it to show me as she thought it strange, as she has never played any of the Lotteries. No one gives you something for nothing.
    I think the people that do this are total scum, praying on elderly and vulnerable people. I know what I would like to do with them.
    Lynn, Kent

  18. I too knew it was a scam because I have never done the post code lottery BUT now at 86 years old, I have had quite a few idiots trying to get at my bank details so I just tell them that I have been declared as bankrupt and to send me a cheque in my Daughter’s name and for some reason they all just hang up.

    Norman Partridge

  19. I’m 71 years old, and I received a “People’s Postcode Lottery” Letter today saying that my name had been approved to claim a total sum of £383,000. “Whoopee says I” NOT.
    I knew the letter was a scam straight away for 3 reasons.
    1. I’ve never participated in any form of gambling, which includes lotteries.
    2. My eldest son happens to work in the building that the, “supposed” head office of the PPL, which the letter states is at 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HQ.
    3. Aged 71, I’m a retired Fraud Squad Officer.

    I’m passing the letter on to my former employers, so that they can, hopefully, benefit from my “winnings”

    Len, Brentwood, Essex

  20. Mum (90) in Hove received almost exactly the same letter as Margaret Armellino and Margaret Friday and Martin H Raybould. However there were subtle differences, being MR E. CLARKE and a different direct number 0794-609-7439. BEWARE!

  21. Like all these other people reporting this SCAM I have today received a letter saying I had won £385,000. Please do not get caught by this, it is an out and out SCAM. Derek Bridgeland Selsdon in Surrey

  22. Got a letter today informing me to contact this Mr James Taylor who seems to have changed his telephone numbers since HSJF’s parents got their letter. Lots of flags in the letter indicating that it is a scam – bad grammar, poor use of capital letters, wrong names of organisations. Research on the People’s Postcode Lottery website shows that the head office stated on the letter is neither the registered office nor trading address of the lottery and that prizes are much smaller than the one I was supposed to have won. Ultimate Finance Plc, a “Government-licensed Lottery Service Agency” doesn’t appear to exist. (Although an unrelated company with a similar name and entirely different activities does).
    At the end of the day, how could you win if you haven’t bought a ticket in the first place!

  23. This is a letter with all details as some of replica as above. Addressed to Margaret Armellino as Winning Notification of £385,000 out of £45m pounds with all references. The letter was signed by Mr e.clarke for President. The letter has Mr James Taylor as claim Manager to contact on 0203 000 7660 with Head Office at 8 Canary Square, E14 5HQ but posted in Greenford main Centre on 28/09/2019 to prove that it is a scam for any observant person. If care is not taken, one can easily fall victim to their trap. Be careful everyone.

  24. Today 23rd September 2019, I received a People’s Lottery Postcode scam – I have never paid a penny to any postcode lottery fund so there is no way I can be a winner! My information was to call a Mr James Taylor – but I decided to go on-line to look for Ultimate Finance plc which appeared as a scam company. My letter seems to be the same as others received in 2019. Please don’t fall for this one.
    I am Margaret Friday and live in Ealing, London.

    • yes, I received the same letter which arrived yesterday on 30 September. Exactly the same scenario. IT’S A SCAM…

  25. My husband has just received a letter saying he had won 900,000 on the international postcode online lottery I had a feeling it was a scam so I googled it and there it was scam alert I hope people do not respond to these letters but some do hope they can catch whoever is doing this before more people fall for it

  26. I have just received exactly the same letter ostensibly winning £385k and being requested to contact James Taylor of Ultimate Finance plc on either 0203 000 7660 or 0790 8749031.
    How lucky am I, not having ever paid anything to the People’s Postcode Lottery……
    Again, no address for the company. Martin Raybould.

  27. My elderly parents received a similar scam letter dated 14/6/19 saying that they had won £385,000 and to contact a Mr James Taylor on 0207-442-5584(line disconnected) or direct number 0794 617 2032 (never answered) and who has a mobile as a direct line? Programme spelt in the American way and then in the British way. Also money will be returned to the UK Board of Internal Revenue if you don’t claim it by 25/7/19 ???? Such an evil and unpleasant scam.

  28. I had a letter today saying that I won £385000 and for me to contact James Taylor tel no: 02074425584 or 07946172032 to claim the prize before 30 July 2019. After this date, any unclaimed funds will be returned to HMRC as unclaimed.
    I am handing this letter to my local Police. Hope they do catch these scammers.

  29. Be aware of a letter sent to my 92 year old sister in law saying she had won 900,000 from the International Postcode Online Lottery. This is obviously a scam and if she had not told me about it she would have phoned them. Disgraceful business

  30. Alarm bells rang when I received a letter informing me I have won 385k. I don’t do a lottery of any kind, I don’t believe in them. However, the real giveaway was at bottom of the letter:- UK registered company it quoted, ok where’s the company number as given by Company’s House, which anybody can confirm! Be warned, every company, every charity will quote their registered number and it’s printed on all correspondence.

  31. I received a letter today saying I had won £325,000 & to ring David Wilkinson at Moore Financial Group. Well, I wouldn’t mind winning that money but I guessed it was a scam. The most I have ever won on this lottery was £10! The address given was 4, London Wall Buildings. I have sent an email to PPL to inform them.

    • We too had the same letter. I contacted the authentic post code lottery and they put me on to action fraud.

  32. I’ve just received a letter in the post today 11 Feb 2019 saying I’ve won £385,000 for the people’s postcode lottery. I have never knowingly bought a ticket for this lottery and didn’t even know it existed!! Apparently, I need to urgently call Mr. James Taylor on 0203 318 20145 to process my claim. These scammers must sadly be successful to some degree in order to justify physically posting letters out randomly on this scale and I really hope the authorities are able to somehow track them down and put a stop to this.

  33. My dad has received the same letter 08/02/19 he is elderly fortunately he is wise to scammers. Name on letter to contact Mrs Mary Thomason on 020 331 88466.

  34. My dad received a letter in post way up in Scotland remote area, he thought it was genuine but remembered me telling him about scams so sent me the letter, it states he won £915,950.00 and to phone London 02033188466 a Mr Michael Thomason to, process the claim yeah right!!! To take all his bank details etc to, pay a fee to send his winnings!!!! NOT A CHANCE! It also, says to keep away from public not to say anything to anyone!!! Asking for a reference number but there is NO REFERENCE number!!!!! There are 2 addresses in London, one is 2 Churchill Place, London, ENG, E14 5HP the other is West MARYLEBONE House, Manchester Square, W4U3AB BEWARE people it’s a scam my dad is 89 partially blind he could have fallen into this trap but luckily he remembered my warnings so please notify your elderly parents or grand parents!

  35. similarly – dated 18/01/2019 ad addressed to me at a ‘London Middlesex’ address, the offer was for £385,000 sterling as a prize for a lottery to which I had not entered!

    • I also received a letter at my Sidcup address saying that I had won £375,000 suggesting I contact Dr Eric Moore to claim my prize. After researching the letter on the internet and passed it on to the local police who redistributed it to warn local residents. Beware of such scams which are too good to be true!

  36. just joined the club got my letter yesterday saying won 358.000 pounds with the address of a bank in Canada walk

  37. George- Essex.
    Received letter today – 22nd October 2018 advising lottery win of £385,000. I do not subscribe to PPL. Contacted Mr. James Taylor to make enquiries. Then contacted my Bank and informed them of this letter and the Bank’s Security Service is now aware. Revealed our postcode to Mr Taylor only.The letter is now with Essex Police.

    • My husband has received the same letter today (24th October) too.

  38. The scam from Ultimate Finance plc continues. Letter dated 28/9/2018 on poor quality PEOPLE’S POSTCODE LOTTERY headed paper telling me I had won £385,000 out of a total cash prize of £45 million even though I am not part of PPCLottery. Asked me to contact Mr James Taylor the Foreign Services manager of ULTIMATE FINANCE PLC. PRIME FINANCE PLC also quoted in the footer. As they say if it looks like a duck (scam), sounds like a duck (scam), walks like a duck (scam) then it’s probably a SCAM!!!

  39. I have just received an email from the Post Code Lottery. Saying I have won £1000 and would I send a copy of my passport back and front and a copy of my driving licence with this held against me and this as well,
    I have just gone back to the email to copy and paste for this for the site and it has disappeared.
    I hope this was of some help

    • Hi, I’ve just received one today stating exactly the same. I know it’s a scam as when you click on recipient address its come from a college address??

  40. Letter from peoples postcode lottery arrive today saying contact a Mr. David Taylor to claim a £385000 prize that I had won in their draw phone 02033185656 0r direct 07949387229 before 20TH August to claim. The address at the top of the letter for their head office 499-517 Oxford street is it turns out to be a primary shop. The letter looks good and many would be fooled by it but ringing peoples postcode lottery 08081098765 will soon put you right. Mine letters now off to Essex police.

    • I have today received same letter and I have put it where it belongs in the trash

  41. Got a letter today from the international FIFA world cup online lottery program. Guess what I’ve won £825,000.00, LM so lucky! All I have to do is ring Mr Michael Faraday, give him my details and he’ll pay it straight into my bank or send me a cheque! Please don’t do it, it’s a SCAM.

  42. Received letter today saying contact Mr David Taylor at Ultimate Finance PLC to collect 385,000 pounds.
    Thrown in bin. Please do not get involved with these scammers.

  43. I received letter today saying I had won £325,000. Waiting to hear back, but reckon it’s a scam. From Susan Blair, President, 4 London Wall Buildings as above. Guy on phone sounded pretty dodgy. Don’t think I even entered. Will give to police.

  44. Received letter saying I had won £325,000 knew it was a scam as soon as they asked for an admin fee to release the money.

  45. My wife, who has Alzheimer’s, received her letter today and was elated. After checking online for further information, my own suspicions that this was a scam have been confirmed. Letter advised £325000 win and was signed by so called Baron Wheels purportedly from 4 London Wall Buildings EC2M 5NT. Passing letter to Trading Standards and Police.

  46. Mine came today £424,000 sterling contact Philip Van Buren of Belgravia Financial Services, 4 London Wall Buildings EC2M5NT

  47. Recvied scam letter today saying won £825.000, please don’t fall for scam as I am sure saw many have you don’t win anything you not entered.

    • Received the latest scam letter today from Peoples Postcode Lottery giving me the news I had win £385,000 through a random selection. They are obviously gathering genuine Postcode Lottery addresses and sending out this fraudulent message. I have not entered the lottery for a few years so knew it was not right besides which if something does not look right its generally not. Never had the good fortune to win any substantial lottery money but I would assume contact would be made by phone.
      Beware the scammers…always check.
      Ray Morgan
      Not £385,000 richer!!

  48. hi had one today from a mr michale faraday tel ; 0330 8084472 Marylebone house London w1u 3ab saying I had won £825;000.oo how do the get away with for so long why has no one got to them yet and what are the cops doing about it just beggars belief that all I can see

  49. Hi, I have just received a letter from Peoples Postcode Lottery telling me I have won £385.000.000. Contact is Mr Stephen Parker Ultimate Finance Plc on 02030007698 or 07376713480. I am a 75 year old pensioner. These people should be stopped.

  50. Got one today from Susan Blair advising to make claim through MOORE FINANCIAL Group, 4 London Wall Buildings, London. Such a cruel scam, to raise peoples hopes, then fleece them. Bin the b*******d

  51. My granny received one of these, from health lottery uk. Same as above, you’ve won £300,000, contact Dr Bradley Collins, foreign service manager of Blackhorse financial group, tel: 0207-060-7043, direct no. 07471105157. Printed by an inkjet printer. Pay the processing fee and heh presto you’ve been scammed! Managed to get hold of it before she responded!

  52. Just received a letter from the ‘health lottery U.K.’ Claiming I have won £300,000. I know this is a scam, other people have had the same letters. Be careful. I only realised it was a scam when I noticed all the spelling and grammar mistakes within the letter.

  53. Hello All.
    Got a letter today, 20-02-17, claiming I’d won £300.000.00 on the Health lottery.
    All the details of sender are the same as all others.
    Same address, same tel. no. same Dr.
    Definite scam.
    I won’t respond.
    These people are the scum of the earth, preying on the vulnerable.
    They are thieves and robbers.
    If you get a letter bin it, don’t respond.
    It will be from the health lottery, Zenith house, 216, Bishopsgate. liverpool st. EC2M 4QB.
    Dr. Bradley Collins.

  54. I received a letter yesterday that I won £300,000.00 from Health Lottery UK. It should be claimed before 28 Feb 2017. It says I have to contact Nigel Van Duke on 0207 060 6872 mobile 07587 7122234. Signed by DR D DUKE. I don’t believe it’s true so I won’t ring them. I think it’s a scam.

    • Got mine today, this time a Dr. Bradley Collins

  55. Please Watch Out – Health Lottery UK

    Claimed that I had won £300,000.00p and to contact: Dr Bradley Collins on Telephone number: 0207 060 7043 or Direct number: 07471105157.

    Reading the reviews on here & also on other websites, please do not call the number. The paperwork received was clearly printed from an inkjet printer.

    Further details are: Head Office – Zenith House, 216 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Str. EC2M 4QB
    Signed by: Dr D Dickson
    Blackhorse Financial Group

  56. Received letter in plain envelope alleging I had won £300,000 from Health Lottery UK

    Contact BLACKHORSE FINANCIAL GROUP on telephone and mobile

    • Received mine from Dr. Bradley Collins, just as ‘John Mackie’ did a week ago. It appears to be identical to his.

  57. My daughter has now received 3 of these scam letters via my address, even though she has not lived here for 3 years. Neither of us has ever signed up for any lottery. Even before you open it there is something off about it as there is no return address or any kind of printing on the envelope, also their choice of text is not very professional.

  58. Received scam letter from People’s Postcode Lottery, 4 London Wall Buildings. Obviously a scam as we do not subscribe to the lottery, but as per previous comments the letter to the innocent eye could appear to be genuine. Is anyone doing anything about this?

  59. Got the same thing today from BARON WHEELS the so called president of the Peoples Post Code Lottery acting on behalf of Black Horse Finance.
    Suspected a scam from the fact that it was saying my winnings of £425,000 would be released after contacting ANTHONY MENDEE.
    Too good to be true!!

  60. I’ve just won £325k says Baron Wheels with address 4 London Wall Buildings EC2M 5NT.
    As I’m a generous person, I shall offer all my winnings to the local PSNI station.

  61. Received a letter yesterday from Michael Jones saying I have won £825.000.00 have to phone 02033 184 708 pay a fee then money is mine as I. Just hope no one others so called winners do not believe it.

  62. It looks like I too have “won” £425,000 from the Peoples Postcode Lottery, even though I’ve never played!

    As with previous comments, they are based at 4 London Wall Buildings, London. An Anthony Mendez from Blackhorse Financial is the contact to pay my ‘processing fee’.

    The grammatical errors, poor English and missing data on the regulators are all there as giveaways of this scam.

  63. Just received a letter from Peoples postcode lottery at 4 London wall Buildings asking for processing fee to release £425,000 to contact Anthony Mendez on 0203-695-5155. This was sent to my father who died 18 months ago, disgusting people please don’t fall for this scam.

    • I have just received a letter, it’s obviously a scam but vulnerable people could call the numbers quoted. Using 4 London Wall address, £325,000 to contact Bradley Collins on 0207 060 7043 or mobile 0755 294 5362. A grammatical error alerted me (and also the fact I am not in the Postcode Lottery) but it is quite a good letter. Asks for a processing fee.

  64. Received a letter from PPL European Postcode Millions, informing me that I had won £32,ooo, this morning. It looked genuine, but I was suspicious because it had the winning ticket numbers displayed. I have never entered this lottery. I rang them, a Mr.George Abbot who had a “lovely” Indian accent and he told me that they would be in touch. So I rang my local Police and they told me it was a scam and to report it to Action Fraud, but unfortunately I was on the phone for 20 minutes waiting to be connected, so I hung up. I rang “George” back and as soon as I mentioned the Police, he hung up on me. I must admit I was nearly convinced by the letter. Happily, I disclosed nothing about myself or my financial affairs. At the bottom of the letter they ask for a 5% commission fee.

    • Received similar letter to Ernie Walker today claiming I have won £385,000 from unclaimed Peoples Postcode Lottery winnings and awarded in the 3rd category.
      To claim, contact Mr John Baker, Foreign Service Manager of Ultimate Finance PLC, tel. 0207-060-1819 or direct no. 0794-959-3645.
      They require 5% of winning as commission.
      Letter sent by Mr E Clarke on behalf of President.
      PS. If winnings are not claimed by 30 April 2017, the entire funds will be returned to the UK Board of Internal Revenue.

  65. I’ve been invited to contact Michael Jones of Postcode Lotto and claim my £825,000 winnings subject to the usual processing fees, which are not specified.
    Their head office is in Spain and they enter 50000 names from lotteries worldwide. Their London office is at Marylebone House, Manchester Square W1U 3AB. A call to their phone number is received by an answering machine. I couldn’t be bothered to leave a message as I don’t believe Mr Jones will speak to me, as I will not pay any fees until I receive my money first!!!

    • I have received self same letter, contact Michael Jones for further advice. Guessed it was a scam, glad I decided to look it up first.

  66. Yep, I just got one, same address, different phone number 0203 514 2674..can’t something be done about thes scam???

    • OMG, really? The only thing I can think of is to report them to a local authorities, digg some info about who they are and report! And for the start mark the email address as spam.
      Why don’t open this topic on forum? It woul be very helpful to other players or just random people.

  67. Received a letter through the Post on Monday 28/9/15 claiming that I had one. Scam all the way. Informed my local Trading Standards in Swansea.

  68. We’ve just received this letter again and it looks like the scammer’s address has changed to:

    4 London Wall Buildings,
    London, EC2M 5NT
    United Kingdom

    Send NOTHING to that address!

    • Ditto, signed by the President no less, a Baron Wheels, who represents Blackhorse Financial Group, though my letter only mentions a prize of Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pounds Sterling!

  69. Just received a letter from PPL. £825.000.00 is waiting to be claimed after the payment of a processing fee has been received Anthony Stan is the man to contact on 0203 514 1215.
    Adress: 4 London Wall Buildings London EC2M 5NT and the letter is signed by BARON WHEELS. Definate scam and should be somewhere to report these letters can anyone help?

  70. Received a unsolicited letter from PPCL asking for a processing fee for a winning.
    address 32 London Bridge SE1 Tel 02033180493.
    Seems a scam

    • Got one this morning the same, surely they could be traced as the letter was franked with a franking machine and there was a number on of 4UE9 C998 for 63p – reported the number on the royal mail complaints form but on submitting it fell over so not sure if they got my mail. Wonder if they are targeting a certain age group as I’m well over 60 but I’m scam aware, some arnt.


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