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Numbers to Pick: 6/48
Days of Draw: Mon, Wed, Sat
Average Price: $1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 6,135,756
  1. Non-responsive servers. Would suggest you think about another site. This one seems a scam.

  2. U forgetting extra cons. About the 3/6 match prize, thelotter 4exmpl wont give freeticket quickpick. People complained because u winning free quickpick ticket on 3/6match should suppose to go back and get free quickpick ticket from the store and they have to put it the free quickpick ticket manually on clients account.

    Same way how they give a manual price for exmpl la primitiva match one number u get ticket price back..

    Lot of people wouldn’t know because Oregon lottery website is not accessible outside the us. Just some digging u find it. Instead of 3/6 free ticket match u get 1$ price.

    Info is on oregonlottery megabucks did i win.

    The logic solution would be if a client have 3/6 match numbers taking

    When collect all megabuck wining ticket would attach quickpick ticket to the winning ticket of the client so would know who is the winner. Not mixing free tickets for the winner.

  3. Oregon MegaBucks are favorite! For the most of all – it’s three times a week!

  4. Playing this game through TheLotter. Hope to win it one day as Iraqi player did.


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Oregon Megabucks Exposed — Add the “Kicker” to Your Play!

Oregon Megabucks lottery

Oregon Megabucks Review

Oregon’s Megabucks Lottery is a lovely mid-range jackpot with lots of ways to win. It doesn’t grow in leaps and bounds like some of the mega jackpots, but it is an official lottery run with very clear rules and regulations. The Kicker isn’t just a punch line, but can multiply your prize four times!

The Game at Megabucks

Players simply choose six numbers from forty-eight for each ticket line. Two ticket lines are purchased at a time. Players can opt for a quick pick to play. Six numbers are drawn three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. There isn’t a bonus or star number drawn. The prize tier goes from six numbers down to four to win something.

Oregon Megabucks Lottery and Kicker

Players also have the option to add the “Kicker” to their play. At an additional cost per ticket line, this multiplies each prize tier times four excluding the jackpot. That’s a nice kick up for the prize amounts.

Winning Megabucks

Jackpot winners have two options on how to receive their money – an annuity or lump sum. The annuity is paid over 25 years annually and takes into consideration the entire jackpot amount. If a player opts for a lump sum, it is half the published jackpot amount for the draw.

DivisionsNumbers MatchedOdds of Winning
1st Prize6 Numbers1 in 12,271,512
2nd Prize5 Numbers1 in 48,696
3rd Prize4 Numbers1 in 950
4th Prize3 Numbers1 in 53

The Tax Man Cometh

Keep in mind, the tax man takes his (I’m being gender insensitive) share. Prizes over $600 have to be reported to the Oregon Department of Revenue. Tax is withheld for prizes over $5,000 with 25% federal and 8% state tax. For non-residents, players can file a tax form and possibly get some of this back though we haven’t been able to nail the actual percentage. What is really interesting is that players in the US might have to pay as much as 39.6% tax. On top this, the US has added a 3.8% Medicare Sur Tax on income over $200,000 – but this seems to happen when a US income tax form is filed and not when a player gets their jackpot.

Oregon Megabucks and Money

Oregon has a law in effect that a minimum of 50% of all money earned on the sales of lottery tickets must go back to players in the form of prizes. Megabucks takes it one step further and puts 64% back into prizes. The rest of the money is used in administration (around 4%) and goes to support government initiatives, including public education, economic development, and natural resource programs.

Customer Support and Complaints

You won’t find any complaints about this lottery. It’s official and supervised by regulatory bodies, both state and federal (don’t forget the IRS). The Oregon Lottery, who runs Megabucks can be reached by telephone, snail mail, and email during Pacific Time business hours, though I’m not sure why a player would want to. Their home page, FAQ and Terms & Conditions are pretty good.

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The Bottom Line at Oregon Megabucks

This is an officially run lottery that is clear on how to win and what a player gets even for the jackpot. It doesn’t grow that fast as some other lotteries, at the same time it has good odds and the “Kicker” does add to the prize tiers other than the jackpot.


Official Lottery

Three Times A Week

The Kicker


Not Tax-Free

Oregon Megabucks Lottery does get a thumbs up. The overall odds of winning something are 1:25.53. I personally like the concept of the Kicker!

How Much Does It Cost to Play Oregon Megabucks Online?

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