Online Lottery Bonuses Exposed! Grab the Latest Bonuses and Climb Your Way to Better Odds of Becoming a Millionaire!

Online Lottery Bonuses Exposed

Online Lottery Bonuses for Those Who Love a Little Extra!

Have you always loved a little extra? Of course, apart from the weight (!), everyone loves extra stuff so here we are with fantastic news for lottery lovers! How many of you have actively been searching for online lottery bonuses, welcome bonuses, or first deposit bonuses, but have failed to get what you’ve always wanted? Fret not! We’re going to expose some of the biggest online lottery bonuses up for grabs!

Does 24Lottos have huge welcome bonuses and promos?

Online Lottery Bonuses – Bonus Exposed!

From TheLotter, you get two lottery treasures:

  • Welcome Bonus, and
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is provided to users upon purchase of their first ticket. The welcome bonus comes in the form of one free ticket. Please note that you should be of legal age to play and participate in the site. The welcome bonus will be used to play and use in connection with Shortly after you purchase a form and participate in your first lottery draw, the welcome bonus will be credited to your account. Please note that the welcome bonus will be valid for a period of six months only from the date of deposit. As soon as six months are over, and if the welcome bonus has not been used, it will be deducted from your account with a prior email notification.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Buy 1 Get 1 Free – sounds exciting isn’t it? It is! With you are entitled to receive a 100% instant bonus money refund of your first purchase credited directly into your account! Cool isn’t it! – Bonus Exposed!

With PlayHugeLottos you get:

  • Lottery First Deposit Bonus, and
  • Exclusive Lotto Points!

Lottery First Deposit Bonus

When you make your first deposit with PlayHugeLottos, the site will match your first deposit amount by 100%. This allows you to buy more lottery tickets without investing more money. To acquire this, you need to make your first deposit one week after registering with the site. The site will then deposit the matched first deposit bonus in four equal weekly installments i.e. every week you will receive 25% of your match first deposit bonus for the coming month. Please note that according to their Terms and Conditions, bonuses cannot be withdrawn from your account. The offer is only valid up to a maximum of £300, €450, and $250. The minimum limit for making a deposit is £10, €10, and $10. The bonus, which is limited only to the first deposit, will be of no use if you make multiple deposits.

Exclusive Lotto Points

The site provides regular players with a reward system in the form of lotto points. These lotto points can be obtained when you play any of the lotteries they offer online for each ticket line. The site also provides players, who have purchased 8+ lotto tickets, with a free ticket when they redeem their points. As soon as you hit any one of the multiple tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) over a 30-day period, you can redeem your lotto points to obtain a free lottery ticket. Each time a threshold is reached, the 30-day period resets itself so you can get your free tickets. The Silver threshold ranges between 250 and 750 points, the Gold ranges from 225 to 600 points, the Platinum between 200 and 550 points, and the Diamond starts from 175 to 475 points. – Bonus Exposed!

From Wintrillions you get:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

You can double your chances of winning by the site’s exclusive buy 1 get 1 free promotion. All you have to do is sign up and purchase a subscription for any lottery on the site. Once your subscription is confirmed, the site will provide you with another subscription of the same value absolutely free. This promotion is only valid for new members, it cannot be combined with any other bonus and it cannot be withdrawn in the form of monetary value. – Bonus Exposed!

If you’ve forever been searching for a Welcome Bonus or Free Tickets or Lotto Points you’ll be surprised to know that this site offers:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Free Ticket, and
  • Exclusive Lotto Points!

Welcome Bonus

As soon as you complete the registration formalities with this site, you automatically get the chance to qualify for their Red Carpet offer. This is an offer that guarantees to match your initial deposit by 100% bonus points, allowing you to purchase more lottery tickets and doubling your chances of winning. Please note that this is only applicable to new registrations and multiple accounts are prohibited.

Free Ticket

As soon as you become a regular player, as a Thank you, the site will offer you its free ticket bonus i.e. every 10th ticket will be FREE for you. Please note the bonuses offered on this site are valid only for one member. Multiple accounts are prohibited.

Exclusive Lotto Points

This site gives you the ability to earn points as you go by to increase your buying power, i.e. 5 points is equal to £5. Players need to deposit an initial minimum amount of £5 to be able to earn 20 points off the site. After the initial deposit, a minimum deposit of £10 will earn you 15 points. A minimum of 5 points will be credited to your account upon purchase of each ticket for any lotto game. Once you have accumulated a significant amount of points, you can buy your tickets by cashing in your points, but please note that a minimum of 500 points is required to redeem a ticket. Below is a table highlighting the points you can get:

Initial DepositsPoints
£5 – £2020 Points
£21 – £4545 Points
£46 – £8080 Points
£81 – £150150 Points
£151 – £250250 Points


Following DepositsPoints
£10 – £10015 Points
£101 – £20030 Points
£201 – £30040 Points
£301 – £400100 Points – Bonus Exposed!

From BigFatLottos you are entitled to receive:

  • Welcome Bonus,
  • Reward Bonus, and
  • 100% Deposit Bonus!

Welcome Bonus

When you spend a minimum spend the value of £1 on their site, a no-deposit and one-time-only offer bonus will be gifted to you for the £1 offer and Single Line Ticket packages. Welcome Bonus will be gifted once to new members only, provided that they meet the spend requirement, and will be credited to the player’s account. Prior to any withdrawal, 30-time wagering is required and if unused, the bonus will expire after 14 days. The welcome bonus can only be used to play Instant Win Games; it cannot be combined with any other bonus or promotion and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Reward Bonus

This bonus will be provided to members at the sole discretion of the site. If a player meets the minimum and maximum spend requirements as applicable, he will automatically be credited with a reward bonus. Please note that prior to any withdrawal, 30-time wagering is required and if unused, the bonus will expire after 14 days. The reward bonus can only be used to play Instant Win Games; it cannot be combined with any other bonus or promotion and cannot be exchanged for cash.

100% Deposit Bonus

At the sole discretion of the site, the 100% deposit bonus will be made available to new and existing members of the site. Each player will receive this bonus once; multiple accounts are prohibited. Once a deposit has been made, qualifying members will be credited with the bonus amount in their account. Existing members will need to apply the relevant promotional code received via email, upon making their deposit to qualify for the 100% deposit bonus. Please note that the maximum deposit bonus is limited to £200. Prior to any withdrawal, 30-time wagering is required and if unused, the bonus will expire within the first 30 days from the qualifying deposit.

The 100% deposit bonus can only be used to play Instant Win Games; it cannot be combined with any other bonus or promotion and cannot be exchanged for cash. Please note that lottery-related payments and winnings will not count for the wagering requirement. The initial amount wagered will be deducted from the bonus account only after it is deducted from the player’s deposit amount. The bonus is comprised of the bonus received together with any deposit amount connected to it. If a player wins, their bonus account will be topped will their winnings and once the wagering requirements have been met, the player will be allowed to withdraw. – Bonus Exposed!

With Lottozone you will receive:

  • 100% Welcome Deposit Bonus!

100% Welcome Deposit Bonus

As soon as you join this site, you receive a 100% welcome bonus matched and credited straight to your account after your first deposit. Please note that the maximum welcome deposit bonus is £/$/€200. So if you deposit £/$/€200, you receive a FREE £/$/€200 upon your first deposit. Unless stated otherwise winnings generated from bonuses may be cashed out only after you have wagered an amount equal to or more than 50 times the bonus amount received. Prior to this requirement, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings you have gained from your bonus amount. The welcome deposit bonus can only be used to play on the site; it cannot be combined with any other bonus or promotion and cannot be exchanged for cash. Please note that unless stated otherwise, only 5% – 10% of bets placed shall be counted towards wagering requirements for a bonus. – Bonus Exposed!

With LottoMaster you are entitled to:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and
  • Lotterymaster Loyalty Club!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

As soon as you make your first purchase after choosing your lucky numbers for your favorite lottery and completing your billing details, you will see a “FREE” button which you need to click to instantly receive a matched bonus amount that you purchased your ticket for. This offer will be valid for 14 days after successful registration for up to 5 lines and will be made available to you within 24 hours of your claim.

LotteryMaster Loyalty Club

Being a regular member of the site, rewards its players with cash prizes to allow them to purchase more lottery tickets. With every $1 deposit to play made by you, you win 33 VIP points. Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of points, you will be able to use them to acquire a number of gifts provided by the site.

What to Chase After

With so many online lottery bonuses, welcome bonuses, and first deposit bonuses, you are bound to get confused as to what to chase after! So let me tell you what I would do! I would go for and first! After that, I’ll go for the others because, for a lottery player, nothing is ever enough! Which ones would you go for? Let us know because we’re curious, tell us what made you choose what you decided to chase after!

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