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  1. very best online lottery site for online player from world wide.

  2. I only win 4 dollar amounts, whereas in Australia if I play and buy a Powerball ticket, my min win is usually 12 dollars, Maybe buying a physical ticket here, in Australia is better than buying USA Powerball tickets and not winning much at all!!!

  3. Onelotto is licensed in Curaçao. not in UK. It is owned by Arduara Ventures (UK) Ltd., not Ardua ventures, similar but one exist the other not exist in UK. warning, warning…….
    onelotto is not regulated in UK.
    warning, warning……..

  4. In the video you show, say that they scan the tickets and upload it to your account, that is false, they do not scan the tickets.
    They only upload to your account one digital ticket generated by OneLotto, that is not proof of tickets purchase, is a phantom distraction to no show the real scanned tickets.

  5. I am Hina from India and I have just started playing the lottery syndicates on one lotto after studying all the lottery resellers websites…. I observed the one lotto is one of the best lottery resellers websites among all the available websites considering it’s accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness… Second thing is about the lottery price…The lottery syndicate price on the one lotto is one of the lowest in the whole industry with 24 hours excellent service… I have closed buying lottery ticket from the lotter because of this too expensive lottery syndicate price as compared to one lotto…. Just try for once you will definitely be satisfied with the one lotto’s excellent service…We hope that One lotto continue it’s best services with cheaper prices…. Thanks..

  6. I don’t know which is good again, they seem cheap, looking up for good websites that scan tickets, but too expensive, I guess

  7. I’ve been a customer at since its inception. My winnings have always been honoured, the customer service response rate is excellent, they offer syndicate play, for every 25 tickets purchased you earn 1 free play on any of the lotteries they support … need I go on?

  8. Excellent very good ? website for online lottery tickets very straight forward & easy website to us I’m very happy with

  9. Few days back I played us mega million for two lines, each cost 2.95 us dollars and the total amount they charge me 14 something dollars. Can anyone explain?

  10. Site and service quite ok.
    I buy over 20 tickets here. No win, but i think they are ok

  11. Decent site but the fact they cannot provide the original scanned tickets leaves you as a winner absolutely no claim or proof that the ticket was ever purchased, nor are you the owner of that ticket.

    When I asked their support about it they just mentioned their prices are cheaper as they don’t scan the tickets. I told them I spend $200 a month on lotto, and I’m going to leave if they can’t provide a scanned ticket of mine, they said no problem, have a nice day, which leaves me to believe they don’t even buy the tickets at all.

    I’m going back to TheLotter, at least they scan the original tickets for you, and they have a winners section which seems more legit.

  12. Excellent, international online lotto playing site, purely, reliable, user friendly and trusted, deposits to withdrawal is fully secure and transparent, the customer support through e-mail, as well live support is outstanding, I am from India playing with this lovely site last two years found no irregularities, it is really highly recommended site to play and win lot!

  13. Fast and reliable service. Good, friendly customer support and issues swiftly resolved. They also provide some quirky services, such as a news blog keeping its customers in touch with the lottery world.

    Would recommend and will play again.

  14. Had issue with Credit card information stolen always some extra dollars being shaved with every payment. Finally stopped using this site when my credit card was completely compromised.

  15. I have been with this OneLotto since the beginning of 2015 and their services was great until 2 months ago their website is mostly down and their payment gateway is from China, which is not welcome on my western bank gates and I have asked them many times to change the payment name from China, but they have changed the name but kept the original land which is China plus there is another company sharing them the system which is located in the Virgin Islands or somewhere in an offshore company, and that is making me not sure that I will get any big jackpots! I think those people are using our money to bet for them on lotto worldwide so if any one hits the jackpot then they will get it and they will run away and the real winner has to go through lawyers and pay big money until reach them, but actually most of the lotteries authorities are stating in their terms and conditions that they are not dealing with third parties and they are not giving any license to a third party to buy the tickets on your behalf and under this condition, there is no legal act on this business to collect your winning from him, I believe that if they run a way with your big jackpot and you are wealthy enough to track them over the courts then you will lose for sure because they are offshore companies and have no acts on them. They have done enough studies on law how to get away with the big prizes, which is enough for them to be wealthy for all of their lives.

  16. I have recently had difficulty in actually getting the site. My system currently says the site is down and as this is a Thursday and a draw is scheduled for tomorrow one would think they should be open for business. This logon problem has been noticeable in last 2 months getting progressively worse. Having had one bad experience with a lottery company a few years ago I am beginning to smell a rat. Bottom line is I am going to try and use up my remaining deposit (only 20 euros) and ditch this company, I have little confidence that they would pay me if I did strike it lucky. As last observation I notice the next day results email has stopped coming… Alarm Bells are ringing!

  17. I have been dealing for at least 2 years, when I asked them to show me the ticket you bought for me, they answered we can’t bcoz we have a lot of customers, asked them only for one time, they didn’t, I said how can or you guarantee if I win you don’t run, they answered to me, did you win and we didn’t pay, win and after will pay, no more to say.

  18. Stay away.
    They don’t buy tickets for you, what they do is place a bet on the outcome which doesn’t cost much. I have been asking them to pay me what is in my account, and it has been a week and they are refusing to pay. It is a scam, very, very bad service.

    • Just an update, they finally paid me back. But that doesn’t change the fact that they do not buy tickets, they place bets on the outcome of a draw. It is stated in their terms.

      • Husain – Where does it state in their T&Cs that it places bets on the outcome of the draw?

  19. Well, they used third party payment processing firms, which are mostly chinese, they always charge more. AND When you contact them they give back the difference into your account, fair enough… Now to the not so fair, they promote themselves as ticket sellers! I went through their agreement carefully and here is the big news


  20. I have been using Onelotto for 1 month now.
    1-they have fast helpful customer service.
    2-syndicates tickets equal the shares, unlike some other website where they buy 39 tickets and sell 250 shares…”wintrillions” for example.
    3- great prices.
    -Negatives/suspicious things I noticed:
    1-website home page have not been updated at all during my time there. Who knows how long has it been like this.
    2-there has been 0 new promotions. They have the same ”deal of the day” for a month now. Or even longer who knows.
    3-they don’t scan tickets.
    4-prices are too cheap compared to other websites. Make me wonder if they even buy the tickets. Since there is no scans at all.
    They say they have too many customers so they are physically unable to scan every single ticket. Which is strange since the website looks dead. You would think after 8 years in the business and having quote ”too many customers” the website would be full of activity and ”Life”.
    Bottom line it’s 100% a scam. They give u 0 reason to think they are legit.
    So I have been been using a scam agent for the past month . But whatever u live and learn i guess.

  21. If someone wins big, I dont think they will pay.
    I tried to get Camelot (the company that runs lotto like euromillions in UK) and they turned up their noses by flatly denying or agreeing with my comments indirectly indicating that they had nothing to do with the agents and if I was denied of any winnings then it was not their responsibility to act on your behalf.

  22. Hi, I tried to play at OneLotto and currently they have syndicate play now. It seems that they changed their discount offers and now call it as a Reward Program where you get points in every line you buy (which i think is a really good offer!).

    All in all I had a good experience and the customer service is pretty prompt. Will definitely play again. Hope this helps.


  23. Very good information

  24. Hi Nick, I’ve only been playing with for a few day’s and i think they are good, i sent them a email and they replied within 1 hr. The other lottery i play is out of darwin [aussie] [very good] as in past i’ve played with a shower of hobbit’s [theiving bastard”s]. Colin.

    • Of course they will respond instantly to you, but they don’t scan tickets, nor can they provide you with a copy on request, they are probably a scam.


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OneLotto Exposed — One Stop Shop for Lottery Play

OneLotto is an online international lottery ticket purchasing service. is owned and operated by Ardua Ventures (UK) Ltd. They also own and operate is officially licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation under an interactive Gaming License (Number 153). There are a lot of ways to contact OneLotto service: live chat, 9 phone numbers, email address (, snail-mail address (One Lotto, Unit 9, 3 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6JE, United Kingdom) and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube). OneLotto offers the opportunity to play 15 lotteries with 37 draws a week.

OneLotto Review

OneLotto ( currently) is an online lottery provider for 15 lotteries from Greece (whoops), Ireland, Spain, the UK, and the USA. Has anyone here ever played Greek Joker? The rest of the games you’ll recognize – yes including US Powerball & Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. Ardua Ventures (UK) Ltd. owns and operates and has been around since 2008 with its original site Okay, let’s take a look.

Games at provides access for players to play 15 lottery games from Europe and the United States. Yes, the big jackpots are there. Some lotteries players can choose one or more ticket lines. Some lotteries players must play a minimum of two ticket lines. You can use your favorite numbers or click on “Lucky Pick.” Chose ten lines and players get a free ticket. This is a site for individual tickets and not syndicates.

OneLotto’s Promotions

Five lucky players won £100 free credit play. The only thing – it seems it has only been drawn once, there is no information on when it will happen again, and there are no rules and regulations on how it can be used. Live Chat did finally confirm that it must be used for further play and cannot be withdrawn but then said ignore this promotion as they don’t have any info on when it will happen again. It started the team wondering what else they say that should be ignored.

More Promotions

The multi-draw play offers discounts on subscriptions with four weeks/5%, eight weeks/10%, twenty-six weeks/15%, and fifty-two weeks/20% off. Deal of the day is about to buy ten tickets and get a free ticket. Okay, we already knew that from the lottery play sites. I guess it does still count as a promotion.

Privilege Club at One Lotto

There are five levels of OneLotto’s Privilege Club: Bronze (5%), Silver (10%) Gold (15%), Platinum (20%), and Diamond (25%) with each point given to each dollar spent. The level is based on a player’s activity starting at Bronze (minimum 51 points). Player levels are updated at the beginning of each month. There are the usual thresholds, but I’m not sure I’d want to know that I am a Platinum member because I’ve spent more than USD 7,500! But then that’s a personal issue. There is also no information on whether the points system is adjusted for playing in Euros or Great Britain Pounds.

One More Thing at OneLotto

The one other issue is the fact that the only way to find out what a ticket line costs as the base price is by logging in. There is an amount shown on each lottery 5.95 in €, £ or $ depending on the lottery game.

Winning that Jackpot

The most important thing to note is that OneLotto charges no commissions on winnings. They do say that they will contact you immediately regarding getting any jackpot win and that OneLotto “may” choose to pay your travel expenses to collect the win in person. OneLotto also says that if they contact you for big wins and you do not respond within 15 days, they will credit the amount directly to your account. I’m not sure what this is versus, but I guess that means any wins are put into your account.’s Customer Service

Customer service offers a heap of telephone numbers for places all over the world, including a toll-free number for the UAE. They say that their UK number is available 24/7 though no time frames for the other ones. There is also an email address and live chat. Their snail mail address is in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and they are ‘governed’ by the laws of England and Wales.

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The Bottom Line

With all the different discounts and Privilege Club (and lack of info on the actual ticket price), the team tried to figure out what a ticket would cost if purchased for 52 weeks (20% off), with say a Silver Privilege Club discount of 10% and buying ten tickets at a time so a free ticket. We gave up. It was too complicated.


No Commissions

The Big Mega Jackpot Lotteries



What Does It Cost to Play

No Syndicate Options


This site gets a reserved thumbs up. It looks legit, and these guys have been in business since 2008. I think there has got to be an easier way to offer promotions and discounts.

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