Multiple Lottery Games — When One Option Simply Isn’t Enough

Multiple lottery games

Is It a Good Idea to be a Serial Lottertusiast?

It starts very simply – you play one lottery game. You have fun. You win some. Suddenly, you start thinking about trying another game in an attempt to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. You’re now playing two games at the same time. But new and new lottery options spring into the limelight constantly! And you hear about new winners. You’re tempted to try them all! Is it a good idea to be a serial lottertusiast (we made that word up – sounds cool, right)?

This is probably one of the oldest questions in the magical lottery world – is it better to spend one dollar on 10 different games or 10 dollars on just one game that could eventually give you a bigger payout? Is it? We’re glad you’ve asked. Let us try to find the answer to the age-old, multiple lottery game dilemma.

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One Ticket for Many Games, Many Tickets for One Game?

Since statistics seem to have answers from everything, we can begin with the simple statistical approach to evaluating the odds.

It’s easy to understand that your probability of winning one game by entering multiple tickets for the same draw will slightly increase your odds. Slightly, but not enough to be statistically relevant (unless you buy hundreds or even thousands of tickets. In this instance, however, you’ll be spending tons of money on making your chances just an itsy-bitsy better).

This means that entering tickets in many different games will keep your chances of winning at the lowest statistical probability. If we ignore things like luck and intuition, it makes more sense to save your money and enter multiple tickets in the same game.

Lottery pros believe that going “all-in” in a single game makes more financial sense, especially if you hope to hit the jackpot rather than end up winning 20 dollars. No method, however, gives you a guarantee. You can spend hundreds of dollars on tickets for the same game without significant winnings, or you can enter five cheap tickets in five different games and end up with the jackpot. Yes, it’s a bit more confusing than calculating the odds and balancing the cost against the potential earnings.

Not so Good! Alternatives?

When it comes to coming up with a strategy, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to play multiple lottery games. So, what other options do you have when it comes to hitting the big bucks?

For a start, you may want to consider playing a system. Certain lotteries give you this opportunity. If you, for example, are typically allowed to choose six numbers, a system will enable you to pick more. When playing a system, your entry will win if you have all of the six drawn numbers, regardless of the total you’ve chosen.

If you want to play multiple scratch-off games, choose the ones that have higher entry fees. We’ve already talked about this strategy in the past. More expensive tickets usually give you an entry into a game that has a bigger jackpot. This way, you can choose the games that let you maximize your earnings, even if you don’t get to the biggest award possible. It’s not about quantity; it’s more about thinking smart when spending money on tickets.

Still, even with scratch-offs, it makes more sense to buy more of the same. If the game has a one-in-four chance of winning, for example, you’ll get two winning tickets by buying eight. Yes, the tricky part is that the two winning tickets could be for small amounts. Still, you’re increasing the statistical odds (yay)!

But don’t get too caught up with that strategy, either. You may end up investing more than you’ll ever win, which sucks!

And Now for Some Real Life Examples

But enough about statistics and other vague things! Real-life examples are the most convincing ones, and we’ve dug up one great story to illustrate why playing multiple lottery games isn’t that smart.

Richard Lustig is a multiple lottery winner. He’s the world’s only individual to be the grand prize winner seven times. Lustig has been so successful with his strategy that he even published a best-selling book to help other enthusiasts.

So, what does Lustig have to say? His most important piece of advice is don’t play multiple lottery games. According to Lustig, you should always buy multiple tickets in a row from the same game. Not random tickets – tickets in a row! This way, you’ll get to eliminate many more losing tickets with just one purchase. Having several repeats of losing tickets means that you’re getting closer to the big sum. So in a sense, having bad news is actually good news! You’re getting so close to the ultimate goal that you can actually feel the money in your pockets.

Since he began playing the lottery, Lustig has collected prized exceeding 600 dollars a total of 23 times. This guy must be doing something right. If you want to make it happen, try his approach. Or simply rely on luck! You never know where the winning ticket could be hiding.

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