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Mrgamez Lottery Calculator

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Description: Mrgamez Lottery Calculator is an online program where players can put their lucky numbers in and see historically what they would have won in lotteries – well at least one.

Mrgamez Lottery Calculator Exposed — Do You Really Want to Know What You Would Have Won?

Mrgamez Lottery Calculator Exposed

Mrgamez Lottery Calculator Review

Stop the presses as I think now I have seen it all. is a software program available online that provides the amount you would have won if you’d played a particular combination of lottery numbers. I know hindsight is 20/20, but seriously – do you want to know what you would have won? This is a one-page website, and though offering a UK and US version, it doesn’t seem to make any difference in which version you are using. The same results come up. So what gives?

Is TheLotter legit and who can play there?

How Does It Work at

Mrgamez Lottery Calculator is simply a weird little program where people can put in their 5 favorite lottery numbers and one bonus ball, and click calculate. It comes up with the history of what this combination of numbers would have won. In my first go at it, the combination came up with $149 which I’m guessing is US dollars. Keep in mind that players can only put in their 5 favorite numbers. What about the lotteries that have six numbers or more than one bonus ball?

What Doesn’t It Do?

The strange thing is although it comes up with the different amounts that you would have won if you’d continuously played the same numbers, it doesn’t say which lottery it comes from. It took some digging around, and it appears the winning amounts shown all come from US Powerball. The same results come up whether you are using the US or the UK version. – without the Lottery Calculator

Drop the “lottery-calculator” of the website, and you enter the world of, which offers video slots, poker, and a whole bunch of other casino games free online. There is no registration, and no cash is asked for. Well, to start. Click on the “real money slots,” and it takes you to a list of sites to play for real. Click on any of the games, and it appears you have the option to play virtually or play for real. That’s where registration and payments come into play.

Do I Really Want to Know?

I must confess I did not put my favorite numbers in as US Powerball is one of those lotteries that I play in a syndicate – and know what we’ve won already – yes playing with regular numbers. But do you want to know what you’d have won if you’d been playing your regular numbers in the US Powerball (if you play these elsewhere)?

Regular Numbers Versus Your Favorites

Of course, this opened up the whole discussion on the randomness of lotteries, and whether playing regular numbers, doing quick picks, or using one of the systems offered online will give you better probability odds. The more we dug into the research, the more different opinions were available. Ultimately, we did agree that we didn’t want to know what we might have won with any particular combination of lottery numbers that we had not played – and we already know what we’ve won with our numbers. Hindsight is 20/20, and we’re not interested in learning about money that we might have won. Let’s focus on what we are going to win!

Why You Should Register with Mrgamez


You can play free online casino games without registration or payment

You can explore the different options for playing real-money casino games

You can experiment with inputting different lottery numbers and seeing the potential results from past draws (however, this information may not be reliable or accurate)

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Mrgamez


Mrgamez Lottery Calculator only appears to provide results for US Powerball, and does not indicate which lottery the results come from.

The website may not be useful for users who play lotteries with more than 5 numbers or multiple bonus balls.

The reliability of the website’s results is unclear.

The website is connected to an online gaming platform that offers casino games, which may raise concerns about its legitimacy.

The usefulness of the website in general is questionable, as it only provides hypothetical results for past lottery draws.

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Is Mrgamez Legit?

Mrgamez Lottery Calculator is a strange and potentially unnecessary tool. The website allows users to input their favorite lottery numbers and see how much they would have won if they had played those numbers in the past. However, the website only appears to provide results for US Powerball, and does not indicate which lottery the results come from. Additionally, the website is connected to a broader online gaming platform, which offers various casino games. Overall, the usefulness and reliability of Mrgamez Lottery Calculator are questionable.

Final verdict: 2 out of 10 stars.

  1. It would’ve been nice to see, beside the date and amount, which lotteries the numbers would’ve win…

    The way I see it this page is for entertainment purposes only.

  2. Tried several times, but didn’t get the purpose of this calculator except having some fun. Okay, I could win $57. Now what?


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