MrBeast’s Second Lotto Experiment: Spending $100,000 on Tickets

MrBeast Spent $100,000 on Lottery Tickets

Have you heard of MrBeast – a YouTube star that carries out various social experiments? Back in September 2018, MrBeast spent 30,000 dollars on lottery tickets to see if he could win anything.

He bought 1,000 scratch-off tickets, and after a long time of scratching, MrBeast calculated his winnings. The experiment resulted in cash prizes totaling 20,380 dollars. The experiment was fun, but it did lead to MrBeast losing nearly 10,000 dollars.

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Fast forward to October 30, 2019, and MrBeast decided to do it again. This time, however, the expenditure was much higher.

The MrBeast YouTube Lotto Experiment, Part 2

MrBeast’s money spent on various social experiments is notoriously high. He has been known to splurge on donations to random streamers (100,000 dollars), dares and challenges (the last person to leave a roller coaster ride wins 20,000 dollars), and even give money out to random strangers.

Hence, MrBeast isn’t a newbie when it comes to investing large amounts in things nobody else would do.

His first lottery experiment became popular. The video has gathered over 45 million views since it was uploaded slightly over three years ago. While there has been some criticism about irresponsible spending, the feedback on the lottery stunt has been predominantly positive.

Jimmy Donaldson (that’s MrBeast’s actual name) decided to take it up a notch the second time around and spend 70,000 dollars more on scratch-off tickets.

The combined winnings from all of the tickets were 66,000 dollars. In this sense, the second experiment proved to be an even bigger disaster than the first one. With net losses of 34,000 dollars, the idea was not the best one.

Since its upload, the video has been watched 18.13 million times. Its popularity has already surpassed that of the first lotto experiment. The chances are that MrBeast’s growing popularity is to blame. Over the year, the YouTube channel has acquired tens of thousands of new subscribers, winning MrBeast a massive audience for his experiments.

Feedback and Criticism

Both the first and the second MrBeast lottery experiments have been criticized but for different reasons.

The first time around, many people pointed out that spending so much money on lottery scratch-off tickets is irresponsible. The MrBeast YouTube channel audience is predominantly young and quite impressionable. As such, some people have worried that the YouTuber is setting a bad example.

The second lottery experiment is occurring at a time when MrBeast is raising money to plant 20 million trees. Thus, spending so much money on paper tickets while attempting to carry out an environmental campaign seems to be somewhat hypocritical.

Whichever camp you belong to, it seems that MrBeast videos leave nobody indifferent. Whether people are big fans or a part of the opposition, everyone has an opinion on the polarizing work that MrBeast is doing.

This is probably one of the reasons why his YouTube channel is so popular.

Currently, MrBeast videos are being seen by 25.7 million subscribers. According to Social Blade statistics, the MrBeast YouTube channel earns anywhere between 677,000 and 10.8 million dollars per year. That’s pretty impressive, even though he’s not included among the wealthiest YouTubers out there.

And even those who criticize MrBeast have to agree on one thing – his work is unique, and the young guy ranks among the few true YouTube philanthropists who have handed out large sums in cash to various causes and deserving individuals.

Jimmy Donaldson’s: The Stardom, the Philanthropy, the Accusations

You may be wondering about MrBeast’s age and the origin of all that money he can spend on experiment videos.

MrBeast was born in 1998, which means he’s only 21. His YouTube history started in 2012, but nobody knew about his channel until 2017.

His big break came when Donaldson uploaded a video called “counting to 100,000.” If you’re curious about what it is, you shouldn’t be. The title is 100 percent literal, and for 23 hours and 48 minutes, MrBeast sits in front of a camera and… you’ve guessed it… counts to 100,000.

The world of the internet and YouTube is bizarre sometimes!

Today, the video has been watched 17.618 million times, and it gave a start to the impressive MrBeast YouTube career.

Once he discovered the right niche, MrBeast has been capable of maintaining exceptional consistency. His videos average millions of views, and he has even gone ahead to be signed by an agency.

Today, most of his videos involve MrBeast, either donating tens of thousands of dollars or just giving them to random people for the completion of random tasks.

According to statistics, Donaldson has donated over one million dollars to various charities and initiatives so far.

Now, if you’re wondering about where all of this money comes from, you’re not alone. MrBeast videos do make a lot of money, but that’s not enough to cover the cost and to still give him a decent income.

Donaldson did address the speculations himself, saying that most of the money to be given away comes from brand deals and sponsorships. The more viral his videos get, the bigger the number of companies that want to partner up with the content creator.

It’s also interesting to point out that the more money he gives out in a video, the higher the return on investment. As the sums become more extravagant, the views go up. Videos that have a viral potential tend to earn well and contribute to the financial benefits for the creator.

There have been allegations of MrBeast’s YouTube videos being fake. Such claims were made about the lottery videos, as well.

Even people who previously worked with Donaldson said that a lot of the “attitude” and the feel-good vibes had been faked. Donaldson responded that the money he has given out was donated for real.

It’s really up to you to decide if you trust MrBeast or not, but one thing is sure – his content is quite entertaining.

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