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MLotto Exposed — Don’t Look for Mega Jackpots of US Mega Millions!

MLotto Exposed

MLotto Review

For an online lottery site that looks so busy, you’d think they’d be offering more than simply two lotteries – and homegrown ones at that. This Nigerian site has two lottery games, Bank3 and Mega Millions. Don’t look for the mega jackpots offered by US Mega Millions. So how big is the Nigerian Mega Millions?

Can you play Lotteries on 24Lottos in Nigeria?’s Mega Millions

Folks – THIS IS NOT THE US MEGA MILLIONS. The top jackpot is worth ₦10,000,000 (about USD 50,000). Nigeria’s Mega Millions is played twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Players choose five regular numbers between 1 and 45 for a ticket line and one bonus ball from between 1 to 20. The prize structure has six tiers. There doesn’t appear to be any rollover for jackpots that are not won.

Bank3 at Mlotto

Bank3 is a lottery game played three times a day, 11:15 pm, 16:15 pm, and 21:15 pm. Players choose a three-digit number from 000 to 999. The jackpot is ₦50,000 (about USD 250) for matching all three numbers exactly in order or ₦500 (about USD 2.50) for matching all three numbers in any order. It only costs ₦100 to play.

Getting Started

It was only in reviewing the registration process that it became apparent that is only for Nigerians with a valid mobile telephone number – Nigerian! We asked the question of but their email address failed. They say you can play on a computer but generally, it appears players do so through an App on their mobile phone or tablet. & Customer Service

The whole email thing was not encouraging. We tried their phone numbers and though they say they are open during business hours 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, all we got was a recording and a suggestion to email them. There is a snail mail address. This site is operated by Mobile Lottery NIG Ltd. click on their “About Us” and all it says is “Coming Soon”. These folks are registered with the Nigerian National Lottery Commission and have a license to operate from 2013 through 2023.

Winning at

There is no information on when you can get your winnings, how to get your winnings, and if they take a fee or commission. The terms and conditions really are lacking in information in general. They also discuss in the T&C the fact that players at MLotto agreed to receive advertisements and other info. Players appear to be able to opt-out of some of it – but not all of what they want to send you. Gee, get advertisements but not how to get your winnings!

Bonus Programs at MLotto

There is a suggestion in their scrolling info bar that there is an MVP “refer and win” by inviting friends to play but there are no real details anywhere on this site on how it works. If you blink you’ll miss this bit of info as the home page flashes this by along with info on their two lotteries.


Why You Should Register with MLotto


Good Question

Why You Shouldn’t Register with MLotto


No Working Email Address

No T&C on Winning

No Info on Who These Folks Are

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Is MLotto Legit?

I guess with an estimated population of Nigeria at 174,507,539, there are heaps of players. For our team, the lack of information in general and the whole email situation nixed this one. This site gets definite thumbs down! If you are playing on this site, we’d love to hear from you – especially if you’ve won and gotten paid.

  1. I don’t know if I may say mlotto is not real again, since 2 wks now mlotto is off air, I don’t know if they have closed even emails I sent to them and no reply, even to messages to their customers that they have problems, no way, National lottery regulations should look into this mlotto issues, it’s bad.

  2. Mlotto hasn’t paid my winnings …have been calling them, the are not picking calls, I send them an email they didn’t respond at all am really tired of them, ….my winnings is with them I haven’t gotten my money in my bank account ….am really really sad about it ….I blame myself for playing in your platform site

  3. I have funded the wallet and now I cant log in. Is this sort of fraudulent? Page is too busy and refuses to open.

  4. Mlotto is very easy and reliable

  5. Mlotto is real I have won more than 3 times


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