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Mega 6/45

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Numbers to Pick: 6/45
Days of Draw: Wed., Fri., Sun.
Average Price: 10,000 Dong ($0.44)
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8,145,060

Mega 6/45 Exposed — Find Out If You Can Play It Online

Mega 6/45 Exposed

Mega 6/45 Review

Today, we’re taking a trip to Vietnam where we are going to acquaint ourselves with a pretty interesting lottery. VietLott Mega 6/45 is still a baby in comparison to other national lotteries – it was launched only in 2016. While it has had only a couple of years to impress, however, Mega 6/45 has quickly established itself as one of the nation’s favorite games. Here’s why.

Mega 6/45: Introduction

Mega 6/45 is a classic lottery game that has players choosing a set of six digits from 45 for the purpose of winning a prize. It was launched in 2016 by VietLott – the national lottery operator. It’s interesting to point out that ever since the launch of Mega 6/45, the VietLott revenue has skyrocketed.

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Mega 6/45 comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot and a pari-mutuel process. The prizes are split among all the winners in the respective category. If there’s no jackpot winner for the respective drawing, the sum rolls over toward the next one. This is how Mega 6/45 has produced a couple of spectacular jackpots over the course of its short existence.

How to Play Mega 6/45?

Mega 6/45 is pretty simple and straightforward to play. For a chance of winning the jackpot, you will have to pick six numbers from a pool of 45. Drawings are held three times per week – on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The cost of a single entry is 10,000 Vietnamese Dong. Tickets can be acquired on the day of the drawing and the sales close approximately 15 minutes before the winning numbers get chosen.

Apart from choosing a standard bet type, players can also opt for a system. While it is more expensive, a system entry creates a bigger number of combinations (a system entry of 12 creates 924 possible numerical combos) that may result in multiple prizes.

Currently, VietLott tickets can be acquired via terminals available at selected venues throughout Vietnam. The company has announced that ticket sales will be enabled via phone and internet apps in the near future.

One has to be aged 18 or older in order to buy a Mega 6/45 ticket and win the eventual prize. In addition, there’s a requirement for being either a Vietnamese citizen or a Vietnamese resident/ foreigner who has entered the country legally.

Mega 6/45 Prizes and Odds

The biggest prize is the jackpot. There’s a guaranteed minimum amount of 12 billion Vietnamese Dong. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 8,145,060. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over toward the next one.

According to media reports, the biggest jackpot in the history of the game exceeded 159 billion Dong. The winner was Mr. Thai from Tra Vinh province. This is one of the biggest jackpots in the history of Vietnamese lotteries but it can’t surpass the game that features the highest prizes – Power 6/55.

Other than the jackpot, there are three additional prize tiers. The second prize is handed to those who get five correct numbers and it’s a fixed amount set at 10 million Dong. Those who have four correct numbers will win 300,000 Dong and three correct numbers will produce a prize of 30,000 Dong.

Can You Play Mega 6/45 Online?

In the period from 2011 to the end of 2015, Vietnamese people and visitors of the country spent nearly 13 billion dollars on lottery tickets. While other forms of gambling aren’t allowed in the country, the VietLott games are incredibly popular.

Relatively big jackpots and low ticket prizes determine the popularity of Mega 6/45 and the other VietLott lotteries. Thus a logical question arises – can you play Mega 6/45 online?

At the time being, ticket purchases are only possible via the VietLott terminals available at select venues throughout Vietnam. The company has it in its plans to launch both mobile apps and online ticket-buying options. An exact date for the launch of the innovation is yet to be announced.

People who live in other countries are also deprived of a chance to buy Mega 6/45 tickets online. Currently, none of the online lottery agents carry such a possibility.

Some Information for Mega 6/45 Winners

Just like players in other countries, those who win a Vietlott game like Mega 6/45 have to keep and sign their ticket. Both the winning ticket and a valid form of ID will be required to verify the ownership of the prize and to produce a payout.

Players have 60 days from the date of the drawing in order to make a prize claim. For larger sums, it may take up to five business days for the payout to occur.

Like other countries, Vietnam does impose an income tax on lottery prizes. The income tax on lottery prizes in Vietnam is set at 10 percent. In the summer of 2017, however, the government considered hiking the income tax on lottery prizes. Since lotteries are incredibly popular in Vietnam, such a move could generate an additional 800 million dollars of revenue for the state.

No change in income tax has been enforced yet. If such a move does occur, there may be an exception for those who have very low-income levels.

Why You Should Play Mega 6/45


Mega 6/45 is organized by a national entity and it is completely legitimate

Three drawings take place per week

The entry price is very low (only 0.4 US dollars)

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 12 billion Vietnamese Dong

If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the jackpot will roll over toward the next one

Mega 6/45 has three additional prize tiers on top of the jackpot

The lottery is open to both Vietnamese residents and foreigners residing in the country

There are only a few things that can count as negatives, the most crucial ones being:

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Mega 6/45


Online playing options aren’t available nationally or for international players in another country

The lower prize tiers aren’t that impressive

There are no bonus games or opportunities to win extra cash

Vietnam’s government is considering an increase in lottery income taxes

Is Mega 6/45 Legit?

VietLott Mega 6/45 is not a scam, you can rest assured that fraud isn’t taking place whenever you decide to play.

VietLott (Vietnam Lottery) came into existence in December 2011. A Minister of Finance decree enacted the formation of this new entity and 100 percent state-owned lottery operator. This means that the government is actively involved in the organization of lotteries and there are statutes that govern all aspects of gaming in Vietnam.

The aim of this new formation was to reduce the number of illegal lotteries available throughout the country. In addition, VietLott was tasked with modernizing the lottery, making it more readily accessible and boosting the percentage of people involved in such games.

Over the course of its existence, VietLott has proven to be pretty successful. In 2017 alone, it generated revenue worth 168.6 million US dollars. The revenue is nearly two times higher than what the VietLott games generated in 2016. In the same period, VietLott lotteries produced 32 jackpot winners with a maximum jackpot of 131.9 billion Vietnamese Dong.

Mega 6/45 is cool and fun. It costs very little and the guaranteed payout for the jackpot winner is pretty impressive. The game is safe to try and backed by national laws.

As you can see, the shortcomings don’t really take away from the pleasure of playing Mega 6/45. If you are in Vietnam, you should definitely give this popular lottery a try.

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