Meet James and Bob Stocklas – Two Brothers Who Won the Lottery

James and Bob Stocklas – Two Brothers Who Won the Lottery

Two Brothers from Pennsylvania Won $291,400,007 in Total

I hear about extraordinary lottery stories almost every week. If we consider how many lottery players there are all around the world, we’ll end up with a rather high number. The popularity of the lottery lays the grounds for stories such as this one. Regardless of how unlikely situations such as this are, they do happen. And nothing stops you from being in our spotlight, playing, and winning, it’s that simple, right? This time around, two brothers from Pennsylvania scooped $291,400,007 in total. Before you jump to a premature conclusion read along with you’ll realize why you should treat stay in touch and be on good terms with your siblings. Nobody knows what the future holds. Your brother or sister might win a little over the $291m jackpot. Feels bad? Only if you’ve built walls between each other. Nevertheless, this is Stocklas’ moment.

Here’s their story!

Is The Lotter Legit in Florida?

What’s Better than a Holiday in Florida? – Winning the Lottery

So you went on a holiday with some members of your family to spend some quality time and relax. You have no expectations that something critical will happen that will change the course of your life. James and Bob were doing what they wanted to do, what they enjoyed doing. They were already having a great time. Both of them are lottery players who rarely miss a draw. James missed only a handful of lottery draws over a few decades. Yes, that’s decades, not years. The Stockals brothers were and still are passionate lottery players. Remember how I always say the lottery is a marathon? Well, they finished the race, it’s just that one of them finished first, whereas the other, let’s say was not “keen on running.” The point is, they both won the Powerball lottery!

The prize difference is staggering. It probably couldn’t get any bigger. James won a spectacular $291,400,000, whereas Bob won only $7. This story is turning into a tragicomedy. I don’t know what Bob feels right now, but I’m sure that he’s a bit envious.

The Moment James Realized He Won the Lottery – Priceless

Some background on James Stocklas before I go further. James is a senior district judge aged 67. He’s been playing the lottery for most of his life. He enjoys playing it. Winning the lottery didn’t make him quit. James is more passionate about the lottery than ever before.

James and Bob bought their tickets at the same time while on holiday. They went fishing in the Florida Keys. The tickets were purchased at Thumb Store on Marathon Wednesday. It was just another ordinary day, two common tickets. They carried on with their holiday activities, enjoying as much as they can. Bob and James didn’t have the slightest clue they were going to become famous, and one of them is going to become super-rich.

James wasn’t aware that he won the lottery until he went back to Pennsylvania. With $10 worth of lottery tickets, the Stocklas brothers won more than $291m. So James was eating at his favorite diner, again enjoying what he does. He was accompanied by one of his friends called Anna. Fortunately, we live in the digital era, and we can get our hands on information with a few taps on our smartphone’s screen. Lo and behold, James found out he won the lottery. The winning numbers matched the ones that are on his lottery ticket. He immediately paid for everybody currently eating at the diner. James and Anna were bursting out with joy, and they had a good reason.

James Stocklas Verified his Winning Lottery Ticket in Style – With a Private Jet

James was 100% positive he was the jackpot winner; as such, he knew he could afford a private jet to go to Florida and verify his ticket. He called one of his friends who has a private jet. This flight cost him $20,000, but what is 20 grand when you have millions waiting for you once you land? Wait a second. James Stocklas opted for the lump sum of $191m. He’s 67! He did right.

Note, James Stocklas is not the sole winner of the $291m jackpot. He was pooling his funds, his experience, and knowledge with 2 other lottery players. This means he took home a little over $40,000,000 after taxes. It seems like life pulled a big prank on Bob in particular. It wouldn’t be as funny as it is if he hadn’t won anything, but $7. Come on!

The Aftermath – What’s Going to Happen with the Judge Who Won the Lottery?

If he were in his early 30s at the beginning of his career, I would’ve said partying right away. However, James Stocklas values his job. He enjoys being on the bench. Let’s face it; he can retire immediately and live happily ever after without worrying that he’ll run out of money.

If you read the article, you’ll notice how I stressed “enjoying,” pointing out how James wasn’t pushing it. Instead, he focused on having fun. The lottery is just the icing on the cake. Apparently, he ate the icing, and he enjoyed it.

Bob Stockals, well, he has to settle with his $7. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side this time around. This is certainly not the end of him. He will continue to play the lottery, hoping that he, too, will become a multimillionaire.

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