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Numbers to Pick: 4-digit number/9999
Days of Draw: Tue., Thurs., Sat.
Average Price: 10,000 Vietnamese dongs minimum
Odds of Winning: 1 in 10,000,000

Max 4D Exposed — What Are Your Lucky 4 Digits?

Max 4D Exposed

Max 4D Review

Are you a fan of four-digit games? Are you currently in Vietnam? If so, you’re lucky. The country launched its own version of the popular 4D format in 2016. The game is called Max 4D by Vetlott. While the name doesn’t strike us as the most creative one for this kind of game (duh!) Max 4D Vietlott is definitely worth checking out. It has a number of cool characteristics and we’re going to take a look at each one.

Max 4D by Vietlott: Introduction

Max 4D is a relatively new entry in the portfolio of Vietloot. While the game has been around for only two years, it quickly gained popularity. The fact that it is different from numerical-style lotteries makes Max 4D quite popular.

One of the best characteristics of this lottery is that players are free to choose and place their individual bets. There is no fixed amount. Thus, the top prize is also dependent on the maximum bet, a player is going to make. The larger the bet, the bigger the payout.

Max 4D also comes with incredibly favorable odds of winning in comparison to number-style lotteries. These combined features have quickly turned the game into a fan favorite. If you’ve never given it a try, the time may be now to test your luck.

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How to Play Max 4D Vietlott?

Playing Max 4D is a relatively simple task. For a chance of winning a prize, you will have to select a four-digit number in the range of 0000 to 9999. There is a minimum bet of 10,000 Vietnamese dongs you can put on your submission. The maximum bet players can put on one ticket is one million Vietnamese dongs (approximately 43 US dollars).

The Max 4D drawings take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Ticket purchases close at 6 p.m. on the days of the drawing. If you get a ticket later than that, it will count toward the next weekly drawing.

In 2018, Vietlott launched a variation of the game called Max 4D Combination. When getting their Max 4D ticket, players can choose whether to enable Combination against additional payment. The aim of this add-on is to make the player eligible for a bigger number of prizes. A more comprehensive presentation of the Combination game is available on the Vietlott official website. The basic premise is that you can use permutations and different numerical combinations to enhance your odds of winning.

Prizes and Odds

4D-style games are very popular because of the flexibility in terms of placing a bet and also because of the excellent odds. The probability of claiming the top prize in Max 4D Vietlott is 1 in 10,000.

There are five prize tiers in Max 4D. The maximum payout is 1,500 times the bet that the player has placed. If a person makes the maximum bet of one million dongs, they could win a jackpot of 1.5 billion dongs (64,340 US dollars).

Two numbers are drawn for the second prize. In order to win this amount, players will have to match either of these numbers in the correct order. The payout is 650 times the bet. To win the third prize, players will have to match one of the three third prize numbers drawn. The payout is 300 times the bet.

Max 4D features a minimum prize of 10 times the bet. To claim the smallest award, players will have to match the last two digits of the first prize number in the correct order.

Combination play comes with a separate prize table. A combination of 12 can produce a top prize of 1,200,000 dongs for a bet of 10,000 dongs. In the case of a combination of four, the maximum payout will be 7,500,000 dongs for the same bet.

Can You Play Max 4D Vietlott Online?

Currently, there is no option to buy Max 4D Vietlott tickets online. This rule applies to both Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who may be interested in the game.

People who are not Vietnamese citizens are free to try out Max 4D while they’re on the territory of the country. Currently, international online lottery retailers do not carry Max 4D or other Vietnamese lotteries in their portfolios.

Some Information for Max 4D Winners

To claim a prize, a person must be over the age of 18, a Vietnamese citizen, or a foreigner who is lawfully on the territory of Vietnam at the time of winning a Max 4D award.

Prizes of up to 10 billion Vietnamese dong can be claimed at any authorized Vietlott retail venue. For larger sums, players will have to head to the regional Vietlott branches or to the Vietlott headquarters. Players can start making requests on the day of the drawing and the maximum deadline is 60 days.

In Vietnam, a personal income tax does apply to lottery prizes. The tax is progressive and dependent on the amount you have won. For sums of up to 60,000,000 Vietnamese dong, the tax is five percent. Those who earn between 624,000,000 and 960,000,000 dong, will have to pay a 30 percent income tax. A larger sum will be subjected to a 35 percent income tax.

Foreigners who win the lottery will have to pay a 20 percent fixed-income tax.

Taxes are self-declared and paid. Thus, it would be up to the player to follow the respective procedure and ensure compliance with Vietnamese laws.

Max 4D Vietlott has a big number of cool characteristics. If you are in Vietnam, you should check this opportunity out to determine whether such digit-based lotteries are the right choice for you. Some of the biggest Max 4D benefits include:

Why You Should Play Max 4D


The official lottery is organized by a licensed state entity

There are multiple drawings per week

Players can choose the amount of the bet they want to place on a number

There are multiple prize tiers on top of the first one

Combination play provides additional opportunities for claiming a Max 4D prize

The game is open to both Vietnamese residents and players from other countries who are in Vietnam

The odds of claiming the top prize are pretty favorable

Vietlott’s four-digit game is certainly a lot of fun but it may not be the right one for you if the following are of concern:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Max 4D


There is a maximum bet limit that you cannot go above

There are no jackpot roll-overs and accumulations like in the case of standard numerical lotteries

Online ticket-buying options are not available

Vietnam has a hefty progressive income tax that is going to apply to all tiers of lottery prizes

The lower prize tiers aren’t that impressive, even if you place a bigger bet

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Is Max 4D Legit?

Since Max 4D is a relative newcomer to the lottery scene, some may be worried that it’s a scam or that the payouts aren’t reliable. Rest assured that Max 4D Vietlott is completely legitimate.

Vietlott was established in 2011 via a Prime Minister decree. It is the primary Vietnamese lottery company that’s under the monitoring of the country’s Finance Ministry. The inauguration ceremony was held on January 28 of the next year.

The functioning of Vietlott is guided by Vietnamese law. In 2014, it joined the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA) – one of the five regional representatives of the World Lottery Association (WLA).

Vietlott released its first product to the Vietnamese public in 2016. It was Mega 6/45 – a traditional-style numerical lottery. Eventually, the company worked on the expansion of its network to all Vietnamese provinces. The number of retailers grew, making it possible for a bigger number of people to test out the Vietlott games.

There are laws and national practices in place to ensure fairness and the security of players. There are no reasons to worry when you’re acquiring tickets for the games in the Vietlott portfolio.

Max 4D is legitimate, safe, and easy to play. We can’t say whether you’re going to have fun with this game. It’s up to you to test out the opportunity and draw a conclusion.

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