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LottoXoom Exposed — Another Clone Website, Something We’ve Seen Before

LottoXoom Exposed

LottoXoom Review

With so many online lottery agencies to choose from, things aren’t easy. How do you assess so many choices to find out which one meets your needs and offers affordability?

We’re not going to make things that much easier because today, we give you yet another such portal. LottoXoom looks and feels like the typical online lottery agency. It seems to be offering a good selection of games, and the design is pretty clean and easy to navigate.

Is LottoXoom legit, however? That’s the main question we’ll try to answer in the review. Also, we’ll take a look at several other service specifics to help you find out whether this opportunity is the one you should be pursuing.

Is 24Lottos a scam and is it better than LottoXoom

Games at

The website of LottoXoom is pretty reminiscent of something(s) we’ve seen in the past, and there’s a simple reason why. Keep on reading to find out what we uncovered about the website and the company that operates it.

But first things first, what does LottoXoom have to offer in terms of ticket-buying opportunities?

Currently, the LottoXoom portfolio consists of 26 games from all parts of the world. Some of the represented lotteries include EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Eurojackpot, El Gordo, the UK Lottery, Lotto Austria, La Primitiva, Florida Lotto, Lotto America, and others.

You can see the complete list of opportunities by going to the “All Lotteries” section.

The range is indeed good, giving you a nice mix of some very popular lotteries and some less-known, more niche games. To determine if you should be buying through LottoXoom, you need to check out how much you’re going to be charged.

We’re taking one lottery at random here to make that check. SuperEnalotto tickets cost one euro if you are in Italy and you visit a local retail venue to buy on your own.

Through LottoXoom, you will have to spend 2.55 dollars on a ticket, which is approximately 2.15 euros.

The situation is similar to the other represented lotteries. An Austria Lotto ticket costs 1.20 euros. At LottoXoom, the cost of one ticket is 2.72 dollars or 2.30 euros.

We believe that the commission the website charges for its services is pretty high. Many competing platforms provide much more reasonable and affordable prices. Please do your research (you can use our online lottery agency reviews) before choosing one solution.

Payment Methods at LottoXoom

Let’s move on to another critical LottoXoom review element – the way you can claim a prize in the event of winning. The website has a detailed FAQ section, which should be your first source of information on the topic (followed by the Terms and Conditions – a boring text that is essential to read nevertheless).

Winnings can be withdrawn from a player’s account using any of the available methods. At the time being, the ways you can get the funds out of your account include credit and debit card withdrawals, wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, and bitcoin transfers.

As you can see, PayPal payments aren’t represented, which is a real shame.

The terms and conditions state that a player needs to have at least 10 euros in their account to be eligible for a withdrawal. This leads us to an interesting dichotomy here – ticket prices are mentioned in dollars while prize limits are set in euros. Not much of an issue, but still quite curious.

There are no fees charged on money withdrawals. The bank or financial service provider you’re using, however, may apply a certain fee to the processing of the amount.

Who Can Play at

LottoXoom itself doesn’t impose too many limitations on who can buy lottery tickets and play through the platform.

Once again – let’s turn to the terms and conditions for a bit more on the topic.

As per one of the first sections in the document, players have to be of legal age, and they need to meet regulations and laws in their country of residence. This means that if the legal age for playing the lottery where you live is 21, you will have to wait until the age of 21 to buy lottery tickets through the platform.

In the signup process itself, LottoXoom does not ask for the verification of a player’s identity. The only personally-revealing information you will have to provide includes your country of residence and your phone number.

LottoXoom Customer Service

Want to get in touch with the LottoXoom team and ask them a question? Here are how the task can be accomplished.

The good news is that the company behind LottoXoom provides all essential information, and it also gives portal members several opportunities to get in touch. There’s a physical address for an office in the UK, an email, and an online form you can fill out.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a phone number, but considering that an actual address and a company name are provided, you can rest assured there’s a registered entity behind the project.

Who Is Behind LottoXoom?

This is the most important question we need to address to determine whether a LottoXoom scam is being run or an entirely legitimate opportunity.

Our research points towards the latter.

LottoXoom is run and operated by White Lotto Limited – a company registered in the UK as an independent service provider. White Lotto Limited is not affiliated with any lottery or game of luck. The company acts as an intermediary for ticket buying.

If the name White Lotto Limited sounds familiar, you have probably read some other online agency reviews. A quick Google search reveals that the company is behind numerous projects. Some of its websites include Lottomat, Lotto Park, Lotto Hoy, Red Fox Lotto, and others.

All of these look like clones of each other. Even the templates used to design the websites are similar or the same.

Why one company would need so many websites offering the same service isn’t clear. This isn’t illegitimate, of course, but instead of focusing on one high-quality service, White Lotto seems to be trying to reach the biggest possible audience.

Other Bits and Pieces

We looked high and low for LottoXoom reviews. After all, it’s best to get first-hand information from people who have given the service a try.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a single one. It seems that the number of people relying on this service is fairly limited at the time being.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to LottoXoom, but it is also reasonably minimalistic. There are no LottoXoom reviews there, and it seems that the page doesn’t benefit from a ton of moderation (there are lots of spammy posts).

In essence, you’ll need to sign up for LottoXoom yourself to find out if it’s worth your time and money.

We want to tackle one final thing, and that’s the availability of extras and bonuses. Unfortunately, LottoXoom disappoints in this department. There are no signup bonuses or discounts when you buy a bigger number of tickets. In a sense, there are no loyalty incentives to keep you coming back to this website whenever you want to play an international game.

Here’s our summary of the pros and cons that you can use to evaluate LottoXoom.

Why You Should Register with LottoXoom


Created by a well-known company that specializes in such developments

A reasonably good selection of international games that players can access

An easy registration process, there isn’t a thorough identity verification

Multiple ways to add money to a player account and withdraw funds

Complete details are provided about the company behind the project, and there are also several ways to get in touch

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottoXoom


The fee that LottoXoom charges for ticket purchases is very high in comparison to what the competition offers

PayPal money withdrawals are not available at the time being

There are no signup bonuses or other extras for players to enjoy

There are no syndicates

The website seems to be a replica of several other platforms run and operated by the same company

Would you mind rating

Is LottoXoom Legit?

LottoXoom isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. If we are to describe this platform with a single word, that would be “meh!”. It ticks the boxes as far as lottery diversity is involved, and that’s about it.

Here’s our final verdict – LottoXoom is not a scam. Still, there are online lottery agencies out there that offer their clients much better conditions. Buying tickets through LottoXoom is expensive, and you don’t get lots of added services on top of the basic ticket acquisition. This is why you should probably look for an alternative for your lotto ticket-buying needs.

  1. Not good, so bad, don’t waste your time, you will regret it soon

  2. Great online international lotto service provider, I love to play in this site is quite easy navigation and user friendly and as well, scam free, customers support is very good, Deposits to withdrawal is pure, secure, it is recommended lottery site to play and win! Good luck!


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