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  1. A bunch of Indian people sitting in an office just taking peoples money don’t do it these people are tramps go get proper jobs like every other normal person you are scamming

  2. lotto world group is the biggest lotto scam in the world…they sell fake tickets they create fake wins and they charged my card many times without my permission. I showed my account to my lawyer and said this is nothing but a misleading company..I strongly suggest no one buys through them….DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM LOTTO WORLD GROUP ITS A SCAM

  3. I moved to Australia a few months ago and found out that the lottery jackpots here are small. I was looking for a solution to keep on playing the EuroMillions and found Lottoworldgroup. This is a great site, and they let me participate with most of the biggest lotteries worldwide. They actually have an international support center that called me and explained to me how to play. They also assisted me to choose the right product for me.
    I found them to be trustable and professional.

  4. I’m not happy with the way Lottoworldgroup in Cyprus keeps you waiting for a call they say you have won something but I still haven’t received any winnings. I have left several messages and phone calls. Still waiting for a response?

  5. I like playing syndicates but I look for games that offer a good share ratio. Definitely 150 shares to 50 tickets is not a good ratio. It should be the other way around. Add the fact that they don’t have any info on commission means that not only could I only get a small bit but they might take a percentage. Not my place to play.


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LottoWorldGroup Exposed — Same, Same, Look Again at

LottoWorldGroup Review

Sometimes looking at online lottery sites, they all seem to be the same. aka LWG is yet another that just seemed too familiar. One of the team started opening up other sites we’ve looked at to see how come. It was weird, but only took a few clicks and there it was. I’m not sure if the similarity is because it’s another clone of another provider or simply that its platform is once again LOTTOYARD. It’s time to take a serious look!

Games at LottoWorldGroup

LWG offers individual and group play for the usual big lotteries – hang on, eleven lotteries to be precise. And they are the same ones as – US Powerball, Mega Millions & NY Lotto, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, Canadian Lotto 6/49, Spanish La Primitiva, El Gordo & BonoLoto, Italian SuperEnalotto, and UK Lotto. Plus, they also have precisely the same discounts of 8 draws (15% off), 26 draws (22.5% off), 52 draws (25% off) to 100 draws (27.5% off). Okay, is a little cheaper per ticket line, but what gives?

LWG’s Group Play

Now I am laughing. The team set up two computers to click around the site to see what else is the same. The picture they use in group play is different, but the content is all the same. The group has 50 lines and players can purchase up to 150 shares, but it doesn’t say if this is the limit or total. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to buy into a syndicate (group play), I want to be very clear on how many lines are actually in it. Oh, does allow for a single play versus starts at a minimum subscription of 8.’s VIP Program

At first glance, we figured that there wasn’t a VIP/Loyalty program until one of the team did a search and voilá, there it was. There is nowhere on their menu that indicates this. It’s a tiered system of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum where each dollar you spend earns you a point which provides different discount levels. The more you play, the higher the discount.

Bouncing to Terms & Conditions

Again, it’s like déjà vu. There are differences in the odd words, but the content is the same as Ah, but Lottoworldgroup says that they will charge fees and/or commissions but do not say what they are. Players get their winnings through the usual credit card, wire transfer and cheque in US Dollars or Euros. Any exchange rates are taken from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

LWG’s Customer Service has a head office in Cyprus with phone numbers there and in the Dominican Republic (okay, weird), and an email address. There is no live chat. There is also no published information on when they are available and/or how quickly they will respond.
Who is

They say Lotto World Group Ltd. owns them, but we could find no information on this company. The similarities to Y&M Hans Management Limited’s sites do suggest at the very least they were designed by the same team.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at LWG

This has been hilarious with the team still comparing each of the different pages to see if they can find something different – and mostly they have not. There is nothing that suggests that this site is not legit, but I am a little uncomfortable about the fact that it’s almost identical to another website owned by another company.



Most of the Big Lotteries

Single & Group Play


No Idea on Commissions

How Many in the Group Play?

Who Are These Folks?

LottoWorldGroup doesn’t get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The fact that they are so similar to another site yet owned by a different company is enough to say “hang on a sec.”

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